01 Mar Ripe’s Australian Chart (1/3/16)


We start at #28 with the Melbourne duo Leisure Suite and their latest track ‘Shame‘, off their second EP Lay Low. If you’re a fan of Rhye or Banoffee, check them out. Great Earthquake comes in at #26 with ‘Thought Broadcasting‘, off an EP with the same name. It’s the work of the Melbourne-based Noah Symons, and the project sounds like a cross between a dreamy version of Ponytail and the sporadic patterns of Terrible Truths.

Melbourne hip-hop duo Milwaukee Banks slide into #23 with ‘Reincarnated‘, which will feature on their long-awaited debut album Deep Into The Night, out March 18th. I’m digging its Cities Aviv-styled production and the assertiveness of Dyl Thomas. LUCIANBLOMKAMP, also from Melbourne, comes in at #22 with ‘The Overman‘ off his upcoming sophomore album Bad Faith. You can catch Lucian playing along with Lower Spectrum during late-April in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.

Speaking of Perth, we’ve got new music from Arvo Tanty, with ‘Forget This Mourning‘ at #20. The track’s dreamy loops draw comparisons to early Atlas Sound or Brothertiger, and you can hear the full Tender Yonder LP later this year. At #15 we have Wax Witches from the Gold Coast (currently residing in Brooklyn) – you may remember Alex Wall from Bleeding Knees Club. ‘Morning Flowers‘ has a strong The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart vibe, and it’ll feature on the new album Memory Painting, out on the 18th of March.

Totally Mild return at #14 with ‘Today Tonight‘ off their new three-track live EP Alive In Denmark, which also features another new live track called ‘More‘. ‘Today Tonight‘ doesn’t feature any drums, showing a more stripped-back side of Totally Mild. Low Lux from Sydney come in at #13 with their cover of ‘Girls‘ by Royal Headache. Whereas the original used adrenaline to carry its momentum, Low Lux have cut the pace in half and wrought a more nostalgic atmosphere. It’s a clever and well-executed cover, one that most artists wouldn’t have thought about attempting.

Brisbane’s Mexico City come in at #8 with ‘Rosewood Line‘ from their third album When The Day Goes Dark. If you’re wondering who Mexico City are, they’ve supported The Black Keys, Cat Power, The Drones and many more, sounding somewhere between Cass McCombs and Phosphorescent. Next, we have Summer Flake with ‘Wine Won’t Wash Away‘ at #7. After releasing the underrated Time Rolls By EP last year, the Melbourne-via-Adelaide trio are set to release a new album titled Hello Friends. ‘Wine Won’t Wash Away’ is ridiculously contagious and full of summer joy. Interestingly, it was recorded and mixed by Geoffrey O’Connor, who generally records slick, catchy, ’80s-sounding alt-pop songs.

We stay in Melbourne with SHOUSE featuring Habits on ‘Support Structure‘ at #6. The duo includes Ed Service of IO and Jack Madin of The Harpoons. We actually heard this track, reminiscent of Orbital or The KLF, in their Ripe Mix for us last month. The catchy vocal hook provided by Mohini of Habits could easily have been lifted from a classic early ’90s club hit.

However, the best new track of the week drops in at #2: ‘Got Something‘ by Jamal Amir. Jamal is part of the emerging Melbourne label Temporal Cast, featuring Cale Sexton and Kangaroo Skull. ‘Got Something‘ is straight up nasty smooth house, which makes me want to dance (even while I’m currently hobbling around on crutches). You can catch all three Temporal Cast artists playing along with Sleep D and Chiara Kickdrum this Friday the 4th of March at Goodtime Studios in Melbourne.


30. Mossy – ‘Electric Chair’

Uploaded: February 17th | Last Week: #27

29. James Blake – ‘Modern Soul (Asdasfr Bawd remix)’

Uploaded: February 13th | Last Week: #28

28. Leisure Suite – ‘Shame’

Uploaded: February 16th

27. Diet- ‘The Rip’

Uploaded: February 11th | Last Week: #25

26. Great Earthquake — ‘Thought Broadcasting’

Uploaded: February 21st

25. Stina Tester & Cinta Masters – ‘Deep Sleep’

Uploaded: February 12th | Last Week: #22

24. Charles Murdoch – ‘Open (feat. Chloe Kaul)’

Uploaded: February 15th | Last Week: #21

23. Milwaukee Banks – ‘Reincarnated’

Uploaded: February 24th

22. Lucianblomkamp – ‘The Overman’

Uploaded: February 24th

21. Marcus Whale – ‘My Captain’

Uploaded: February 8th | Last Week: #20

20. Arvo Tanty – ‘Forget This Mourning’

Uploaded: February 26th

19. The Sanctuary – ‘Miss You’

Uploaded: February 3rd | Last Week: #19

18. Hayden Calnin – ‘Cut Love’

Uploaded: February 9th | Last Week: #17

17. Jen Cloher – ‘Famously Monogamous’

Uploaded: February 14th | Last Week: #15

16. Mio – ‘Morning Sun (Dave Bixby cover)’

Uploaded: February 16th | Last Week: #14

15. Wax Witches – ‘Morning Flowers’

Uploaded: February 17th

14. Totally Mild – ‘Today Tonight’

Uploaded: February 3rd

13. Low Lux – ‘Girls (Royal Headache cover)’

Uploaded: February 21st

12. Lower Spectrum – ‘Masquerade’

Uploaded: Febraury 19th | Last Week: #11

11. Mall Grab – ‘Sun Ra’

Uploaded: Febraury 17th | Last Week: #10

10. Back Back Forward Punch – ‘Machine Believing’

Uploaded: February 4th | Last Week: #8

9. Fountaineer – ‘Still Life’

Uploaded: February 3rd | Last Week: #6

8. Mexico City – ‘Rosewood Line’

Uploaded: February 9th

7. Summer Flake – ‘Wine Won’t Wash Away’

Uploaded: February 27th

6. SHOUSE – ‘Support Structure’

Uploaded: February 24th

5. Ara Koufax – ‘Makers’

Uploaded: February 8th | Last Week: #5

4. Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever – ‘Write Back’

Uploaded: February 13th | Last Week: #4

3. Major Leagues – ‘Better Off’

Uploaded: February 10th | Last Week: #3

2. Jamal Amir – ‘Got Something’

Uploaded: February 29th

1. Nearly Oratorio – ‘Tin’

Uploaded: February 17th | Last Week: #2

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04 Feb Ripe’s Australian Chart (4/2/16)


Ripe’s Australian Chart is back for 2016. Once again we’ll be posting an update each week on our top tracks recently uploaded by Australian artists, ranked all the way to #1. You’ll find our chart below, and a weekly playlist on the Ripe SoundCloud.
Flume surprised us with ‘Smoke & Retribution‘ at #25. He has Vince Staples and Perth’s own Kučka to thank for injecting new life into his upcoming second album. It’ll be interesting to see if Flume settles into a producer role for singers similar to that of Disclosure and Rustie, or if he aims to remain the focal point of his project.

At #24 River Yarra out of Melbourne is on the Solitaire record label with other favourites of ours Good Morning, I’lls and Asdasfr Bawd. He has uploaded a reflective down tempo track called ‘Song For Tan‘, which seems to be dedicated to the passing of his dog. Rest in piece, pup.

Sliding in at #15 is ‘Mikrowave‘ by S M Jenkins from Sydney’s Step-Panther. The vocals sound like Kevin Mitchell from the ’90s Australian band Jebediah, but the vibe is more in the vein of Dick Diver or The Ocean Party. This is a strong start to his solo project I’d say.

Annika Schmarsel aka Alice Ivy from Melbourne comes in at #14 with ‘Touch‘ featuring Georgia Van Etten. It’s a throwback to artists such as Air France and The Tough Alliance. You can catch her perform in Sydney, Geelong, Melbourne, Adelaide and Hobart this month.

Adelaide’s Summer Flake caught our attention in October last year with her Time Rolls By EP, and now she’s already back with the first single ‘Shoot And Score‘ off her second record Hello Friends. There’s a heavier grunge element present on ‘Shoot And Score’ then her previous material, and I’m curious to see how the new album plays out live.

At #12 we head up north to Brisbane for the catchiest guitar hook and chorus of the week: Chook Race with ‘At Your Door‘. This very addictive single is the first from their Around The House LP due out later this year via the severely-underrated Brisbane label Tenth Court.

The biggest mover and shaker of the week however is from Melbourne’s Hoodlem with ‘Kintsugi‘. The track has jumped up into #7 with its fusion of oozing bass lines, soul, and soft electronic dabbles. The duo follow in the steps of our local heroes The Harpoons and provide, via sharp craftsmanship, a genuine sexiness that’s often missing from Australia’s music scene. I expect to hear the name Hoodlem a lot more in 2016.


25. Flume – ‘Smoke And Retribution’ feat. Vince Staples & Kučka

Uploaded: January 30th

24. River Yarra – ‘Song For Tan’

Uploaded: January 29th

23. Spookyland – ‘God’s Eyes’

Uploaded: January 20th | Last Week: #18

22. Banoffee – ‘With Her (Roland Tings Remix)’

Uploaded: January 27th | Last Week: #17

21. Govs – ‘Let’s Go!’

Uploaded: January 8th | Last Week: #16

20. Wabz – ‘Forest Of Feels’

Uploaded: January 9th | Last Week: #15

19. Esese – ‘For Nuria (Lo-Fi)’

Uploaded: January 23rd | Last Week: #14

18. Letran – ‘71221325-02’

Uploaded: January 13th | Last Week: #13

17. Smile – ‘Holiday’

Uploaded: January 13th | Last Week: #12

16. Blake Gilray – ‘Coolabah’

Uploaded: January 25th | Last Week: #11

15. S M Jenkins – ‘Mikrowave’

Uploaded: January 11th

14. Alice Ivy – ‘Touch’ feat. Georgia Van Etten

Uploaded: January 27th

13. Summer Flake – ‘Shoot And Score’

Uploaded: January 6th

12. Chook Race – ‘At Your Door’

Uploaded: January 29th

11. Mangelwurzel – ‘I.O.U.’

Uploaded: January 12th | Last Week: #10

10. The Drones – ‘To Think That I Once Loved You’

Uploaded: January 20th | Last Week: #9

9. Courtney Barnett – ‘Three Packs A Day’

Uploaded: January 11th | Last Week: #8

8. Liluzu – ‘Gunko’

Uploaded: January 19th | Last Week: #7

7. Hoodlem – ‘Kintsugi’

Uploaded: January 29th

6. Le Pie – ‘Up All Night’

Uploaded: January 19th | Last Week: #6

5. Cale Sexton – ‘Open Minded Meltdown’

Uploaded: January 26th | Last Week: #5

4. Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever – ‘Wither With You’

Uploaded: January 13th | Last Week: #4

3. No Zu – ‘Spirit Beat’

Uploaded: January 13th | Last Week: #3

2. Good Morning – ‘To Be Won’

Uploaded: January 21st | Last Week: #2

1. Free Time – ‘Who Owns The Moon?’

Uploaded: January 5th | Last Week: #1

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Seeing as Halloween took place yesterday I’ve taken a peek at the new EP from Brooklynites, Yellow Ostrich. It’s called Ghost and it’s pretty damn spooky. Oooooooh!

With the surging nature of a James Blake track, Yellow Ostrich bring us the title track from their EP, ‘Ghost’. ‘Ghost’ really stands out and for good reason. Tackling a more lo-fi vibe, it’s a diversion from their usual indie pop sound. The RnB influence is evident, with uncomplicated drums and a minimalistic beat. Alex Schaaf’s vocals are detached creating that jaggered, indie dreamwave sound that we are hearing more and more of. In this sense the track is not all that original, however Schaaf’s raw vocals at the beginning and the melodic build-up throughout the song drew me in. The song seems to develop into something quite different, more composed and melodic by the end.

‘Here Today’ has a very chilled feel and almost sounds like a song from a past time. It’s very melancholy until about half way through when the pace picks up and it all becomes a bit hectic. The vocals hold the track down so it doesn’t completely fly off to another planet. It has a very end of festival/lost-but-calm kind of vibe.

‘Won’t Fade Away’ slightly fades away in the midst of this EP. It’s similar to ‘Here Today’, beginning slow with a mid-song introduction of some jaggered drum work. It doesn’t stand out but it’s quite a cool track and certainly plays homage to this Yellow Ostrich ‘sound’.

The beginning of ‘Chills’ makes you want to scream a little bit. Is this Halloween or what?! That minimalist vibe has gone out the window with this one. It sounds more indie rock than anything, with a slightly creepy feel. It could be creepier though, the song doesn’t really go far after the first few seconds of mayhem.

The next track, ‘USA’, is the story of the distance between couples over the USA and the beautiful land that separates them. It’s a sad song with a bit of an angsty sound, ending with the emotional clashing of instrumentals, which almost has that introspective Bright Eyes feel to it.

Continuing with this bleak sound is the final song of the EP ‘Already Gone’. The song is slow, almost whiny in the vocals and complete with very dramatic piano.

‘Ghost’ and ‘Here Today’ stand out as two tracks that really take you somewhere. Although the rest of the songs didn’t particularly grab me, the EP as a whole showcases an introspective and intriguing side to Yellow Ostrich, which deserves the time to be listened to carefully.

Happy Halloween and I hope you had a freaky deaky day!


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08 Sep JESSE DAVIDSON – Winter

“Give me something new, betch!” I often find myself screaming at the computer screen while scrambling around for new music to fall in love with. Mr. Jesse Davidson delivered, and this particular package, titled “Winter,” is well and truly worth opening.

Spotted on triple j Unearthed and hailing from South Australia, this gifted sixteen-year-old is responsible for every enchanting layer of his tracks. Lyrically, rhythmically and soulfully, the boy is laying down some killer chiller vibes.

Young Davidson has a lot of promise. He’s like a baby Chet Faker that has rolled around in a pile of James Blake. Give the boy a chance, I bet “Winter” will give you chills.


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Every time I listen to a track by a solo artist I am always amazed by what one person can do. Brisbane boy Danny Harley, aka The Kite String Tangle, is no exception. Having only started this project earlier in the year it’s easy to see that there is something special happening here. His track ‘Commotion‘ is a beautiful, chilled, electronic/pop track that sits amongst the work of Active Child and James Blake, all three holding the same vibe in their music.

What I particularly like about this track is the difference between the softness of the verse and the darkness and heaviness that is thrown into the chorus, it creates a great spike in the mood and adds textural dynamics to the overall song. The vocals are dreamy and sweet, effortlessly matching the instrumentation. I have great hope for the future of this new project and I’m keen to see where it goes.

Check our The Kite String Tangle on triple j Unearthed. 


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17 Jul HAYDEN CALNIN – For My Help

Melbourne’s Hayden Calnin is one talented guy. The self produced songwriter, singer and multi-instrumentalist is winning hearts over with his song ‘For My Help‘. Calnin has recently been featured on triple j unearthed ahead of his EP launch on the 24th of August at the Workers Club.

Since discovering the song in last weeks Ripe Playlist, it’s become the number 1 track played on my iTunes (a solid indication of my affection). What struck me on my first listen was the incredible detail that has gone into the production. Hayden mixes a combination of intricate fragile sounds together in a way that weave and tangle to create a large powerful energy that no doubtably makes a solid impact. The song is haunting, but the visual is lush and pure.

It would be fair to draw the comparison between his works and the likes of Bon Iver, or the similarity in his vocals to Matt Corby (who he’s toured with), but Hayden has really unique qualities slipping throughout his James Blake flavour of sublime looping  electronica.

I’m amped to check out how this is going to be pulled off live when he launches the debut EP on the 24th. The debut EP ‘City’ will be out on  July 20, 2012 and you can get more guff at


*July Residency at The Toff in Town w/ Special Guests Manor
Monday July 23, 30 // The Toff, Melbourne, VIC

*’City’ EP Launch // The Workers Club, Fitzroy
Friday 24th of August – Tickets on sale via


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05 Jul JACQUES GREENE – 3024-019

While 3024 may be Wydham Vale’s postcode within Australia, internationally it is synonymous with computer woven audio excellence. 3024 sources artists that herald new age house and bass driven sounds. 3024 is also the label that brought us Martyn, who is dual signed to the super influential US label, Brainfeeder. Martyn was praised highly for his performance this year as supporting act to fellow Brainfeeder artist Flying Lotus at the Melbourne Espionage side-show in January.

Jacques Greene is the latest talent offering from 3024. Greene’s album takes place as recording number 19 under the 3024 label – hence the name 3024-019. Some of the tracks even found their way onto Martyn’s Essential Mix earlier this year. A three track EP, “Ready” is the A track while “Prism” plays competing support as a double A. “Dakou” is the third song to close the collection.

“Ready” will appeal to electro fans who already favour Booka Shade and Eric PrydzPryda work. A tiny bit sinister, “Ready” releases short warped stabs of evil to liven up an otherwise hypnotic drum sequence. The instrumentals catch you off guard with an unusual filtered saxophone response to a subtle synth lead.

“Prism” has real guts in comparison, with a stronger ascending melody that sits nice and squarely over the pressure of the track’s 4×4 beat. Pristine, emotional and minimal; repetitive song brings “Prism” into a dream-like state. Perhaps the track was named “Prism” for its clean-cut layers, shining from their points in the mix so brightly like well cut jewels. Vocal echoes are ambiguous and fill the empty space with an icy chill before precisely-cued white noise disrupts the previous organic sound. These high-hats are key to “Prism” and break the mould with varied pitch, and walk the line between static and a symbol clash.

“Dakou” had to be saved for last. It’s a real pity 3024 haven’t released the vocalist’s name because his soaring voice has a light-as-air quality that’s deliciously soothing. “Dakou” could have easily slipped into James Blake‘s self-titled 2011 release; suitable considering Greene classifies this album as “sexystep” and what better description could befit Blake. Thinking about it, the two could make an excellent pairing. This track would definitely be THE RIPE‘s choice. It was this style of music that gave notable stylistic inspiration to The Temper Trap‘s recent release and is likely to find its way into more Australian releases in the near future.

3024-019 EP will be released on July 16th.


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01 Jul AVATISM – Constants EP

You know when you just have a great feeling about an artist? Well that was what my little cranium was experiencing the first time I listened to Avatism. That wonderful fist-clenching apprehension of what he was about to do and the following he was sure to gain from it. Now a month after following this tech-house talent, I’m incredibly enthused to review his impending album, the Constants EP.

So what exactly are the constants on Constants? Tight drums, sexy grooves and unmistakeable funk. I hadn’t reviewed him in the past because while I was personally besotted, I didn’t think his techno-beat driven sensibilities would suit THE RIPE. However it’s like he has read my mind because the Constants EP is a delightful blend of psychedelia, nu disco and his signature house. Avatism himself doesn’t freely offer any adjectives to sum up the production, only that the songs were “written in very different moments in time”.

The namesake A track, “Constants” is definitely more house thump than THE RIPE may desire but may still be worth a listen. Around 4am. Preferably in a dark basement with something nice to sip on.

Nu disco track “Follow Through“, will invigorate the ears of THE RIPE readers with a very infectious kick drum. All the synth pads have these giant reverbs which really build sexual tension! The dark vocals and brooding melody are also sure to be enjoyed by Kavinsky fans.

A Farewell Portrait” is something new entirely and might be best described as the love-child of psychedelic rock and house. “Acid house” you ask? Nope. Definitely not, this one’s all limbering beat and again, he’s reverberating everything. I’d actually go so far to say Tame Impala and Tehachapi fans will dig “A Farewell Portrait”, probably more than most electronic fans due to the cathedral-suited song and slowly dripping guitar chords. It would make the perfect theme-song for an ayahuasca trip in Kakadu…

Overall the Constants EP is an interesting little body of work and isn’t aimed at a specific listener. The album was a chance for Avatism to exhibit unreleased productions from the past years. Considering there are only three songs, lending your ears to it is not a big task and you’ll potentially fall in love with one of them.

Constants will be released on the Vakant label, July 9th.



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13 May GANG COLOURS – To Repel Ghosts

Gang Colours could be classified under the highly contentious genre known as ‘post-dubstep’. To give you an idea, artists such as James Blake, Jamie Woon and Chet Faker have been classified under this newly constructed musical classification but is it even a real genre? Post-dubstep came about as an answer to an enigmatic shift in musical experimentation where artists kept coming out of the woodwork creating songs that did not fit any distinct classification. It isn’t quite dubstep, although elements of half-step and head down bro-step are evident, it isn’t exactly bass music as that implies some sort of dance element, and it isn’t definitively pop. “Fuck it, let’s just call it post-dubstep,” said bloggers world wide “anyone got a problem with that?”, and so the world replied “Nah… whatever”. And the genre was ‘born’.

Whatever it is, the Gang Colours’ track “To Repel Ghosts” is it. His break beat drums, eerie effects, piano and delicate voice suit the genre to a tee and from what this track has presented to me, he is well and truly up there with the aforementioned. His production quality is clean and precise, just as most ‘post-dubstep’ producers are, and when his melancholy vocals greet me at the two minute mark of this song the track gets even better. One last thing, and I know this is going to sound incredibly ignorant of someone writing on a music website, but how do they know when certain sound effects will improve a song’s resonance?


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