21 Oct Baro – ‘Let’s Drink Merlot and Talk About The World (Enterlude)’

“We could dance on a cloud, baby are you in, baby are you in?”, sings Baro on a new track he just uploaded for a girl. ‘Let’s Drink Merlot and Talk About The World (Enterlude)‘ is only 88 seconds long, but it’s the most alluring song that the young Melbourne rapper has dropped so far.

He says he doesn’t play keys that much and I’m not sure why, judging by how enjoyable his little dabble is here. His polite sincerity is extremely effective, and if this doesn’t impress that girl he’s talking about, I don’t think that they’re meant to be.

You can catch him at Boney in Melbourne on the 29th of October for only $10.

Marcus Rimondini

Managing Editor & Music Editor - Follow on Twitter