09 Sep Trading Tunes with Abelard

Abelard is an electronic artist from Melbourne who gained a little viral attention late last year with his Seinfeld meets the ’80s mash up titled ‘☆SEINWAVE☆2000☆ What’s the deal with airline food?‘, but he really caught our attention in March with his original single ‘Meta Valley‘. This week he dropped ‘Who Are You In Reality?‘, which you can bet will feature in this week’s top ten Australian tracks post. He calls his music Glitter-wave and there’s no denying the ’80s influences, yet there’s also no denying that his production chops are top notch. While we wait for more tunes from Abelard, find out what tunes inspire his Glitter-wave.

1. QT – ‘Hey QT’

“This single and video has been a long time coming and I’ve had it on repeat for months and months. I really love how this euro/bubblegum pop style is having a bit of a resurgence and turning into something more modern – it’s very tongue in cheek and self-referential, and a little bit punk in its hyper-consumerist commercialism aesthetic.”

Marcus Rimondini

Managing Editor & Music Editor - Follow on Twitter