31 Aug Ripe Podcast with Lee Hannah

We chatted to Lee Hannah who runs Healthy Tapes two months ago.
[1:00] Talk about the 2008 Chillwave era and bloggers of the time. [14:00] Touring Europe. [20:00] The process of trying to market Healthy Tapes. [29:25] The story of the Stella Donnelly release and why Lee couldn’t find a premiere. [49:22] Lee suggest some playlists for artists to target for releases. [1:01:45] We discuss the whether artists are potentially more creative during their University period. [1:09:20] The future of Healthy Tapes.

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04 Dec Trading Tunes with Take Your Time

Take Your Time, a new and exciting project from Melbourne’s Angela Schilling and Lee Hannah, recently released a two track EP featuring ‘Sleep In‘ and ‘I Feel It Every Day‘ – two tracks that caught our attention in the huge year of music that 2016 has been.

‘Sleep In’ with it’s slight throw back to more mildly paced indie albums from the early to mid-2000s, brings back memories and sounds from Röyksopp‘s Melody A.M., Writer’s Block by Peter Bjorn and John and several other lesser known Swedish albums.

It’s a rather refreshing revival with a modern, and more dance orientated execution. Despite the track’s dreamy title, ‘Sleep In’ is deceptively spry with playful percussion and vocals bouncing back and forth. Being a fan of Lee Hannah’s work in the past, under the moniker The Townhouses, he has always had a good ear for sound combinations that prosper together.

Recently, we had the opportunity to chat with Take Your Time about their upcoming tour dates and they chose for us five songs to share with you that sing true to their namesake – finding the phrase ‘Take Your Time’ in their lyrics.

Sade – ‘Hang on to Your Love’

This one always gets kinda forgotten – being the single from Diamond Love that isn’t ‘Smooth Operator‘. I had only heard Sade really occasionally on the radio until I picked up this LP from Greensborough Savers for $2. I play it a lot, but it’s never really at home as my house mate always takes it out to DJ, which is fine with me because EVERY dance floor needs Sade.

The Lucksmiths – ‘I Can’t Believe It’s Not Better’

The Lucksmiths were so special to me in high school – a band with Australian accents talking about the mundane things that I’d lost all interest in by that stage. They had an eye for seeing beauty in so many things we take for granted and the Staring at the Sky EP really is one of their strongest releases. I could go on for hours talking about them, because how could you not be sentimental about a band who taught you that it’s okay to be sentimental.

Grizzly Bear – ‘Two Weeks’

With an extremely creepy and beautiful video clip, this Grizzly Bear track is more outspoken than a lot of the earlier, more subtle tracks, but shows off their songwriting in an incredible manner. The juxtaposition of quick piano and synth stabs and slow melody is heart-stopping. I saw the tour for this album (Veckatimest) when it came to Melbourne at the Palais Theatre and I sat by myself crying for two hours or more – it was so inspiring. GB are an important part of my connection to contemporary music.

Kilo Kish – ‘Crosstown’

Kilo Kish is definitely a ‘someone’ if you’re into Alternative RnB, but this track was from her first release – the Homeschool EP – released independently in 2012. She was virtually an unknown then, and these tracks (although produced by some big names like Melo-X and The Internet) really show in their lo-fi nature and musical simplicity. Which, by the way, are what makes this EP so dreamy and compelling.

The Internet – ‘Go With It’

If I were going to sell my soul to the devil for a musical talent, it’d be for the ability to play bass lines like Patrick Paige from The Internet. I think these bass lines inform the way I brush my hair and what type of coffee I drink. This was the album of 2015 and is the future classic I’ll always turn to for inspiration on all levels.



1st Dec @ Penny Black, Melbourne w/ Evan Klar 3rd Dec – 7″ Launch @ Belleville, Melbourne
9th Dec – Supporting ‘Polographia’, Adelaide 15th Dec – Supporting ‘Polographia’, Melbourne @ The Gasometer Hotel


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