21 Oct Trading Tunes with Summer Flake

Stephanie Crase A.K.A. Summer Flake recently moved to Melbourne, but she’s a product of her home city of Adelaide. Last week she released an EP titled Time Rolls By and it contains four flawless originals and a Rolling Stones cover.

Her guitar tones and garage rock production remind me East Coast US garage bands such as Widowspeak and Dum Dum Girls, but there’s even similarities to Angel Olsen. However the Rolling Stones cover sounds like Courtney Barnett. Similarities or not to other artists, this Time Rolls By EP is simply full of well crafted tunes, with ‘Makes Me Wanna Cry‘ and ‘The Sun Won’t Shine‘ being my personal favourites.

1. The Blake Babies – ‘Rain’

“Let’s start at the start. I was ridiculously obsessed with Juliana Hatfield at school. Insanely obsessed. It’s simmered down in recent years, but it flares up now and then.”

Marcus Rimondini

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