06 Feb Trading Tunes Sunscreen

Photo by Nina Tempone

Back in 2017 the Sydney band Sunscreen released a shimmering, guitar driven EP titled Just A Drop, which featured two Ripe favourites ‘Tide‘ and ‘Voices‘, with ‘Voices’ placing #17 in our 100 Best Australian Tracks of 2017 post. The natural technical abilities displayed on Just A Drop didn’t come as a surprise though, because the lead singer Sarah Sykes also lends her vocal and keyboard hook talents to another standout Sydney band Flowertruck.
If you’re yet to catch Sunscreen live, you’re in luck, as they’re set to play at the Grampians Music Festival between February 15th-17th this month. There’s a very good chance that they’ll be sound tracking your drive back home from the festival, especially if you detour back along the Great Ocean Road.

For those who can’t make those dates and or live elsewhere on the Australian East coast, we have their other February shows listed below!

Tour dates:
Weds 13th Feb – Newcastle – Hamilton Station w/ Underlay + NTL Landmarks
Sat 16th Feb – Brisbane – Mountain Goat Valley Crawl at The Foundry
Mon 18th Feb – Melbourne – Monday Night Mass at Northcote Social Club (free gig!)

Sunscreen’s Trading Tunes is five songs with the theme of Australian ’80s Hits.

Do Re Mi – ‘Haunt You’

Do Re Mi‘s “Haunt You” is probably their most straightforward radio friendly single. It’s a great showcase of sweaty Australian female-fronted ’80s rock music. People forget how much of a badass Deborah Conway is. The ’80s wasn’t all Jimmy Barnes and Michael Hutchence.” – Alex

The Go Betweens – ‘Cattle And Cane’

“‘Cattle And Cane‘ by The Go Betweens is a perfect example of Australian pop eccentricity. The dreamy, haunting melody and introspective lyrics really reflect the barren landscape that we call home.” – Ollie

Mondo Rock – ‘Come Said The Boy’

“‘Come Said The Boy‘ is an Australian classic about coming of age. It epitomises the carefree beach culture of Sydney in the 1980s.” – Hugo

Paul Kelly – ‘Before Too Long’

Paul Kelly is one of the greatest storytellers of all time, and can soothe your soul when you are buckling under the pressures and confusions of life. As well as featuring the best guitar line ever, Before Too Long laments that the only constant thing about life is that it is ever-changing. If you watch the fantastic music video you will also see that his drummer is rocking a mullet ponytail – a strong look that I’m impressed by.” – Sarah

Kylie Minogue – ‘Locomotion’

“What really needs to be said here? It’s obvious. An iconic early Kylie track, a party staple, and the backdrop to many Oz-Aerobics workouts since.” – Sarah & Hugo

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