02 May Ripe Podcast with Joanna Syme

Joanna Syme of Big Scary now runs her own music label called Hotel Motel. Joanna came on the Ripe Podcasts to talk about Melbourne real estate, what’s been happening since the last Big Scary album, the inability to search Spotify via music labels, how the Up The Guts tour works, meeting Tom Iansek and starting Big Scary, getting artists to post on social media, a break down of all the current releases on Hotel Motel, and what’s like touring India.

Hotel Motel have new EP releases from L.A. Mood and Romeo Moon, while Pieater have a new No Mono single out next month. Listen to the full podcast on the Ripe SoundCloud and Spotify accounts.

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29 Apr BIG SCARY @ The Corner Hotel – April 24th

As the curtain opened and the lights shone down brightly, Tom Lansick (Big Scary lead singer) seduced us with his piercing vocals for an exquisite solo intro. It set the scene for what was to be a tight and polished set. A set of 13 tracks including yet to be heard ones off their new album and some old favourites.

This duo is all about simplicity and quality. Big Scary are a Melbourne-based musical pair that formed in 2006 and are comprised of Tom Lansick and Jo Syme. Initially pairing up to play in Jo’s parent’s living room, they have come leaps and bounds over the past six years. Tom mentioned in their show on Wednesday 25th at The Corner Hotel, that ‘This is the first time we’ve been the last act.’ He went on to say that, ‘We are glad you are here to be apart of it.’ I really respect their humbleness. It isn’t a common thing in an industry that can chew you up and spit you out in the blink of an eye.

We were all battered around in the cold and rain outside before the set and came into the warmth of the venue and the energizing set. Old favourites such as ‘Falling Away’ inspired the crowd to bop along to the drums played perfectly by Jo. I could feel the vibrations throughout my entire body it was electrifying.

Other usual suspects like, ‘Leaving Home’ were played with passion and with pitch perfection. I honestly cannot fault their set. It went so quickly but they kept my full attention from the moment Tom walked out and wowed me with his raw vocal talent until the red velvet curtains whooshed shut.



From Big Scary at The Corner Hotel

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