21 Mar Trading Tunes with Adriana

The third night of Play On‘s acclaimed Series events will take place this Friday the 22nd of March. It rounds out a magical ‘Series Six’, which has so far included Babicka and Sleep D. Now, it’s Adriana‘s turn to be the night’s DJ while Mindy Meng Wang performs the Guzheng beforehand, combining with Carolyn Schofield and Peter Knight.

Play On’s unique Series format has delighted Melbourne audiences since November 2016. Having produced five memorable iterations in three years, it’s proven to be a remarkably fresh and innovative event series that features talented classical musicians and electronic artists playing back to back. All of this happens underneath a carpark in Collingwood. This synergy of genres, artists and settings consistently produces authentic and spellbinding performances.

Adriana is the host of  Opalakia  on 106.7FM AKA PBS.FM AKA this amazing show that features sounds from all across the juicy Mediterranean to the vivid sounds of the Middle East and beyond. You’re bound to get a mix or the new and old with Adriana, taking you on a journey not through time, but to a sonic plane new to your ears. Your brain will have expanded by the end of an Adriana experience. And your feet will be very sweaty too.

You can listen to Opalakia on Tuesdays between 7pm and 8pm.
You can also still buy tickets to this Fridays Play On event right here!

Adriana has chosen the Trading Tunes theme of String Of Life:

Joey Newman – ‘The One You Love’

“I have legit played this song in every set of mine for the past six months. Why? Well it works wonders every time. For one, this is a great example of how you can get people dancing without having to reach that magical “128 bpm” that Zac Effron insists upon. Two, people always seem to want to grind and pout their lips to this. Finally, there is the most fire instrumental breakdown that would actually make you burn guitar hero into flames.”

Paco De Lucia – ‘Entre Dos Aguas’

“I opened up my Red Light Radio set with this one last year and therefore this track will always be sentimental to me. Starting off as sweet and tranquil you feel as though you are being serenaded by Paco himself. As the song progresses though, its energy builds, climaxing with intense heat and gusto. This is the song that really made me fall in love with flamenco music.”

Aris San – ‘Dam Dam’

“Known for a lot more than just his music, Aris San was the Kim K of his time. Not only did he popularise Greek music in Israel, but he was also in the tabloids for his forbidden love affair with Aliza Azikri and was sentenced to gaol for selling narcotics in his nightclub. With all that messiness aside, it’s important to pay tribute to the man that created the signature sound for Mizrahi music.

During the 1970’s, Greek music had a huge presence in Israel, especially thanks to pioneers such as Aris San. By switching the quintessential Greek bouzouki for an electric guitar, Aris continued to play Eastern/Greek scales in high pitched staccato mode, modernising the music of his motherland.”

Adriano Celentano – ‘L’Unica Chance’

“The dude who introduced rock ’n’ roll to Italy. Mr Adriano Celentano makes you truly want to bang your head to this one. If you take a squiz at the videoclip you can see how Celentano was known for his charismatic moves, all of which are emphasised beautifully by his backup dancers who rock the most awesome white flared pants here.”

Soft Rocks – ‘Garden Of Eden’

“The first time I heard this track was during a set by Suzanne Kraft at Melbourne party, Daydreams. Back then Daydreams was at I Know a Place, a little space on the border of Fitzroy that fits about 30 people. We were all crammed in and absolutely frothing every tune he laid out for us on this sunny Sunday arvo.
This balearic banger is full of punch, and is another one that just screams Summer to me.”

Marcus Rimondini

Managing Editor & Music Editor - Follow on Twitter