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28 Sep Ripe’s Top 5 Weekly Gig Guide (28/9/16)

Photo by Sarah Chavdaroska

Music venues around Melbourne house some of the best local and international acts. We’ve compiled our top five picks for gigs this week so you don’t miss out. Be a part of one of the best live music cities in the world, and check out some of our favourite artists and venues.

This Week…

Thursday, 29th September

Good Manners + Friends

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In celebration of a brand new public holiday, this weekend truly kicks off on Thursday night.

Our pals at Good Manners have pulled together a fantastic lineup for late night fun at Hugs & Kisses, including sets from Couture, Jennifer Loveless, Harpoons DJ’s and many more all time party people.

Thursday, 29th September

Deaf Ambitions September Series: Wk 3

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Also ringing in the weekend on Thursday night is the last of Deaf Ambitions‘ label-curated September Series.

Sunbeam Sound Machine, The Shabbab, Crepes and Dianas will be sharing the stage at The Curtain, doors from 730pm.

Saturday, 1st October

Sad Grrrls Festival



With a super-strong line-up featuring the likes of Jaala, Jess Riberio, Camp Cope and a whole many more, Sad Grrrls Club are bringing the goods in their second festival and first outing in Melbourne.

Sad Grrrls Fest is all about celebrating gender diversity, so each act has at least one non-male (female, non-binary or gender-non-conforming) member. It unfortunately sold out quickly but beg, borrow or ask kindly to find a ticket because it’s going to be a great day at the Reverence Hotel.

Saturday, 1st October

Kllo – Farewell Party

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On Saturday night at The Gasometer, dream babes Kllo are preforming their final show for the year in Australia before heading off to tour around the world.

Fortunes and Shouse are playing support, and in a miraculous twist of fate there are still tickets left (at the time of writing). Get on it.

Saturday, 1st October

A. Swayze & The Ghosts Single Launch

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A. Swayze & The Ghosts are celebrating the release of ‘Reciprocation‘ (which we premiered earlier this week) at the Grace Darling on Saturday night.

Doors are from 8.30pm, with special guests Hayley Couper and Department.




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Roland Tings @ Howler 2015

08 Sep Ripe’s Top 5 Weekly Gig Guide (8/9/16)

Photo by Sarah Chavdaroska

Music venues around Melbourne house some of the best local and international acts. We’ve compiled our top five picks for gigs this week so you don’t miss out. Be a part of one of the best live music cities in the world, and check out some of our favourite artists and venues.

This Week…

Thursday, 8th September

GODS Live at the Toff

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GG GODS Sept 8

GODS are bringing their psychedelic rock to The Toff on Thursday, using the night to further fund their upcoming debut EP.

RAThammock are playing support as are the beautiful boys of Greeves, who will be preforming some of their new tunes.

Thursday, 8th September

Northeast Party House ‘Dare’ Album Tour

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GG Northeast Party House Sept 9

Northeast Party House are playing at 170 Russell, on the tour for their new record ‘Dare‘ (out this Friday).

Joining them are Polish Club, Twinsy and Osaka, hot off the release of their new single ‘Weights‘.

Friday, 9th September

Larry Heard (aka Mr Fingers)

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GG Larry Heard Sept 10

Animals Dancing and Crown Ruler are presenting Larry Heard aka MR Fingers in his first ever show in Australia, and second since his return to live shows.

Gigi Masin and Gaussian Curve are also playing on the night at the Melbourne Town Hall, so if you have the means and opportunity you would be crazy not to jump on tickets ASAP.

Saturday, 10th September

GL ‘Touch’ Tour


GG GL Tour Sept 10

Dreamy party-time dance duo GL are touring their debut album, Touch, around the country at the moment.

They are playing at Howler with Totally Mild and Venus II for the Melbourne leg on Saturday night.

Sunday, 11th September

Ciggie Sunday: Ciggiespiracy

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GG Ciggie Sept 11

Ciggie Sunday is back at the Gasometer this Sunday with Ciggiespiracy.

Tunes will be coming from Tomsk, Service Desk, Max Matthews, Runsthevoodoodown and VJ Isaac Christie for the grand total of $0.
Head down early.




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15 Aug Trading Tunes with APES

In this edition of Trading Tunes we had a chat with Benjamin Dowd, the guitarist and vocalist from Melbourne band APES, about his top 5 soundtrack belters from across the decades. Glide through Dowd’s favourite moments, as he sets the scene for tracks that not only complemented, but helped form the film’s that they accompanied.

Catch the APES and special guests Hollow Everdaze and The Football Club at the Gasometer Hotel this Wednesday for their August residency.
Tickets available from the Gasometer website.



Featured in: Fight Club

Benjamin: What a cap off to rollercoaster, ay. Who the fuck is Tyler Durden? What’s a fight club? How do I join? How do I tell my friends about it if I can’t talk about it? How do I get Brad Pitt‘s work out regime? Great song to cap off a great film. This was one of my first experiences with The Pixies (also Dustin Dollin‘s part in Baker 2 for all the skater geeks). Doolittle now resides in my top 5 albums of all time.


Featured in: Reservoir Dogs

Benjamin: Not sure if it’s the song, Vic Vega‘s effortlessly smooth moves or Tarantino‘s ability to make the most epic scenes time and time again. I’m sure it’s a combination of all of them. I can’t ever listen to this song now without picturing this scene. Whether that is a good thing or not I’m not too sure. What a tune though!


Featured in: Drive

Benjamin: This film is loaded with great music, kinda hard to top this one though. Just matches the setting so well and adds to Gosling‘s bad-assness. Really love the synth work in this. Was lucky enough to see Kavinsky back when I was a young fella at Parklife. I hear that guy gets his ferrari shipped around the world with him when he tours… Maybe that’s why he was interested in scoring this film. Maybe I’m drunk and have made all of this up and need to go to bed?


Featured in: Trainspotting

Benjamin: “Choose life. Choose a job. Choose a career. Choose a family. Choose a fucking big television, Choose washing machines, cars, compact disc players….”
Imagine if Trainspotting was a band and this was their album. Well it isn’t. But this is like The White Album of soundtracks. So hard to just pick one from this bad boy. I think this scene and this song just sync so well together. Genius stuff really! Hoping the sequel lives up.


Featured in: Stranger Things

Benjamin: Not too sure if this is all time worthy yet. But fuck, nothing has been getting me more jacked than hearing this lately. I think I binged this in about 2-3 days. I don’t tend to watch a heap of TV. Well in comparison to APES bass player Sam [Reale] anyhoo. He claims to have seen ‘every’ series out. Ask him about it! He’ll tell ya. But yeah! S U R V I V E Have killed it with this 80’s synth turbo nugget of a jam.


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12 Apr SMILE’s ‘Rhythm Method’ LP launch, live at The Gasometer Hotel (8/4/16)

Words by Dec Gleeson // Photos by Jasper van Daatselaar

A small but enthusiastic crowd were being thoroughly entertained by Great Outdoors as I entered the Gasometer Hotel for what was a sold out launch of SMILE’s much anticipated second LP ‘Rhythm Method’. Frontman Zacary Schneiders vocal qualities were on full display as I took up a prime position on the second floor balcony. I was in the perfect spot to bear witness to an eclectic mixture of bands, brought together by their undoubtable talent and vast potential.


The crowd began to stream in as Good Morning took the stage, being the first time I had seen them perform since becoming captivated by their acclaimed EP ‘Glory’, I gave them my totally undivided attention. It’s rare for a live performance to give me goose bumps, but their rendition of ‘Give Me Something To Do’ went one further by literally giving me numb hands (…Yes, I should probably see a doctor). Good Morning play with such a confidence in their unique sound that even a wrong note doesn’t sound out of place. It’s just a pity that vocalist Liam Parson’s guitar lacked the cut through and prominence necessary to make the performance of a couple of tracks including their hit ‘Cab Deb’ outstanding.


Tim Richmond Group (TRG) were the next cab off the rank, a special mention must go to their fantastic drummer who’s energetic performance was a contrast to talented frontman Tim Richmonds’ subdued and hesitant vocals.

The Gaso was well and truly buzzing after TRG’s groovy and pulsating final track, setting the scene for Melbourne music stalwarts The Ocean Party to take the stage. Despite a small stage, this six-piece put in an energetic and charismatic performance in contrast to the laid back, subdued stage presences of their predecessors. It was a performance which certainly testified to the bands much evolved sound. The Ocean Party is truly the sum of its parts, with each member being absolutely critical to creating such a mammoth sound: their individual talent and dynamism on display as vocalist duties were shared amongst three of the band members.


All eyes were on SMILE as they performed their short but sweet new release, with the sound quality at an absolute premium as they opened with their instant classic ‘Holiday’. A droney, soft-rock style gave way to a more atmospheric, jammy brand of music as a a fifth member joined the band to play synth during the set. Whilst there is no doubting the quality of ‘Rhythm Method’, I believe that their live sound could do with some refinement if SMILE are to properly convey the impressive diversity of this album. A special mention has to go to guitarist Max Turner who managed to play slide guitar using a bourbon bottle, really innovative stuff.


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