09 Oct Trading Tunes with Water Bear

If you don’t know who Water Bear are, don’t worry, neither did I until my fellow writer Blake Creighton wrote a Introducing piece on them back in May. Combining the power chords of Pond with the dreamy vocals of Mac DeMarco or Wild Nothing, there’s plenty to instantly like about Water Bear.

The Melbourne band released an EP a few months back titled Quackadilly Blip. It’s not a perfectly polished product, but I know raw talent when I hear it. There’s a chemistry between the band members, that shines through on all five tracks. I believe that Water Bear are worth supporting and keeping an eye on.

You can catch them tonight at The Workers Club in Geelong. If you’re not near Geelong, you can just check out their Trading Tunes instead.

1. Tower Of Power – ‘Squib Cakes’

“It’s groovy, It’s just so groovy”

Marcus Rimondini

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