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03 Dec Trading Tunes with Arthur Miles

The Adelaide label Untzz Rec. has been on our radar since the start of the year. They release music from impressive Adelaide artists such as Babicka, HVCK and Mic Mills, but the one who has really stood out is Arthur Miles. Outside of Roland Tings‘ debut album, in my opinion, no Australian electronic artist has been as exciting as Arthur Miles.

Slow Cooling Heat Pt. 2‘, ‘Navajoa‘ and ‘The Prince‘ are all currently still in the running for our upcoming Top 100 Australian Tracks of 2015 list – that’s how strong his three releases have been. Arthur combines slick production and ambitious sprawls with an understanding of pacing and flow.

We’re not sure what he has in store for 2016, but expect Arthur Miles to be a big drawcard soon. Until then, check out his picks for Trading Tunes.

Braden Schlager – ‘Morning (Du Heaume Mix)’

“Beautiful, spacey, deep and nostalgic – this four-song release is a re-issue of the only four tracks Australian ’90s producer Braden Schlager ever made. The cover art is also amazing!”

Hummingbird – ‘Make a Space (demo)’

“This is the other project I’ve been investing my time in with full-time vocalist and part-time bass player Elena Nees aka Allume. Sparse harmonies, analogue drums and some bowed guitar thrown in for good measure.”

Lucy Warhole – ‘Zeklofftt’

“Acid Techno from the depths of a hazed-out German warehouse (or maybe even a Ballarat studio?). It’s hard to tell, but either way this is really, really good.”

Crime & the City Solution – ‘Six Bells Chime’

“Rowland S Howard guitar and Wim Wenders direction – the mood of this is amazing. The back catalogue of interesting Australian rock is seemingly endless.”

Sebastian Vivian – ‘____________ ///`’

“A sometimes collaborator (and good friend of mine), I am constantly envious of Seb’s productions. This reminds me of Nujabes-esque Japanese hip-hop taken 1,000 years into the future. The rest of his SoundCloud isn’t bad either.”

Marcus Rimondini

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