12 Sep Trading Tunes with GL

GL are a retro alt-pop duo from Melbourne with Ella Thompson on vocals and Graeme Pogson providing the backing production. Ella has been a vocal hook machine for a few years in other projects such as The Bamboos, Dorsal Fins and her solo work, while Graeme is equally as important in GL’s chemistry, his crisp, detailed array of sounds really making every song pop.

In the past year the duo have dropped three instantly catchy singles: ‘Won’t You See‘, ‘What Happened To Us?‘ and ‘Take Me Back‘. While we wait to hear new material from GL, the duo have sent over some song recommendations for Trading Tunes.

1. Sugarz – ‘City of light’

“I loved the sound of this immediately, the drums are great and the sound is perfect. Very good EP by the Sugarz/Benny Badge combo.”

Marcus Rimondini

Managing Editor & Music Editor - Follow on Twitter