18 Feb Meadow Festival 2020

Graphics by Carla Scotto

I’m going to post all the Anonymous Musicians podcasts from my new Hmmm Podcasts channel on Ripe. At least until Hmmm Podcasts catches on.

On this ‘Meadow Festival 2020’ episode of Anonymous Musicians: Host Fran, Cameron from Meadow, Elizabeth, and Stuckey from Surprise Chef (3:08) breakdown the mechanics of Meadow Festival. (14:21) Who each guest is most excited for this year on the Meadow lineup. (21:25) Why festivals are very supportive about artists mental health. (29:30) How Meadow supports artists mental mealth. (35:30) Meadow Festival adopting the no dickhead policy. (39:30) How all the festivals cancelled by the fires this season effects Meadow moving forward, and how Meadow is supporting their local CFA. (47:10) What each guest would like to see changed about the music industry’s approach to Music Festivals.

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