27 Jun Third Time’s The Absolute Charm – Hopkins Creek 2018

Ahead of the third instalment of the ever-growing Hopkins Creek, we decided to give you a run-down of what is fast becoming one of Victoria’s premier festivals.

Hopkins has stepped up its international lineup exponentially, from two international acts in its 2017 edition to seven in 2018. With humble beginnings in a few recreant bush parties with a home built sound system, seeing a homegrown festival grow in size stirs a little pride in your dedicated punter.

Highlights from previous years would definitely include Sleep D’s hybrid set of 2016, unleashing tracks like ‘Ground Loop‘ by Atom™ in the early hours of the crater, as well as the Hopkins Creek DJs themselves playing a completely stacked crowd-pleaser set to close off 2017.


A stalwart of the Discwoman roster, Cindy Li honed her eclectic taste on college radio. Ciel, as she is known as, is a multi-talented DJ, producer, presenter and party-thrower, as well as being a vocal advocate for female-identifying talent in the electronic music sphere. Ciel’s release on Shanti Celeste’s Peach Discs last year straddles a perfect balance between electro sounds and dreamy synths. This latest release has proven to be hugely listenable, making Ciel one to watch.

Fantastic Man

Local in origin and international in flavour, Fantastic Man is an Australian DJ and producer who plays all around the world. Holding numerous titles from Mic Newman, Mind Lotion, and P.M.T.C, Fantastic Man has taste and talent in spades – just check his Sugar Mountain set if you need any reassurance.

Samo DJ

Swedish artist Samo Forsberg aka Samo DJ has made a splash on labels including Trilogy Tapes, L.I.E.S., Born Free, and Public Possession. With a left-of-centre sound that’s equal parts demanding and playful, Samo is sure to take the crowd for a ride.


Garnering quite the name for herself with a key performance at Freedom Time, Wax O’ Paradiso and Inner Varnika, Millú has shown an impressive level of versatility. Her latest Melbourne Deepcast is a testament to that, playing deeper tracks peppered with plenty of UK breaks.


One of the standout acts from last year’s Hopkins, Sunnyside’s infectious energy was the perfect balm for any hangover. In a line up heavy on DJs and producers, Sunnyside brings a ray of difference to the Hopkins Creek roster, a welcome wedge of jazzy goodness.

Grab your tickets here before they sell out for Hopkins Creek 2018 (Nov 30th – Dec 2nd)

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23 May Trading Tunes with Sleep D

Ahead of the Freedom Time Music Festival 2018, Melbourne legends and dance-floor shape-cutters Sleep D have sent us five tunes with the theme of Australian music for laying on the floor.

Freedom Time music festival at the Coburg Velodrome is now in it’s 4th year. With Summer and Winter additions, the festival has become a north-side must attend, with forward thinking and diverse line-ups that bring a range of audio flavours to your ear holes. On New Years they expanded out to Sydney and Perth, hopefully making them a step closer to providing an Australian dance music day festival that’s unique to Australia. Speaking of unique to Australia, the duo Sleep D are one of Australia’s most respected DJs here and abroad. Aside from creating their own brilliant music, what really makes them a level ahead of most DJs is their ability to continuously flip genre switches from set to set, or even drop tracks from across the globe and leave you believing that they’ve genuinely gone vinyl crater digging all over the world. No Sleep D set is ever remotely similar to a previous, making every one a ‘must’ event — making Freedom Time a ‘must’ event, with tickets still available.

Words from Sleep D: “”A collection of music suitable for relaxing at home; on the floor, couch or whilst washing the dishes. After a hard days work, we all need some relax time with cerebral sounds as the backdrop. Sit back with a cuppa for this one.”


Joe Claussell (USA) – Aus Debut
Veronica Vasicka (USA) – Aus Debut
Dopplereffekt (Live / GER)
dip in the pool (Live / JPN) – Aus Debut
Michal Turtle (LIVE / CHE) – Aus Debut
Kuniyuki (Live / JPN)
Tako (NLD)
Jamie Tiller (GER)
Wax’o Dystopio
Sleep D (Live)
Sui Zhen (Live)
Izabel (NLD)
Noise In My Head
Cale Sexton
Lauren Hansom (SYD)
Turner Street Sound

Waak Waak Djungi – ‘Rainbow Serpent 4:52 (ES006)’

“Mid-’90s recordings of three Yolngu songmen from Northeast Arnhem Land. Being re-issued by Michael Kucyk‘s label Efficient Space in June.”

Fia Fiell – All In The Same Room

“We released a track of Fia Fiell‘s on Domestic Documents late last year and have since fallen in love with her gentle style.”

CS + Kreme – ‘Whip’

“I love this track.”

Low Flung – ‘Lichen Zones (Zone B)’

“Danny also runs local imprint Moontown Records. Keep an ear out for his debut Butter Sessions 12 coming later this year ;)”

Matthew Hayes – Indigo

“Matthew is a talented musician who’s involved with a number of projects around Melbourne. This EP was released by Melbourne label Analogue Attic, run by Albrecht La’Brooy.”




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28 Sep Sleep D & Bradley Zero, Live @ Rhythm Section (17/9/16)

Bradley Zero‘s Rhythm Section is simple.

A red neon sign reading SE15 (much like Mania‘s) lights up the lounge every Saturday night, whilst two Technics, a rotary mixer and Funktion-Ones provide the sound. The intimate dance floor of Peckham‘s Canavan’s Pool Club would be joined by Sleep D and Bradley Zero, throwing down records till 4am, going back-to-back all night, with Bradley Zero slotting in a few records when he saw fit.

As I first stepped foot on the buzzing and crowded dance floor, varied exotic Central-African percussion based records warmed everyone up; flinging into the mix darker sounds that were going to feature later in the night.

Bouncing off each other with a selection of classics, along with lesser known finds, a subtle exploration of genres was pursued – in particular Moodyman‘s ‘It’s 2 Late 4 U & Me‘ was a very memorable moment. Throughout the evening, smooth transitions allowed the crowd to be immersed in every hook, drop, rhythmic bass line and clatter of percussion – tracks such as Instant House‘s ‘Awade’ (Joe’s Jungle Sounds Dub) and The Latin Lover‘s ‘Voices of Savannah‘ washed over us.

Then the SE15 neon sign flickered off, and the dance floor descended into darkness.

Obscure, verging on heaving techno and acid house rumbled through the building, dropping the likes of Ron Big and Irv Katz‘s ‘Groove Control to Major Ron‘ (Released on Melbourne’s own Steeplejack), brought about a welcomed darker atmosphere.

Without pause throughout the whole night Canavan’s dance floor was jammed and grooving, fuelled by a unique collection of records which for a time delved into welcomed, dirty, acidic sounds that were broken up by a soulful jazzy interlude and mesmerising 4/4 guitar.

Hitting the last hour of their set, euphoric and overwhelmingly fun sounds were taken control of. Stunning breakbeat. Powerful, obscure and dreamy house. Along with some Joy Division, the evening was capped off with a brilliant selection in this unique environment.

Being lucky enough to see favourite artists of mine in a completely immersive six-hour experience (as well as on the other side of the world) just reflects on how strong our homegrown talents are, and that they are more than capable of creating unique experiences for people across the world.


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06 Dec Ripe’s Australian Chart (6/11/15)

Welcome to our latest feature – Ripe’s Australian Chart, where we post an update every Sunday on our top tracks uploaded in the past month by Australian artists, ranked all the way to #1. You’ll find our chart below, and a weekly playlist on the Ripe SoundCloud.

For this week’s new entries, we have at #25 ‘Spring 2‘ from Rat & Co in Melbourne, which is the second part of a two-track release (‘Spring‘ having been released last month). If you’re looking for some Boards Of Canada escapism, Rat & Co are worth diving into further.

LUCIANBLOMKAMP emerges from the Melbourne shadows once again with new single ‘Comfort‘ – although the track provokes unease more than anything else, skittering its way in at #22.

We get orchestral at #20 with Anatole up in Sydney. ‘Colours‘ is the second single from the upcoming Surrounds EP, out on December 18th via Teef Records. It’s filled with violins, viola, cello, double bass and a clarinet – I wish Bonobo was still recording music with real instruments like this.

The Shards make a reappearance in the chart posts with ‘Gossip & Bands‘ at #13. All we know so far is that they’re from Melbourne, and this song sounds like a softer number by Dick Diver. Both the previously-listed ‘Making Shapes Out Of The Ground‘ and now ‘Gossip & Bands’ feature on their latest EP, Best New Reissue.

The Melbourne duo Ara Koufax are back at #6 with their first new song in six months, and it’s called ‘Adult Concepts‘. If it sounds like an introduction track, it’s because it was originally written to be exactly that. If you’re looking for more gentle, sprawling electronic music like ‘Adult Concepts’, check out Tycho‘s Burning Man sets on SoundCloud.

I’d never heard of Julia R. Anderson from Brisbane until a few days ago, but I’m already very intrigued and ‘In The Beginning‘ jumps right up into #5 this week. She looks like Tune-Yards and sings like Melody Echo Chamber or Twin Sister, and sounds just as tantalising as all three of those artists. Remember the name Julia R. Anderson; her debut album comes out 2016.

I’m not sure how I missed the initial upload of ‘Black Dignity‘ by Sampa The Great from Sydney. It’s the first single post her head-turning The Great Mixtape debut just three months ago. She’s already been labeled a female Kendrick Lamar, but I hear Shabazz Palaces in the space-beats, and even early Clipping in her flow. This definitely won’t be the last time that she features in the top 5.

Peruw out of Melbourne drops almost ten minutes of deep tech house at #3 with ‘Namek‘. Fresh off playing at Earthcore, while in the midst of his own personal Geyser tour around Sydney and Melbourne, Peruw clearly has high ambitions. ‘Namek’ never tries to overexert itself, instead transfixing the listener within its own restrained parameters – the hallmark of a producer who knows exactly what he’s doing.

25. Rat & Co – ‘Spring 2’

Uploaded: December 3rd

24. Zone Out – ‘So Bright’

Uploaded: November 20th | Last Week: #23

23. Plum – ‘Reveal’

Uploaded: November 14th | Last Week: #22

22. LUCIANBLOMKAMP – ‘Comfort’

Uploaded: November 30th

21. Deer – ‘All Alone ft. Martin King’

Uploaded: November 17th | Last Week: #21

20. Us The Band – ‘And I Will’

Uploaded: November 24th | Last Week: #20

19. Anatole – ‘Colours’

Uploaded: December 1st

18. Max Savage – ‘Baby Don’t Cry’

Uploaded: November 18th | Last Week: #19

17. Nutrition – ‘Advice Needed’

Uploaded: November 19th | Last Week: #18

16. Marcus Whale – ‘If (Demo)’

Uploaded: November 10th | Last Week: #16

15. Luna Ghost – ‘Eyes Of Sleep’

Uploaded: November 24th | Last Week: #15

14. Flamingo Jones – ‘Fred Bear’

Uploaded: November 16th | Last Week: #12

13. The Shards – ‘Gossip & Bands’

Uploaded: November 4th

12. Lisa Salvo – ‘Give Me Your Love’

Uploaded: November 7th | Last Week: #10

11. Arthur Miles – ‘The Prince Feat. Babicka & HVCK’

Uploaded: November 11th | Last Week: #9

10. Lower Spectrum – ‘Proxima’

Uploaded: November 13th | Last Week: #8

9. Abelard – ‘I’m OK For Now’

Uploaded: November ’23rd | Last Week: #7

8. Sleep D – ‘Backstreets’

Uploaded: November 17th | Last Week: #6

7. Movement – ‘Lace (Demo)’

Uploaded: November 11th | Last Week: #4

6. Ara Koufax – ‘Adult Concepts’

Uploaded: December 5th

5. Julia R. Anderson – ‘In the Beginning’

Uploaded: December 5th

4. Sampa The Great – ‘Black Dignity’

Uploaded: November 12th

3. Peruw – ‘Namek’

Uploaded: December 3rd

2. Knightlife – ‘Solstice’

Uploaded: November 27th | Last Week: #2

1. Phantastic Ferniture – ‘Gap Year’

Uploaded: November 12th | Last Week: #3

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29 Nov Ripe’s Australian Chart (29/11/15)

Welcome to our latest feature – Ripe’s Australian Chart, where we post an update every Sunday on our top tracks uploaded in the past month by Australian artists, ranked all the way to #1. You’ll find our chart below, and a weekly playlist on the Ripe SoundCloud.

For this week’s new entries, we start with Us The Band from Sydney who jump into spot #20 this week with ‘And I Will‘. If you enjoy frenetic, lo-fi garage rock, then check out Us The Band or other bands on the Rice Is Nice record label such as The Laurels, Richard In Your Mind or You Beauty.

Next we have Luna Ghost from Melbourne with their latest song ‘Eyes Of Sleep‘. If you dig dreamy, psych or bands such as Flyying Colours or Ride, then the washed out, wailing guitars of Luna Ghost will entice you.

Flamingo Jones takes us on a tropical trip with ‘Fred Bear‘ at #12. The project out of Melbourne is a cross between Animal Collective and El Guincho; or, as he self-describes it, “nature beat”. Perfect for summer or just playing with your dog.

We have more glitterwave from Abelard at #7 with ‘I’m OK For Now‘.  With a few elements of RnB and post-dubstep on the vocals, it’s another step forward in the progression for the Melbournian.

The biggest track to emerge this week was ‘Solstice‘ by Melbourne’s Knightlife, which lands at #2. It’s off a new four-track EP titled VII, which is being released via Cut Copy‘s label Cutter Records. ‘Solstice’ is brimming with cool colours and smooth vibes, and each layer that pops up will get another limb moving. It’s instantaneous, but also rewarding on repeat listens. After a four year wait since his last EP, welcome back Knightlife.


25. RÜFÜS – ‘Innerbloom’

Uploaded: November 20th | Last Week: #25

24. The Delicates – ‘Chimera’

Uploaded: November 5th | Last Week: #24

23. Zone Out – ‘So Bright’

Uploaded: November 19th | Last Week: #23

22. Plum – ‘Reveal’

Uploaded: November 14th | Last Week: #22

21. Deer – ‘All Alone Ft Martin King’

Uploaded: November 17th | Last Week: #21

20. Us The Band – ‘And I Will’

Uploaded: November 24th

19. Max Savage – ‘Baby Don’t Cry’

Uploaded: November 18th | Last Week: #17

18. Nutrition – ‘Advice Needed’

Uploaded: November 19th | Last Week: #15

17. NO ZU – ‘Hi Gloss’

Uploaded: November 5th | Last Week: #14

16. Marcus Whale – ‘If (Demo)’

Uploaded: November 10th | Last Week: #13

15. Luna Ghost – ‘Eyes Of Sleep’

Uploaded: November 24th

14. Charles Murdoch – ‘Privacy feat. Oscar Key Sung’

Uploaded: November 7th | Last Week: #12

13. Asdasfr Bawd – ‘Negative Energy’

Uploaded: November 4th | Last Week: #11

12. Flamingo Jones – ‘Fred Bear’

Uploaded: November 16th

11. The Dead Heir – ‘Hand’

Uploaded: November 4th | Last Week: #10

10. Lisa Salvo – ‘Give Me Your Love’

Uploaded: November 7th | Last Week: #9

9. Arthur Miles – ‘The Prince Feat. Babicka & HVCK’

Uploaded: November 11th | Last Week: #8

8. Lower Spectrum – ‘Proxima’

Uploaded: November 13th | Last Week: #7

7. Abelard – ‘I’m OK For Now’

Uploaded: November ’23rd

6. Sleep D – ‘Backstreets’

Uploaded: November 17th | Last Week: #6

5. Amateur Dance – ‘It’s Really Something’

Uploaded: November 6th | Last Week: #5

4. Movement – ‘Lace (Demo)’

Uploaded: November 11th | Last Week: #4

3. Phantastic Ferniture – ‘Gap Year’

Uploaded: November 12th | Last Week: #3

2. Knightlife – ‘Solstice’

Uploaded: November 27th

1. Good Morning – ‘Cab Deg’

Uploaded: November 6th | Last Week: #1

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26 Nov Strawberry Fields 2015 – or, Sam’s first brush with a bush doof.

Image courtesy of Strawberry Fields (Facebook)

My first Strawberry experience taught me a number of important truths. Firstly, no matter how impossible it seems you can enjoy psy-trance. Secondly, if you lose your car keys at the main stage, you can find them some twelve hours later. Lastly, there are very few musical events that can compete with Strawberry Fields for lineup, setup and just overall vibe.

Watching several of my volunteer friends melt in the relentless heat while I drove past in air-conditioned comfort, I mentally prepared myself for the heat and dust waiting eagerly for me in the Wildlands just outside of the dusty town of Tocumal. Which, really, was not too bad. And so I made my way to the stages, to get my first delicious taste of Strawberry.

Wondering around to check out the set up, we caught an inadvertently intimate set from Sui Zhen before realizing I had made my way backstage. However things were even better from the other side of the Deep Jungle Stage, the intricate timber installation cut with a laser like precision. Proof that Strawberry takes its art just as seriously as its music, it makes all the difference to see artists given a proper set up.

Making our way back to the Wildlands Stage we could see a rig of Funktion Ones suspended high above onlookers. The first sounds out of this incredible set up were not pounding bass notes though, rather the (slight delayed) opening ceremony accompanied by the uplifting message of the Order of the Rubbish. Top marks for making cleaning up cool, rather than just preaching to a crowd.

Time for the music though, local favorites Sleep D opened up with the intense sounds of Atom TM’s ‘Ich Bin Meine Maschine’. Having played at Strawberry for the past three years, the Frankston duo know what the crowd wants, and over the top German, apocalyptic techno sounds probably did the job just right. Playing one of their latest releases on their label Butter Sessions, heavy jungle sounds of Dan White went down a treat amongst the fervent crowd.

A quick break back to the campsite to grab myself a Little Fat Lamb (unofficial sponsor of Strawberry Fields it would seem given how many of those ginger beers were floating around), and I was back in time to catch Tensnake.

Veering more towards crowd favorites than lesser-known tracks, highlights included Todd Terje, Blawan, Daniel Avery and delectable edits of London Grammar and James Holden.

Booka Shade brought a slightly more intense sounds, really putting the set up through its paces. Hearing the sound pan between the speakers was testament to an incredibly well set up audio system.

As some people will tell you on their Monday mornings of Strawberry, it really is a marathon not a sprint to get through. So after watching Detroit legend Patrice Scott open with a fun and housey set that brought smiles all around, it was time to call it for the first night for myself.

Up nice and early the next day, I was determined to have a dip in the Murray River, having scouted it out as one of the more serene spots at Strawberry. Soaking up the sunshine with mud between my toes and hearing the faint sounds of YoKoO in the distance is really nothing short of sublime.

Having heard his praises be sung by many a Revolver regular, I thought it only fair to give Boogs’ set a listen. Cutting a bit of a menacing figure on stage, the hunched over figure delivered quite an intense mix. Following that Justin Martin lightened the mood a bit, dropping the soulful crooning of Henry Krinkle’s ‘Stay’.
Another international, Oliver Huntemann, delivered some rock steady techno. Straying occasionally to a slightly techier side of things, the DJ worked a furious throttled bassline to its maximum, occasionally juxtaposing his sounds with something lighter like a Temper Trap remix.

Despite such an impressive display of international artists on the bill, I find it hard to miss the locals. Whilst artists like Patrice and Oliver have been incredibly established in their respective genres for some time now, it’s the fresher faces I keep an eye out for too.

That brings us to one of my Australian favorites Kllo playing on the Deep Jungle stage. Teasing with plenty of soulful, unreleased tracks, the two cousins who make up Kllo bounced back and forth between drum pads, synths and emotional vocals. Having seen their extended edit they do of ‘Under Lie’ several times live now, I knew I was in for a treat when they announced it as their closing track.

You’ll have to forgive me if you a notice a bit of a trend in the artists I watched play. Yes, the majority are techno producers and DJs but it’s hard to ignore the brilliance of someone like Max Cooper. Playing from 8pm, I don’t think I’ve seen anyone drop an Aphex Twin track with such confidence.

Back to the intimacy of the Deep Jungle stage, Wax’O Paradiso delivered a dose of much needed disco. Working off what looked like their signature Condesa mixer (a fine Australian piece of machinery), Wax’O played rock-steady classics like Sheryl Lee Ralph’s ‘In the Evening’. Following this with an impromptu Boiler-Room style dance party on stage was just a moment of sheer ecstasy. Go Wax’O.

Following this set would be no easy task, but who could you trust more than Andras and his peroxide blonde do. Opening with a few classics, Andras eventually dug up from his electic collection Mumbo Jumbo’s ‘Wind It Up’. Now even if you think you have never heard this Australian classic, I can guarantee if you were there during Andras’ set you were singing along “Light it up, light it up, let go, let it go, from Sydney Harbor to the Gulf of Mexico”. Record after record, Andras would teeter a line between heavier, almost acidier tracks to more progressive disco slow burners. Amongst the flamingo lights and complex laser displays darting through the installations, you could not ask for a better Saturday evening.

Or could you? With sun having set, I followed our trusty doof stick (admittedly cliché but still essential) to go see one of my most anticipated acts. Now if the letters P,V, and H together don’t immediately get you excited I’m going to have some trouble communicating the next two hours of my life.

Having crossed off Donato Dozzy and Neel on my techno bucket list, there remains a handful of huge names. Saturday at about 11.30pm I got to cross off one more. Peter Van Hoesen.

After teasing the crowd for some ten minutes in a marathon build up, the man finally let the leash off a big rolling bassline. Giving the speakers plenty of firepower, I would describe his set simply as relentless. Squiggly synths and the occasional percussion break down might simply be labeled monotonous but to be it was testament to just how involving electronic music can be

Left in awe, I figured I would hang around and give the psytrance a go, with Perfect Stranger giving me my first taste of the polarizing genre. Put simply I enjoyed it, however when dancing around a kitten statue holding a parasol at 4am and with an audio set up so fantastic its quite hard not to. It’s certainly a mind-set thing.

Another early start on the Sunday, Tornado Wallace kicked off proceedings on the final day. What seemed like an odd choice for a morning set made a lot of sense as the man played a thoroughly chilled out set of loungey tracks. Featuring classics such as ‘A Key To A Heavenly Trance’ by Sasha, his own remix of ‘Looking Back’ by Andras & Oscar and Jack J’s ‘Thirsting’, Tornado proved his mettle as a DJ for all times.

Having missed the start of the Heads with Tales showcase on the Deep Jungle stage, I managed to get the tail end of Cale Sexton’s live set. Heavy improvised techno, each layer of sound was built upon given the dedicated crowd something to bob their heads to. The occasional jungle clatter and big basslines were accompanied with more acidy, analogue sounds. Dan White followed with a dubby DJ set, maybe not to everyone’s tastes but a welcome change of pace.

A quick stop back at the camp site to grab another lambie and I was back to see Palms Trax. The BICEP and Palms Trax clash was one of the more contentious clashes of the festival, but the startlingly young Palms Trax was certainly worth it.

I daresay Ferrer & Syndeham’s track ‘Timbuktu (Pan African Electro Dub)‘ perfectly encapsulates his sounds. Swinging between more fun disco and afro tracks to heavier dance songs, Palms Trax certainly knew how to keep a crowd grooving underneath the sprinklers.
I did also manage to catch BICEP’s set, the second time in a week – lucky me. As an absolute sucker for anything Four Tet, definite highlight for me would be the Four Tet Fabric Dub of Martyn’s ‘Glassbead Games, played to an absolutely ecstatic crowd.

The last international set was delivered by none other than Apparat who played a stellar set. Once again highlights would include the wailing but also ambient sounds of Four Tet’s ‘Morning Side’. Mixing by the man was exceptional bar maybe one slip up and as one of the last sets of Strawberry, the crowd were absolutely loving it. Closing with SBTRKT’s ‘Hold On’ was a classic selection that as expected had the thousands in their kimonos and bathrobes singing along.

Closing off proceedings for me was DJ Manchild, playing some excellent soul and afro-beat tracks. Aside from the occasional commentary the wonderful sounds of Fela Kuti and others permeated through the Tea Lounge.

So that was Strawberry Fields 2015, my first Strawberry experience and I guess as much as it pains me actually write the term down, my first real taste of a ‘bush doof’. There were  few shortcomings – a lack of any liquor license, the state of the portaloos and some lacklustre organsiation getting into the festival itself. However there are a few other festivals that can match Strawberry Fields for lineup alone, Let Them Eat Cake is one of the few that gives it a run for its money. While the art, the installations, the setting and the people make it so much more than this, I daresay Strawberry can maintain its title as one of Australia’s largest music festivals.


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Top 100 Feature

22 Nov The Top 100 Melbourne Tracks, 2011-2015


I can say with confidence that, over the past few years, Ripe has become one of the best local sources of new music – especially so in our home town of Melbourne, which has proven itself to be an amazing source of talent. As we relaunch the site with a renewed focus on covering the best Australian music, we felt it was about time we shared our thoughts on the artists and tracks from our hometown that have provided the soundtrack to our time on the scene, and who have influenced our tastes going forward.

We started from 2011 for several reasons. While we officially launched in 2012, we were kicking around as a humble Tumblr blog in 2011. We also feel that there was a distinct shift in the Melbourne music community around that time, and that the intervening five-year period has been a very productive time for local artists. I think the sheer variety present in this list, even within our distinct area of coverage, shows why we’re so enamoured with our neck of the woods.

I’d just like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has worked to make Melbourne music what it is, as well as the artists behind these 100 songs and all the others we’ve enjoyed. I’d especially like to thank everyone who’s followed or contributed to Ripe over the years, and helped us to carve out our own tiny corner of the music press. We’re still committed to giving whatever small nudge we can to emerging artists, and we’re looking forward to collaborating with more and more people along the way.

Thanks everyone, hope you enjoy our list. – Brandon


Top 100 compiled by Marcus Rimondini, Huw Nolan, Brandon John, and all of our contributors. Edited by Michelle Doan.
Contributors: Alex Gleeson, Marcus Rimondini, Matt Bladin, Kassie Junkeer, Sam Chesbrough, Joshua Butler, Leah Phillips, Alana Scully, Ryan Saar, James McNiece, Jasper van Daatselaar, Ollie Leonard, Steph Studniberg, Michelle Doan, Brandon John

 100. Broadway Sounds – ‘Sing It Again’

“No other artist brings the amount of colour, vivacity, or vibrancy to the Melbourne music scene like Broadway Sounds. Their sound is bursting with life, their live shows leave you sweaty, and their video clips are irresistibly crazy. ‘Sing It Again’ makes me aware of the fact that Broadway Sounds have established a unique and distinct sound that I’ve grown to crave. You won’t be able to sit or stand still while listening to this, so make sure you’ve got sufficient dancing space for this one.” – Kassie Junkeer

99. Crepes – ‘Ain’t Horrible’

“As the first single off their debut EP Cold Summers, Crepes bring a fresh take on Melbourne slacker pop with ‘Ain’t Horrible’. This stripped-back track outlines the band’s songwriting ability, with nothing to hide from. The absence of any core guitar parts is what makes this tune, homing in on the original keyboard lines from Jackson Dahlenburg and the smooth, beautifully effortless vocals of Tim Karmouche. It’s this combination of vocals and keys that defines Crepes’ sound and makes them stand out as one of the most exciting Melbourne guitar pop bands in 2015.” – Jasper van Daatselaar

98. Love Migrate – Plagued Are All My Thoughts

“The unsettling vocal quivers of main man, Eddie Alexander, combined with a minimalistic drone soundscape have crafted a song (and album) that is simultaneously magical, delicate, brooding, unsettling, and peaceful. A host of musicians on this record are now probably better known for their other projects (King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, The Murlocs), but this album is a stunning example of the group’s versatility. Now, three years on, the band has just released a new EP called Shimmer Through The Night – certainly worthy of a listen for fans of this record.” – Leah Phillips

97. Peter Bibby – ‘Hates My Boozin’

“In the hazy world of Australian guitar pop, there is something of a barrenness in regard to easily identifiable voices. Sure, there’s Courtney, and before her Paul Kelly, but more often than not, the focus has been firmly planted upon the ‘slacker’ guitar tones, or the ‘Australian’ style with which the song is constructed. ‘Hates My Boozin’ is the first track in a while from this genre that has floored me, in its purity and authenticity. Bibby’s drawl makes him sound like an alcohol-fuelled poet. We need more of this shit.” – Alex Gleeson

96. Sex On Toast – ‘Takin’ Over’

“A slap in the face from the synthesiser and you’re onto a good thing. ‘Sex On Toast’, as the name suggests, is a tasty sensual party on acid (if you’ve seen them live, you wouldn’t disagree). This song is nothing short of their best work to date. Sprightly, energetic, sassy, and funky grooves galore earned this track a spot on our list.” – Leah Phillips

95. Sleep D – ‘The Magic Arpet Ride’

“Often when I listen to tracks with heavy arpeggio, I feel myself being carried through the song. So I was just stoked that our beloved Sleep D, founder of what is now a staple Melbourne record label, Butter Sessions, encapsulated this vision in his title. Sonically, he takes it to a whole new world (#Aladdin) of rolling magical arps and swirling cosmic planes. The hard-hitting pulse and warping whooshes make it an adventurous and somewhat turbulent ride at times, while the magical arps maintain a smooth undertone. It’s the sort of melodically artistic track you never want to end, because of the abundant amount of sound realms of which you warp in and out.” – Kassie Junkeer

94. Contrast – ‘Pipe Dreams’

“By the start of 2015, the shoegaze revival in Australia had grown large enough to the point where a day and night event called Roogaze 2015 was held at The Tote in Melbourne. Right in the thick of this lineup was the fundamentally sound band Contrast. While many of these shoegaze revivalists don’t necessarily reinvent the genre, they don’t disgrace it either. ‘Pipe Dreams’ was the opening track off their very solid EP, Less Than Zero. Rather than drown itself in self-pity with heavy reverb and nostalgic lyrics, ‘Pipe Dreams’ is on the front foot from the get-go, like bands such as Swervedriver or Spaceman 3. Every backing vocal, guitar distortion and drum fill is perfectly placed into position. You couldn’t re-record a better version of ‘Pipe Dreams’.” – Marcus Rimondini

93. Terrible Truths – ‘False Hope’

‘False Hope’ was released through Bedroom Suck Records’ 2014 double LP compilation, 5 years of Bedroom Suck Records. A standout on this 27-track release, Terrible Truths pack their psych-punk goodness into 1:59 minutes. The three-piece from Adelaide do the simple things so well in this track: defined tones, catchy riffs, and headbanging pace. When these elements are combined, it’s impossible not to jump around the room. It’s that kind of track. Defined by Rani Rose’s short and sharp vocal sections, this is one of those tunes that you find yourself playing over and over. It’s short, but it’s great. So great.” – Jasper van Daatselaar

92. ScotDrakula – ‘O’Clock’

“There’s something in this barnstorming hoedown that contorts my facial structure into positions of intimidating joy. Three-piece ScotDrak’ know how to throw a party in a live context, and this is the first track that truly exhibits this in a recorded setting.” – Alex Gleeson

91. Milwaukee Banks – ‘Pluto Bounce’

“This Melbourne hip-hop duo, Edo and Dyl Thomas, have been on the music scene for a while – producing, writing, and making some pretty solid beats. ‘Pluto Bounce’, the 2013 track that showcases their rhythmic prowess and creative lyrics, may be one of their earlier pieces, but is an entirely fitting choice for number 91 on our list. The undulating tempo and smooth base make it perfect easy listening, and stamp Melbourne as being one of the true hotspots for the development of RnB and hip-hop genres.” – Alana Scully

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15 Nov Ripe’s Australian Chart (22/11/15)

Welcome to our latest feature – Ripe’s Australian Chart, where we post an update every Sunday on our top tracks uploaded in the past month by Australian artists, ranked all the way to #1. You’ll find our chart below, and a weekly playlist on the Ripe SoundCloud.

We start at #25 this week with RÜFÜS (or RÜFÜS DU SOL if you’re not from Australia) and their latest single ‘Innerbloom‘, off their second album Bloom, set for release January 22nd. ‘Innerbloom’ is over nine minutes in length, making it their most ambitious song to date, and I hope Bloom features more ambitious tracks of this kind. Next we have The Delicates from the Gold Coast with ‘Chimera’, a track you’ll enjoy if you’re into the dreamy, crisp guitar work of bands such as Widowspeak or Fear Of Men. At #23 we have Zone Out from Melbourne, who are a duo made up of Ashley Bundang (Totally Mild, Sui Zhen, Ciggie Witch) and Dove Bailey (Scotdrakula). ‘So Bright‘ sounds like Beach House covering an early The Pains of Being Pure at Heart song.

#22 is by Caleb Jacobs aka Plum out of Sydney. ‘Reveal’ is off Plum’s new EP, Black Doris. If the synth-driven work by Wild Nothing or TOPS keeps you warm inside at night, give this EP a listen. Deer have teamed up with Martin King (The Harpoons) for ‘All Alone‘. I’m not a huge fan of the EDM pre-drop, build up moments, but otherwise the chemistry between the two is definitely saucy.

Mic Mills’ remix of ‘Take Your Time’ by Oisima at #16 is still the most impactful remix of the past month, but this isn’t the last time in this list that Adelaide producers will be using each other. We head back to Sydney for #19 with Antonio Rosselli Del Turco aka Ribongia. ‘Journeys’ is taken from the forthcoming EP, Escapisms. The scattered, Caribbean house rhythm is full of detailed surprises and interplay between all its glitchy keyboards. Tiny Little Houses from Melbourne go all Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness on ‘You Tore Out My Heart’ at #18, which sounds exactly as its title suggests it would.

I’ve found my Australian version of Wooden Wand in Max Savage out of Adelaide. His new song ‘Baby Don’t Cry‘ features my favourite lyric of the week – “Everytime I write about you, I write about me”. We’re back in Melbourne for #16 garage band Diet, who blend the liberty of Eddy Current Suppression Ring with vocals similar to those of Morrissey from The Smiths. We stay in Melbourne (and on a similar health kick) for Nutrition, who used to be a duo, but the recent decision to turn into a solo project appears to have not affected the quality one bit. ‘Advice Needed‘ has serious house chops in the vein of Daniel Avery.

No Zu spice up the this list at #14 with ‘Hi Gloss’ off their new four-song EP of the same name. This eight-piece band (who are known to extend beyond eight members at times) may base themselves in Melbourne, but they take sounds from every continent to create music that’s frankly not from this current world. Marcus Whale of Collarbones is having a go at the solo thing ahead of his set at Paradise Music Festival. His first single, ‘If’, is apparently only a demo, but still gets a #13 rank on our list. It’s more internal than his work with Collarbones, drawing comparisons to early How To Dress Well and Oscar Key Sung productions.

Speaking of O.K.S., he’s teamed up with producer Charles Murdoch for ‘Privacy feat. Oscar Key Sung’ at #12, a track set to feature on Charles’ debut album, Pointvia Future Classic on December 11. ‘Privacy‘ is far darker and thicker than any of Oscar’s previous work and it’s an interesting angle for him, really playing well into his despairing vocals. We remain in Melbourne for #11: ‘Negative Energy‘ by Asdasfr Bawd, a name I still can’t pronounce out loud. Luckily for him it doesn’t matter, because the future garage-influenced beats continue to impress all ears aware of this young producer, who is ready to break out once his EP, Underpass, is released on March 7, 2016.

I already really liked track #10, ‘Hand‘, leading up to this post, but I saw the band live at The Tote in Melbourne recently and now I can’t stop playing it. The Dead Heir remind me of a more psychedelic Magnetic Fields, and the track features on a recent EP, The Dead Heir Go Wild. We are still in Melbourne for ‘Give Me Your Love’ by Lisa Salvo, #9 on the list. This track actually first appeared on the internet as early as the start of 2014, but was recently re-uploaded on her SoundCloud account, and it’s still as effective and beautiful as the first time I heard it. Consider her as Melbourne’s younger version of Grouper.

At #8 we have a trio collaboration of emerging Adelaide producers Arthur Miles, Babicka and HVCK, who all release music through the label, Untzz Rec. I’ve been praising this label for a while now because they never let me down, and ‘The Prince’ is no exception. Every time I hear Arthur Miles before realising it’s him, I think I’m listening to one of the biggest names currently in electronic music. Lower Spectrum puts Perth on the map here at #7 with his latest track ‘Proxima’. It’s from the forthcoming EP, New Haze, and it takes the kind of gospel samples Moby used to use and thrusts them into the near future.

Back in Melbourne, Sleep D continue to validate why their label Butter Sessions are local legends. It doesn’t matter how tired you are, one spin of ‘Backstreets‘ will have you heading towards the Melbourne venue The Mercat – something I did a few nights ago to catch Sleep D’s set. Also in Melbourne, Amateur Dance just dropped a four-track EP titled It’s Really Something. The opening title track sprawls for 10 minutes as it swiftly pulses like the more recent work of The Field – very euphoric.

#4 is back up in Sydney with Movement, the band who took out the #1 position in our Top 100 Australian Songs of the Year 2014 list with ‘Like Lust’. ‘Lace‘ is only a demo, but it’s good to hear that the band haven’t lost any of that intoxicating, sexual atmosphere that’s so hard to resist. I had to double check that #3 wasn’t secretly Angel Olsen. Phantastic Ferniture may have a star in the making with the vocalist Julia Jacklin, and I’m not stretching here. The quality of ‘Gap Year‘ is what you expect from a band signed to Matador records.

It’s hard to find information on The Shards. All I know is that they’re from Melbourne and they’re lyrically on point with the smartphone generation, when they sing “You’ve got me sitting here, second guessing. I’m checking my phone, checking and checking, you’ve got me second guessing. If you’re alone”. The instrumentation in ‘Making Shape Out Of The Ground‘ is incredibly rewarding upon further spins, revealing clever minor touches, that one may miss on the first couple listens. It’s tricky to pin point who they sound like exactly, maybe Julian Lynch?

However, this week’s #1 has to be ‘Cab Deg’ by Good Morning. This young band from Melbourne impressed me at CMJ in New York last month – with ‘Cab Deg’ always closing their sets – and now that it’s online, I play it everyday. As soon as I hear that opening guitar, I get really excited for February 2016 when the Glory album is set to be released. Good luck getting the chorus out of your head anytime soon. It’s going to be a breakout summer for Good Morning.


25. RÜFÜS – ‘Innerbloom’

Uploaded: November 20th

24. The Delicates – ‘Chimera’

Uploaded: November 5th

23. Zone Out – ‘So Bright’

Uploaded: November 19th

22. Plum – ‘Reveal’

Uploaded: November 14th

21. Deer – ‘All Alone Ft Martin King’

Uploaded: November 17th

20. Oisima – ‘Take Your Time (Mic Mills Remix)’

Uploaded: October 22nd

19. Ribongia – ‘Journeys’

Uploaded: October 27th

18. Tiny Little Houses – ‘You Tore Out My Heart’

Uploaded: October 28th

17. Max Savage – ‘Baby Don’t Cry’

Uploaded: November 18th

16. Diet – ‘Your House’

Uploaded: October 22nd

15. Nutrition – ‘Advise Needed’

Uploaded: November 19th

14. NO ZU – ‘Hi Gloss’

Uploaded: November 5th

13. Marcus Whale – ‘If (Demo)’

Uploaded: November 10th

12. Charles Murdoch – ‘Privacy feat. Oscar Key Sung’

Uploaded: November 7th

11. Asdasfr Bawd – ‘Negative Energy’

Uploaded: November 4th

10. The Dead Heir – ‘Hand’

Uploaded: November 4th

9. Lisa Salvo – ‘Give Me Your Love’

Uploaded: November 7th

8. Arthur Miles – ‘The Prince Feat. Babicka & HVCK’

Uploaded: November 11th

7. Lower Spectrum – ‘Proxima’

Uploaded: November 13th

6. Sleep D – ‘Backstreets’

Uploaded: November 17th

5. Amateur Dance – ‘It’s Really Something’

Uploaded: November 6th

4. Movement – ‘Lace (Demo)’

Uploaded: November 11th

3. Phantastic Ferniture – ‘Gap Year’

Uploaded: November 12th

2. The Shards – ‘Making Shapes Out Of The Ground’

Uploaded: October 23rd

1. Good Morning – ‘Cab Deg’

Uploaded: November 6th

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01 Oct Tonight: Sleep D x Midnight Juggernauts x Post Percy and more..

Tonight at New Guernica in the city of Melbourne, Dance Technique are celebrating 6 years of Thursday night events and the line-up is massive.

Friday is a public holiday due to the AFL Grand Final, so there’s no excuse to stay home tonight and why would you, when Sleep D, Post Percy, Midnight Juggernauts and Tom More are all playing in the same venue. The price isn’t clear, but I’d suggest rocking up early.

Doors open around 9pm and close around 6am. The address for New Guernica is Level 2 at 322 little Collins St, Melbourne.

Full line-up:
Sleep D x Butter Sessions
Post Percy + The Octane Twins
Turkish Prison x Midnight Juggernauts
Tom More (Otologic / Ricky Zero)
Mr George
Awesome Wales
Leisure Protocol
Barry Sunset & Ray Borner (Spin Club)
Cabin Of Dreams

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31 Aug Top Ten Australian Tracks This Week

1. I’lls – ‘Let Me Have Just One (Live At AFW)’

Let Me Have Just One‘ is already the strongest and most focused piece of work I’lls have released up to this point, but watching them perform it live and extend it out with such ease and understanding of who they are right now, is exciting to witness. The video actually reminds me of this live version of ‘Couleurs‘ by M83.

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