10 Jun Ripe Podcast with The Ocean Party

Lachlan Denton and Liam Halliwell came in for a Ripe Podcast to talk about the end of The Ocean Party. [1:58] That time when Ripe recorded The Ocean Party live in The Tote front bar and then lost the footage. [4:50] We talk through the timeline of The Ocean Party from the beginning. [18:50] Having troubles getting shows when they moved to Melbourne. [29:43] Heading to the USA to play shows in 2014. [46:44] The influence of Mess+Noise and Dolewave being Zac’s process for coming to terms with who he was. [1:06:50] When Zac passed away, the media coverage was a real shock back home. [1:23:00] What becomes the focus after The Ocean Party.

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The Ocean Party // Howler

02 Apr The Ocean Party ‘Nothing Grows’ Launch & Final Melbourne Show (23/3/19)

Words by Marcus Rimondini // Photos by Sarah Chavdaroska

“2012 Dolewave” as Lachlan Denton described one of their final songs, is officially laid to rest. The Ocean Party have put this particular project to rest after the passing of member Zac Denton. I won’t discuss his passing in this recap however, as I believe that’s a personal matter for his friends and family. This is simply a nice recap for one of my favourite bands this decade, as iconic of a Melbourne band as it gets. A band you’ll play to your kids in 20 years and say, “This pretty much sums up what the 2010-2020 decade felt like in our twenties.”

If the ’90s in Melbourne were punk rock, the 2000’s were keyboard revivalists unafraid to dance again at a pub gig. The 2010-2020 had a fleet of bands inspired by ’80s Australian acts such as The Go-Betweens, bands not full of angst, not learning to dance for the first time, just bands trying to understand the world and feeling like they haven’t got much power all the way down in Melbourne. Bands that write about the feelings that come to mind walking from work to gigs to somebodies backyard drinks, to the morning after with lyrics such as “Every weekend’s always the same, Girl in my room, I don’t know her name, I’m high on Saturday, suicidal on Sunday, I’m wastin’ my youth away”.

Looking for people to connect with, and that’s what The Ocean Party did as well as anyone in Melbourne. They felt like your good friend, never above or below you. The Ocean Party were like the friend who you didn’t really know, but you knew you could trust them. Their intentions were pure, they were pure musicians, not accountants pretending to be musicians for financial benefits. As you could tell, the band never made much money (just look at the beloved touring van they once drilled together).

Despite emerging from the Dolewave label, that generally implied morals slightly healthier than stoner rock, The Ocean Party actually tackled world problems in their songs too. Their 2015 track ‘Guess Work‘ is about the gun problem in the USA and it’s one of their more memorable songs. The occasional acknowledgement of the larger world around them, meant that when they did just sing about ‘Chinese Takeaway‘, these songs served as stress release distractions that we sometimes need from the hectic life of the overbearing world at times. I think of S02E01 of the TV show High Maintenance, when all of New York finds out Donald Trump got elected, and immediately weed sales skyrocket. If I was soundtracking a Melbourne version of High Maintenance, I’d choose tracks such as ‘More To Run‘, that sings “Have to believe in more than myself / to keep hangin’ on”. A song really concerned with what’s happening socially outside of the northside Melbourne bubble. Or ‘Split‘ that sings “I’m torn between what I want and / what I have to do/ I am finding it hard / I am split”, the band also chose this to be their final song played in Melbourne on the 23rd of March 2019.

The final Melbourne gig was a brilliant and emotional homage to Zac Denton. The band brought on stage guest singers for different Zac songs.

Emma Russack for ‘Nothing Grows

Will Farrier for ‘Model Sheep

Ashley Bundang for ‘Useless

Amanda Roff for ‘Country Air

Dominic Kearton stepped in on ‘Rain On Tin

and Snowy stepped in on ‘We Should Do This Again

While many of them shed a tear or two, it was Zac’s partner Mashara Wachjudy singing ‘Birth Place‘ that was gut-retching and beautiful and not something I’ll ever forget. The band joked that you can tell an Ocean Party song from another one of their side projects, because “they’re the honest songs”. I think another word they could’ve used was “vulnerable”, The Ocean Party always seemed to unlock the confidence in each other to be honest and vulnerable on stage. Something rarely found in a band from all of its members. Sets sometimes felt like an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, where band members took turns being honest and vulnerable with strangers.

It was fitting that for their final song and performance of ‘Split’, they encouraged the crowd to come on stage and sing along together, groups of 4 or 5 people around each microphone, bringing the bands country community spirit to the city one last time. Combine that with the Howler PA system and a wonderful sound mix via Bonnie Knight, a mix as lush and defined as I ever heard The Ocean Party. Where the guitars glistened like The War On Drugs, and all the instruments’ special subtle interplay was clearly defined. The band, friends, fans and family made Zac Denton, where ever he is now, smile at least one more time.

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25 Jun Trading Tunes with Lachlan Denton

Talented multi-instrumentalist (and all-round-nice-guy) Lachlan Denton, caught our attention years ago in the local-unstoppable six-piece band The Ocean Party. Flashing forward to now however, Lachlan is breaking off with his own material and recording collaboration albums with the likes of Emma Russack. His latest solo album Two Months In Ben Woolley’s Room was released independently in June and is available online via bandcamp.

The story behind the creation and recording of Two Months In Ben Woolley’s Room makes a very unique release. Recorded in Abbotsford over ‘two months’ (as the name suggests) it follows the end of an eight-year relationship. The songs are very heartfelt and nostalgic, looping endlessly through Lachlan’s thoughts – “Be apart of your world”, “I know it’s not your job to care” and “I want to be irrational for us”.

The musical arrangements complement Lachlan’s inner thoughts, making the songs not only relatable but a very easy listen for any mood. Deep-dive into your own thoughts or listen to a voice you can relate too, let this album play out and accompany you through your thoughts and day.

When we recently had the opportunity to chat to Lachlan about his album and progress so far, he sent us five ‘sentimental pop songs’ for a Lachlan Denton edition of Trading Tunes – check them out below!

Stolen Violin – ‘Romance at the Petrol Station’

“My favorite song from one of my favorite songwriters. Knowing that Jordan is from North Queensland gives me the most vivid imagery of a humid northern summer when I listen to this song.”

Lower Dens – ‘I Get Nervous’

“This song has such a beautiful tension. It manages to musically and lyrically evoke the feeling of being in the presence of a new romance. ”

Dick Diver – ‘Amber’

“I’ve done a lot of regional touring with the The Ocean Party, and this song evokes the feeling of driving through a small town on a golden afternoon. ”

Emma Russack – ‘Migration’

“I’m very lucky to call Emma a friend. This song is my favorite of all the amazing songs she has written. Dream like imagery that is utterly bitter sweet.”

The Church – ‘To Be In your Eyes’

“This song should have been on a John Hughes film. It hits me. Utterly romantic.”

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Sarah Chav' -

25 May Ripe’s Weekend Gig Guide (25/5/17)

Photo by Sarah Chavdaroska

Music venues around Melbourne house some of the best local and international acts. We’ve compiled our top five picks for gigs this week so you don’t miss out. Be a part of one of the best live music cities in the world, and check out some of our favourite artists and venues.

This Week…

Friday, 26th of May

Cable Ties at Record Paradise

~Free Entry~


Cable Ties and Shrimpwitch played their first gigs in the same backyard, and they’re coming together again to celebrate the release of their respective new albums.

They’re playing instore at Record Paradise in Brunswick from 6pm on Friday. All ages, free entry and cheap drinks but first come first serve so head down early.

Friday, 26th of May

The Ocean Party and Golden Syrup

On the door


Later on and around the corner on Friday, two other fantastic acts are coming together to play at The Tote.

Golden Syrup and The Ocean Party — both absolutely blistering live — are on from 9.45pm for only $8 entry (on the door).

Friday, 26th May

Loose Tooth Sensation

Tickets $15


Dust off your go-to all-white outfit* because Loose Tooth have put together the inaugural Sensation at The Curtin (*suggested but by no means compulsory).

Also playing on the night are Totally Mild and Pure Moods, all for $15.

Saturday, 27th May

Flamingo Jones Single Launch

On the door


Flamingo Jones‘ new single ‘North (We’ll Be Warmer Up There)’ is the perfect auditory escape from looming Melbourne winter.

He’s celebrating its launch at Hugs&Kisses on Saturday night (with live band The Hi-Life Tribe). Playing support are Uncle Bobby and Blyolk, for $10 on the door.

Sunday, 28th May

Snow Cone Sundays at Howler

~Free entry~


Arbes and Great Outdoors are playing on Sunday afternoon for this weeks’ edition of Snow Cone.

Snow Cone has been taking over the garden at Howler for free, fun live music to chill out to. If you can’t make it to this one, their upcoming line-ups are worth a peek– when winter officially takes Melbourne you may as well lean in to it.




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Sarah Chav' -

27 Jan Ripe’s Weekend Gig Guide (27/1/17)

Photo by Sarah Chavdaroska

Music venues around Melbourne house some of the best local and international acts. We’ve compiled our top five picks for gigs this week so you don’t miss out. Be a part of one of the best live music cities in the world, and check out some of our favourite artists and venues.

This Week…

Friday, 27th January

Stick N Poke

~Free Entry~


The tongue-twistingly-named Crave David is presenting ‘Stick n Poke’, a party tonight at The Gasometer Hotel in Collingwood.

Melbourne locals Slim Vibrato, Truffle Pig, the Genre Spanner DJ’s, and Ripe’s own Crave David v Mind Florist (Alex John x Sam Alexander) are all hitting the decks from 7pm.

Friday, 27th January


Tickets on the door


Super Moves is on at New Guernica tonight in the city, for a sole little boy blue $10 note on entry from 10pm.

Tonight you can catch the incredibly talented Harvey Sutherland play a DJ set, alongside M5K and Pollard.

Friday, 27th January


Tickets Here


Tourist is touring at the moment, in celebration of his debut LP U and to play Laneway Festival around the country.

His Melbourne side show is tonight at The Corner, with support from The Range, and at the time of writing there are still tickets available.

Friday, 27th January

Car Seat Headrest



Car Seat Headrest are also touring with Laneway at the moment, playing tonight at The Curtin with support from Terrible Truths.

Unfortunately tonight’s show has sold out, but if you can’t get your hands on a ticket never fear! They have just announced they’ll be playing a second Melbourne show on the 2nd of February.

Sunday, 29th January

The Ocean Party

~Free entry~


The Ocean Party are playing alongside Hot Palms and Milk Teddy on Sunday afternoon.

They’re on (for free!) at The Grace Darling from 3pm. Following what are sure to be terrific live sets the Bedroom Suck DJs will carry the party on into the evening.




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RÜFÜS 15-05-14 @ The Palace

11 Nov Ripe’s Weekend Gig Guide (11/11/16)

Photo by Sarah Chavdaroska

Music venues around Melbourne house some of the best local and international acts. We’ve compiled our top five picks for gigs this week so you don’t miss out. Be a part of one of the best live music cities in the world, and check out some of our favourite artists and venues.

This Week…

Friday, 11th November

APES at The Curtin

Buy Tickets


APES are touring the East Coast at the moment, in support of their new single ‘If You Want It‘.

Joining them tonight at The Curtin for their Melbourne stop are Diet. and Fountaineer.

Friday, 11th November

Jaala 2AM @ Yah Yah’s

Tickets on the door


Playing the 2am show Friday night (yes, technically Saturday morning) at Yah Yah’s are art-pop 4-piece Jaala.

As always, free entry before midnight and only $10 on the door thereafter.

Saturday, 12th November

The Ocean Party LP Launch

Buy Tickets


The Ocean Party are launching their new album Restless at The Tote on Saturday night.

Playing support are Summer Flake, Big White and jade imagine, with doors opening at 8pm.

Saturday, 12th November


Buy Tickets


CORIN is playing at Boney on Saturday night to launch her new EP, Virtuality.

Head down from 8pm to see supports Air Max ’97 and Nico Niquo before what is sure to be a beautiful, captivating set from CORIN.

Saturday, 12th November


Tickets here


The Gasometer are hosting Chatterbox on Saturday, to create a welcoming, open space to talk about current day bro/rape culture in Australia. Given the current political climate, it’s time now more than ever to acknowledge the issues of sexual assault, discrimination and fear that affect all of us – indirectly or not.

On top of that there is an incredible lineup, featuring Harvey Sutherland (DJ), Prequel, DJ JNETT & Rambl, Jennifer Loveless, Huw Orleans, and many more. Chat, dance and love each other at The Gaso from 3pm.




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11 Aug Premiere: Pregnancy – ‘First Kiss’

Local band Pregnancy‘s debut single ‘First Kiss’ is like the unexpected Melbourne sun shining through the clouds on a cold overcast day. With its fluttering pop synth, sunny guitars of jangle pop and a vocal that nods to the likes of Paul Kelly, the band have delivered the perfect antidote to the grim winter weather currently bestowed upon us.

Only into their first trimester of gigging, Pregnancy are the unexpected love child of various other Melbourne acts – The Ocean Party, Totally Mild, Ciggie Witch, Cool Sounds, and Arthur Penn and the Funky Ten. Inspired by the disco-infused post-punk of the late 70’s, ‘First Kiss’ ends up sounding half way between the new wave aesthetic of Talking Heads and meaningful moments of 80’s pub rock, delivered with the bands’ own brand of indie pop.

Lyrically, the song explores themes of independence and progress, with vocalist Zac Denton singing about challenging times that have ultimately lead to growth and development. This is complimented by lusciously interwoven harmonies of vocalist Ashley Bundang, creating a layer of sincerity over the sunny guitar melodies and grooving beat.

‘First Kiss’ is our first taste of Pregnancy‘s forthcoming album that is due out early 2017.

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ocean party

20 Jan Premiere: The Ocean Party – ‘Light Weight’ (video)

A pillar of Melbourne musical consistency, The Ocean Party have returned with ‘Light Weight’, the title track off their fourth album.

The Wagga expats visually continue on a similar thread to their previous works, using absurdism in a self-deprecating fashion. The clip itself is inspired by the DVD cover of the Tom Hanks film ‘That Thing You Do’, and the “pure frustration of trying to run video editing software on a death-rattling PC”. And I’m not entirely sure what to make of this information. Either way, the clip made me laugh, and it doesn’t take itself too seriously. So that’s a big positive.

Somewhat unnsurprisingly given past releases, the comedy of the clip works as a lovely juxtaposition to the track’s content, delving into society’s unrelenting focus on the destination – one so overbearing that it can cloud judgement and lead to failure in reaching said destination. Condensed, the song is about missing your moment. In the words of the band, “I could very well be a 9-5 butcher living between smoke-breaks if I hadn’t got my head out of the clouds. One day you wake up and ‘here it comes’ has become ‘there it went’.”


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29 Dec 100 Best Australian Tracks of 2015

Without a doubt 2015 has been the best year in the history of Australian music. The amount of quality tracks and artists that we couldn’t fit into this list was astounding.
What’s particularly exciting is the fact that most of these artists are new, which makes the prospect of putting together next year’s list seem even more daunting.

We would like to thank all the artists for making the music, the readers who share our site’s content, the writers who contributed this year, and everyone else who makes the Australian music scene extremely enjoyable to be a part of in our own small way.

Let’s do it all again in 2016.

100. Knightlife – ‘Solstice’

99. LUCIANBLOMKAMP – ‘From Afar’

98. Jess Ribeiro – ‘Kill it Yourself’

97. Oisima – ‘Take Your Time’

96. Flamingo Jones – ‘Skinny D.I.P.’

95. The Ocean Party – ‘Black Blood’

94. Cleopold – ‘Down In Flames’

93. Harvey Sutherland – ‘That’s The Fact, Jack’

92. Cool Sounds – ‘Control’

91. Bad//Dreems – ‘Hiding To Nothing’

90. Total Giovanni – ‘Paradise’

89. Woollen Kits – ‘Girl With Heart’

88. Zone Out – ‘Inside’

87. Frances Fox – ‘Jake The Flake’

86. Low Lux – ‘Rivers Roll’

85. Redspencer – ‘Ride It Out’

84. Abelard – ‘I’m OK For Now’

83. SMILE – ‘Boundless Plains To Share’

82. Snowy Nasdaq & Snowy Life – ‘Ironic Life’

81. Fraser A. Gorman – ‘Blues Run The Game’

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21 Dec The best Australian albums of 2015

2015 in Australia has definitely been dominated by guitar bands, with many including The Ocean Party, Dick Diver, Blank Realm, Royal Headaches and Twerps delivering their most mature efforts to date. Other artists originally considered a little bit more left of field, such as Sui Zhen, Kučka and I’lls, found a more accessible middle ground with their releases.

Some young artists like Amateur Dance, Crepes, Gold Class and Good Morning flashed their future potential, and a few debut releases by Jaala, Roland Tings and Sampa The Great might be considered one day to be Australian classics. Meanwhile, Tame Impala and Courtney Barnett demonstrated why they’re clearly the current quality benchmark in Australia and around the world.

If you’re looking for Christmas presents, click on the album images below for links to purchase the albums and support Australian music.

25. Banoffee – Do I Make You Nervous?


24. Oisima – Nicaragua Nights


23. Summer Flake – Time Rolls


22. Sui Zhen – Secretly Susan


21. King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – Paper Mâché Dream Balloon


20. Amateur Dance – It’s Really Something


19. Flowertruck – Dirt


18. Terrible Truths – Terrible Truths


17. Crepes – Cold Summers


16. Gold Class – It’s You


15. Hiatus Kaiyote – Choose Your Weapon


14. The Ocean Party – Light Weight


13. Kučka – Unconditional


12. I’lls – Can I Go With You To Go Back To My Country


11. Jaala – Hard Hold


10. Good Morning – A Vessel / Radiovoice and On The Street / You


9. Totally Mild – Down Time


8. Blank Realm – Illegals In Heaven


7. Dick Diver – Melbourne, Florida


6. Royal Headaches – High


5. Roland Tings – Roland Tings


4. Sampa The Great – The Great Mixtape


3. Twerps – Range Anxiety


2. Tame Impala – Currents


1. Courtney Barnett – Sometimes I Sit and Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit


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