19 Apr Trading Tunes with Rambl

This Friday the 19th of April, the Melbourne club Yours&Mine is teaming up with Red Bull Music to present 1800-DOOF and it’s going to be one hell of a party. The line-up featuring Toni Yotzi, Moopie, DJ JNETT, Rambl, Hybrid Man, Makeda, DESTINY71z, Emelyne and Bevin Campbell alone makes the $20 buck tickets seem such a steal it should be a crime. That’s a mini festival of a line-up right there, but because it’s Red Bull Music, who know how to throw an affordable party in any country around the world, the freaking wonder maestro Lone is headlining. Lone releases music on R&S Records, one the most respectable house labels on the planet, and in my opinion he’s their franchise player. Lone is one of the few artists where I would buy a track, EP or album before even hearing it. He just comes back stronger and stronger with every release. Lone tracks will possess you and make you stop whatever you are doing.

To tide you over while you count down the hours until the event starts, local DJ Rambl has kindly sent us his choices for Trading Tunes. Rambl is also a producer, label runner and the electronic stage manager for Meredtih and Golden Plains music festivals. He has 20 years of experience throwing parties at Honkytonks, running the art and music webzine r-n-d.net, producing the RRR FM show City Rises, co-founding the label This Thing and endless other projects that have influenced the local community. It’s people like Rambl who keep the Melbourne dance scene thriving and evolving.

Rambl has picked the theme of the deeper side of dub-techno (Or just Deep dub-techno) and sent us this quote:
“Ever since I first heard the legendary Moritz Mix remix of Model 500’s classic “Starlight” (1995), I have nurtured an abiding love for the deeper side of dub-techno. To me it represents the purest expression of the dichotomy of dance music – simultaneously arresting and hypnotic, rhythmically static yet constantly evolving, minimal in form while texturally complex, and equally capable of drawing you deep into a dimly-lit dance floor, lulling you to sleep on an enveloping couch or eating up the miles on a late-night drive. Before delving into some of my more traditional deep dub-techno favourites, we begin this selection with the abstract, jazz-influenced sound of “Vertical Ascent”, the first album from the Moritz Von Oswald Trio. Enjoy.”

Moritz Von Oswald Trio – ‘Vertical Ascent’

Vainqueur – ‘Ranges’

Convextion – ‘Crawling And Hungry’

Mono Junk – ‘Channel B’

Fluxion – ‘Prospect II’

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