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25 May Ripe’s Weekend Gig Guide (25/5/17)

Photo by Sarah Chavdaroska

Music venues around Melbourne house some of the best local and international acts. We’ve compiled our top five picks for gigs this week so you don’t miss out. Be a part of one of the best live music cities in the world, and check out some of our favourite artists and venues.

This Week…

Friday, 26th of May

Cable Ties at Record Paradise

~Free Entry~


Cable Ties and Shrimpwitch played their first gigs in the same backyard, and they’re coming together again to celebrate the release of their respective new albums.

They’re playing instore at Record Paradise in Brunswick from 6pm on Friday. All ages, free entry and cheap drinks but first come first serve so head down early.

Friday, 26th of May

The Ocean Party and Golden Syrup

On the door


Later on and around the corner on Friday, two other fantastic acts are coming together to play at The Tote.

Golden Syrup and The Ocean Party — both absolutely blistering live — are on from 9.45pm for only $8 entry (on the door).

Friday, 26th May

Loose Tooth Sensation

Tickets $15


Dust off your go-to all-white outfit* because Loose Tooth have put together the inaugural Sensation at The Curtin (*suggested but by no means compulsory).

Also playing on the night are Totally Mild and Pure Moods, all for $15.

Saturday, 27th May

Flamingo Jones Single Launch

On the door


Flamingo Jones‘ new single ‘North (We’ll Be Warmer Up There)’ is the perfect auditory escape from looming Melbourne winter.

He’s celebrating its launch at Hugs&Kisses on Saturday night (with live band The Hi-Life Tribe). Playing support are Uncle Bobby and Blyolk, for $10 on the door.

Sunday, 28th May

Snow Cone Sundays at Howler

~Free entry~


Arbes and Great Outdoors are playing on Sunday afternoon for this weeks’ edition of Snow Cone.

Snow Cone has been taking over the garden at Howler for free, fun live music to chill out to. If you can’t make it to this one, their upcoming line-ups are worth a peek– when winter officially takes Melbourne you may as well lean in to it.




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22 Feb Reflections & Round Two – An Interview with Shady Cottage Music and Leisure Festival

Words by Marcus Rimondini // Photos by Sarah Chav’

Last year, just outside of Melbourne, was the debut of a new music event for Victoria called Shady Cottage Music and Leisure Festival. The line-up and execution were such a success that the team is excitedly back for round two this year.

Sitting down with the Shady team last week – Nick, Marc and Will – we chatted about last year’s event, and what’s in store for this year’s festivities – as well as the free entry, pre-event party they’re throwing at Nevermind Bar this Sunday from 2pm until 11pm. The day will feature artists from the festival’s upcoming line-up, merchandise, ticket sales and a giveaway you may not want to miss if you are hoping to head to Shady Cottage this year…

Marcus Rimondini: Who and what is shady cottage?

Will: It started at a 21st. After that, I chatted to the guy who had the 21st and owned the farm we were on last year. I spoke to his family and they had no intention of doing it all, they were not that keen, but then some how at the end of the conversation they allowed us to do it. I left the house a bit confused, but we were all good to do it, so i started planning with the guy who had the 21st. Then the rest of the five of us jumped on board for last year. This year we have Ted on board as well. There’s also Rob who owns the farm.

Nick: The best way to describe it is, when we were running that 21st, it was all these bands we were friends with or we were in, and we set up and did all the sound, and we were like “this is great, we can do this on a huge scale”.

Marc: Music for your mates, by your mates.

Will: Yeah, exactly.

Nick: Like, the headliners from last year were people we had come across personally. It felt good to have a tangible connection between all the bands and the organisers, and I feel like that will reflect to the audience as well.

Will: I think the leisure aspect is important, is so it’s not just music.

Nick: Lot of room for activities.

Will: Like the bathrobe thing kind of came up the week before. The singer of Diet made that happen.


When and where was the first one?

Will: Last year in Trentham East, on the back paddock of a farm. It was slightly different to the 21st, which was in another paddock. We went there a few times and tried to figure out where we could put it. Then we thought ‘how about just in front of those big trees,’ and knew that was it.

Nick: That almost became our thing, having that illuminated tree backdrop thing. Our site’s a bit different this year, but we are going to do some funky tree lighting stuff.


What were some of the particular challenges that you faced?

Nick: I thought it went really well.

Will: Yeah for a first year festival, I thought it went really well, too. A few minor hiccups, but nothing we couldn’t fix.

Marc: Main challenge was managing 500 people. A lot different to a bar, it was something I hadn’t experienced before. Just making sure everyone is safe and in the right areas.

Will: The biggest challenge for me was all the lead up stuff. Dealing with the council can be a big headache. We did have some problems leading up, it got to the point where we were like ‘are we even going to go ahead with this?’ But it all turned out alright in the end. Thank god.

Nick: During the festival there was nothing that couldn’t be fixed with just a radio call. Like ‘theres somebody at the gate asking if they need two wristbands?’, and you’d just reply on the radio ‘No, you don’t.’

Will: Generators turned off, but they were fixed in five minutes. There were a couple of complaints from neighbours, but we knew those were going to happen. The amount of support far outweighed the complaints.


What were your favourite moments from last year?

Will: Ara Koufax. When they played ‘Brenda’.

Marc: The tail end of the festival, hearing that one song you’ve been listening to during the whole lead up… Then realising hey, we’ve done it – we’ve pulled off our first festival. It’s a great feeling.

Will: There was a moment on the Saturday night when I was standing up on the hill looking at the stage for five minutes doing nothing, it was pretty cool to look around and to be like ‘we actually did it.’

Nick: That one was funny because ‘Brenda’ by Ara Koufax was a sign post of when we get to relax and say everything is done.

Will: At 2 am. I didn’t shut up about that.

Nick: Playing was awesome. At the start of the set (Flamingo Jones) there was a huge kick, everyone had been sitting down until that point until the Conga-line started.

Will: One person had a watermelon on their head. Also, the weather had cleared up by that point too.


How has the planning been this year compared to last year?

Nick: Pretty good.

Will: I feel like we got onto it pretty early.

Marc: The most difficult part was just finding a new location. That was a little bit stressful.

Will: Like what I said about with the council earlier; we knew we had to move. I sat down with the owner of the farm again and did the same process as before. He said the only way it could happen again is if we have 100% no neighbours complaints. Like they go up there every weekend, they were losing faith with their friends and stuff. They live in Melbourne, but they’ve had that farm for 25 years. We spent 3 or 4 months looking for a new place.

Marc: Once we got the new place, everyone just went straight into gear and it started happening. We knew what had to be done by each individual person.


Is it easier or harder to set up this year?

Nick: It’s kind of exactly the same. It’s a new council and a new site, there are some unique aspects to it, the typography is a bit different, but it’s really just doing everything again. Like you have to do the permit applications and emergency plans again. The best part is that it’s the same, the worst part is that you have to do it all again.

Will: We have a huge emphasis on site management this year because they’ve extended the bush-fire season to that weekend this time. So we had to do our site management with an external company who are going to be there. The plus side is we might be able to do something about how cold it was, maybe have a fire going. It will add costs, but it’s necessary. That’s the only way the CFA will let us do it, and they’ve been really supportive.


Is there anything new added to this year?

Will: Well our leisure activities, that we haven’t released yet, are going to be interesting.

Nick: There’s more of a program this year in the leisure aspect. Last year the main activity was the Yoga on Saturday. We will have the gallery again and it will be bigger with better architecture and stuff. Almost its own space, separate from the main area.

Will: We are providing a bar this year as well as still having BYO. This will give people a place to also buy a drink, we will have our signature cocktail, and have a few market stores coming along.

Nick: Basically trying to beef up the programming from last year. The Friday’s going to be bigger.

Will: Huge emphasis on stage design again. Make it look less like a marquee.

Nick: A lot more vines.


More hay bales?

Will: Yeah the guy cuts up all the grass into hay bales, so there are 40 bales sitting there for us to use.

Nick: We got a legendary photo when Albert Salt was playing just as the sun was going down. It was taken from the side of stage, where Albert is leaning out from the marquee over the moshpit, and there’s this silhouette of this person dancing on top of the hay bales, completely out of bounds — but it’s the best photo.


When do you start setting everything up?

Will: We will do runs Monday and Tuesday, set up stages and marquees Wednesday, lights and audio on Thursday and tweak it Friday if needed. I’ve already change a few things, made the stage bigger to 9m x 9m. Makes it bigger out the back with the green room.

Nick: We try to keep the roles to what we’ve written on paper, but at the end of the day, if something needs to be done, we’ve all got hands and legs.

Will: The advantage is Rob, who owned last year’s farm, helped find the farm this year. It’s owned by a guy named Jeff, who was at Shady Cottage last year.

Nick: Shout outs to Jeff!

Will: Rob’s good relationship allows us to use tractors and help us move stuff around.


What’s the max attendees capacity at Shady Cottage and what would be your ideal amount in the future?

Nick: Our max this year is 500.

Will: That’s just punters. When you includes artists and stuff, it gets up to 650-700.

Nick: We want it to feel precious and intimate, with the right amount of space – but space is valuable. 500 is good, we want to keep it there for a few years, and then as we start to feel comfortable with the scope of what we’re doing, we might pump it up a couple hundred.

Will: The max I’d want to go would be 1,500. The whole idea is to keep it cheap and affordable for everyone. The business behind Shady Cottage is to do stuff outside of just a festival.

Marc: We want to get this down pat and go from there.

Will: There’s always little things you need to improve, like lights in the toilets.


Who are you most looking forward to seeing play live?

Will: Sunbeam Sound Machine.

Marc: Wesley Fuller.

Nick: I never have a bad time when Wax’o Paradiso are selecting. I’m really keen on that Sex On Toast song ‘Takin’ Over’, soon as that hook comes in!

Will: They are just 10 intense guys having the most fun.


Do you think Sex On Toast will keep their clothes on?

Nick: *laughs* I hope not.

Will: I don’t know, but I don’t think Diet will. Their next single is called ‘Clothes Off’ *laughs*.

Nick: If they take their clothes off, we will have some bathrobes for them.

Will: I’m open to nudity.

Nick: I mean, there has to be a moment between taking your clothes off and getting your bathrobe on!


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06 Oct Ripe’s Top 5 Weekly Gig Guide (6/10/16)

Photo by Sarah Chavdaroska

Music venues around Melbourne house some of the best local and international acts. We’ve compiled our top five picks for gigs this week so you don’t miss out. Be a part of one of the best live music cities in the world, and check out some of our favourite artists and venues.

This Week…

Friday, 7th October

Greeves @ B.EAST

~Free Entry~


Prog rock act Greeves are playing a double set on Friday night at B.EAST in Brunswick.

Head down for a burger and beer and let the beautiful boys of Greeves take you back to the ’70s with their high energy riffs, dreamy five part harmonies and mesmerising live show.

Friday 7th October

Good Boy ‘Plum’ EP Launch

Buy Tickets


Good Boy from Brisbane are in town on Friday night, playing at the Grace Darling with Smoke Rings and Jarrow.

After a super busy 2016 they’re currently touring in support of Plum, their second EP release of the year.

Saturday, 8th October

Crepes Album Preview

Buy Tickets


Crepes are playing their final hometown show of 2016 on Saturday night at Bar Open, before their guitarist Sam heads overseas.

They’ll be playing a bunch of fresh material, with support from Emma Russack, Pure Moods and Environments.

Saturday, 8th October

COUTA BEATS @ Section 8

~Free Entry~


To take full advantage of the tropical weather hitting Melbourne this weekend, head to Section 8 on Saturday for COUTA BEATS, a tropical dance party.

Edd Fisher (Wax’O Paradiso), Tom Moore (Otologic) and Ripe fav Flamingo Jones will be providing the aforementioned beats from 7pm.

Sunday, 9th October

Digging for Berry Street

Buy Tickets


Tram Cops, Tuc, Hemm, Will Povey, Kodachrone & Back Burners are getting together to play fantastic tunes for an even better cause on Sunday at The Gaso.

All proceeds from ticket sales go towards Berry Street, who have been helping disadvantaged children, young people and families for over 100 years. If you can’t make it you can head here to donate and help the legends at Berry Street provide safe homes, education and trauma support for the most vulnerable members of our community.




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06 Sep Ripe Guest Mix with Flamingo Jones

Melbourne-based Caribbean/psychedelic beat maker Nick Bond (aka Flamingo Jones) has kindly sent us this guest mix, titled ‘Crazy Afro-Cuban adventure’. A showcase for Nick’s incredible mixing chops and sharp ear for Islander jams, it’s perfect to pair with the increasingly tropical temperatures across the country right now.

There are currently no Flamingo Jones shows or releases lined up until early next year. Until then, hopefully Nick will be welcoming summer with a DJ set somewhere near you.

Orlando Julius – ‘Disco Hi-Life (Percussion 2009 Edit)’
VO – ‘Mashisa (Dub Mix)’
Carl & Carol Jacobs – ‘Robot Jam (Nick The Record & Dan Idjut Rerub)’ Talking Heads – ‘I Zimbra’
Ray Lynch – ‘Cooking It ‘Til It’s Hot’
Jimmy Hyacinthe – ‘Yatchiminou’
Jephté Guillaume – ‘Ibo Lele (Ginèn Tèt Red Mix)’
Fela Kuti – ‘No Possible (Joystick Jay’s Vulgar Distractions Edit)’
Ajukaja – ‘Benga Benga’
Seigneur Tabu Ley Rochereau – ‘Hafi Deo’
John Ozila – ‘Ole Mangaley’
Stephen Encinas – ‘Lypso Illusion’
Akwasa Singing Party – ‘Aijigwu Owhuo Nogwu’
Joyce – ‘Aldeia De Ogum’
Wganda Kenya – ‘Pim Pom’
Julius Kang’ethe – ‘Mumbi (Rework)’
Hazel Rambaransingh – ‘I Wanna Give You Everything’


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29 Dec 100 Best Australian Tracks of 2015

Without a doubt 2015 has been the best year in the history of Australian music. The amount of quality tracks and artists that we couldn’t fit into this list was astounding.
What’s particularly exciting is the fact that most of these artists are new, which makes the prospect of putting together next year’s list seem even more daunting.

We would like to thank all the artists for making the music, the readers who share our site’s content, the writers who contributed this year, and everyone else who makes the Australian music scene extremely enjoyable to be a part of in our own small way.

Let’s do it all again in 2016.

100. Knightlife – ‘Solstice’

99. LUCIANBLOMKAMP – ‘From Afar’

98. Jess Ribeiro – ‘Kill it Yourself’

97. Oisima – ‘Take Your Time’

96. Flamingo Jones – ‘Skinny D.I.P.’

95. The Ocean Party – ‘Black Blood’

94. Cleopold – ‘Down In Flames’

93. Harvey Sutherland – ‘That’s The Fact, Jack’

92. Cool Sounds – ‘Control’

91. Bad//Dreems – ‘Hiding To Nothing’

90. Total Giovanni – ‘Paradise’

89. Woollen Kits – ‘Girl With Heart’

88. Zone Out – ‘Inside’

87. Frances Fox – ‘Jake The Flake’

86. Low Lux – ‘Rivers Roll’

85. Redspencer – ‘Ride It Out’

84. Abelard – ‘I’m OK For Now’

83. SMILE – ‘Boundless Plains To Share’

82. Snowy Nasdaq & Snowy Life – ‘Ironic Life’

81. Fraser A. Gorman – ‘Blues Run The Game’

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06 Dec Ripe’s Australian Chart (6/11/15)

Welcome to our latest feature – Ripe’s Australian Chart, where we post an update every Sunday on our top tracks uploaded in the past month by Australian artists, ranked all the way to #1. You’ll find our chart below, and a weekly playlist on the Ripe SoundCloud.

For this week’s new entries, we have at #25 ‘Spring 2‘ from Rat & Co in Melbourne, which is the second part of a two-track release (‘Spring‘ having been released last month). If you’re looking for some Boards Of Canada escapism, Rat & Co are worth diving into further.

LUCIANBLOMKAMP emerges from the Melbourne shadows once again with new single ‘Comfort‘ – although the track provokes unease more than anything else, skittering its way in at #22.

We get orchestral at #20 with Anatole up in Sydney. ‘Colours‘ is the second single from the upcoming Surrounds EP, out on December 18th via Teef Records. It’s filled with violins, viola, cello, double bass and a clarinet – I wish Bonobo was still recording music with real instruments like this.

The Shards make a reappearance in the chart posts with ‘Gossip & Bands‘ at #13. All we know so far is that they’re from Melbourne, and this song sounds like a softer number by Dick Diver. Both the previously-listed ‘Making Shapes Out Of The Ground‘ and now ‘Gossip & Bands’ feature on their latest EP, Best New Reissue.

The Melbourne duo Ara Koufax are back at #6 with their first new song in six months, and it’s called ‘Adult Concepts‘. If it sounds like an introduction track, it’s because it was originally written to be exactly that. If you’re looking for more gentle, sprawling electronic music like ‘Adult Concepts’, check out Tycho‘s Burning Man sets on SoundCloud.

I’d never heard of Julia R. Anderson from Brisbane until a few days ago, but I’m already very intrigued and ‘In The Beginning‘ jumps right up into #5 this week. She looks like Tune-Yards and sings like Melody Echo Chamber or Twin Sister, and sounds just as tantalising as all three of those artists. Remember the name Julia R. Anderson; her debut album comes out 2016.

I’m not sure how I missed the initial upload of ‘Black Dignity‘ by Sampa The Great from Sydney. It’s the first single post her head-turning The Great Mixtape debut just three months ago. She’s already been labeled a female Kendrick Lamar, but I hear Shabazz Palaces in the space-beats, and even early Clipping in her flow. This definitely won’t be the last time that she features in the top 5.

Peruw out of Melbourne drops almost ten minutes of deep tech house at #3 with ‘Namek‘. Fresh off playing at Earthcore, while in the midst of his own personal Geyser tour around Sydney and Melbourne, Peruw clearly has high ambitions. ‘Namek’ never tries to overexert itself, instead transfixing the listener within its own restrained parameters – the hallmark of a producer who knows exactly what he’s doing.

25. Rat & Co – ‘Spring 2’

Uploaded: December 3rd

24. Zone Out – ‘So Bright’

Uploaded: November 20th | Last Week: #23

23. Plum – ‘Reveal’

Uploaded: November 14th | Last Week: #22

22. LUCIANBLOMKAMP – ‘Comfort’

Uploaded: November 30th

21. Deer – ‘All Alone ft. Martin King’

Uploaded: November 17th | Last Week: #21

20. Us The Band – ‘And I Will’

Uploaded: November 24th | Last Week: #20

19. Anatole – ‘Colours’

Uploaded: December 1st

18. Max Savage – ‘Baby Don’t Cry’

Uploaded: November 18th | Last Week: #19

17. Nutrition – ‘Advice Needed’

Uploaded: November 19th | Last Week: #18

16. Marcus Whale – ‘If (Demo)’

Uploaded: November 10th | Last Week: #16

15. Luna Ghost – ‘Eyes Of Sleep’

Uploaded: November 24th | Last Week: #15

14. Flamingo Jones – ‘Fred Bear’

Uploaded: November 16th | Last Week: #12

13. The Shards – ‘Gossip & Bands’

Uploaded: November 4th

12. Lisa Salvo – ‘Give Me Your Love’

Uploaded: November 7th | Last Week: #10

11. Arthur Miles – ‘The Prince Feat. Babicka & HVCK’

Uploaded: November 11th | Last Week: #9

10. Lower Spectrum – ‘Proxima’

Uploaded: November 13th | Last Week: #8

9. Abelard – ‘I’m OK For Now’

Uploaded: November ’23rd | Last Week: #7

8. Sleep D – ‘Backstreets’

Uploaded: November 17th | Last Week: #6

7. Movement – ‘Lace (Demo)’

Uploaded: November 11th | Last Week: #4

6. Ara Koufax – ‘Adult Concepts’

Uploaded: December 5th

5. Julia R. Anderson – ‘In the Beginning’

Uploaded: December 5th

4. Sampa The Great – ‘Black Dignity’

Uploaded: November 12th

3. Peruw – ‘Namek’

Uploaded: December 3rd

2. Knightlife – ‘Solstice’

Uploaded: November 27th | Last Week: #2

1. Phantastic Ferniture – ‘Gap Year’

Uploaded: November 12th | Last Week: #3

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29 Nov Ripe’s Australian Chart (29/11/15)

Welcome to our latest feature – Ripe’s Australian Chart, where we post an update every Sunday on our top tracks uploaded in the past month by Australian artists, ranked all the way to #1. You’ll find our chart below, and a weekly playlist on the Ripe SoundCloud.

For this week’s new entries, we start with Us The Band from Sydney who jump into spot #20 this week with ‘And I Will‘. If you enjoy frenetic, lo-fi garage rock, then check out Us The Band or other bands on the Rice Is Nice record label such as The Laurels, Richard In Your Mind or You Beauty.

Next we have Luna Ghost from Melbourne with their latest song ‘Eyes Of Sleep‘. If you dig dreamy, psych or bands such as Flyying Colours or Ride, then the washed out, wailing guitars of Luna Ghost will entice you.

Flamingo Jones takes us on a tropical trip with ‘Fred Bear‘ at #12. The project out of Melbourne is a cross between Animal Collective and El Guincho; or, as he self-describes it, “nature beat”. Perfect for summer or just playing with your dog.

We have more glitterwave from Abelard at #7 with ‘I’m OK For Now‘.  With a few elements of RnB and post-dubstep on the vocals, it’s another step forward in the progression for the Melbournian.

The biggest track to emerge this week was ‘Solstice‘ by Melbourne’s Knightlife, which lands at #2. It’s off a new four-track EP titled VII, which is being released via Cut Copy‘s label Cutter Records. ‘Solstice’ is brimming with cool colours and smooth vibes, and each layer that pops up will get another limb moving. It’s instantaneous, but also rewarding on repeat listens. After a four year wait since his last EP, welcome back Knightlife.


25. RÜFÜS – ‘Innerbloom’

Uploaded: November 20th | Last Week: #25

24. The Delicates – ‘Chimera’

Uploaded: November 5th | Last Week: #24

23. Zone Out – ‘So Bright’

Uploaded: November 19th | Last Week: #23

22. Plum – ‘Reveal’

Uploaded: November 14th | Last Week: #22

21. Deer – ‘All Alone Ft Martin King’

Uploaded: November 17th | Last Week: #21

20. Us The Band – ‘And I Will’

Uploaded: November 24th

19. Max Savage – ‘Baby Don’t Cry’

Uploaded: November 18th | Last Week: #17

18. Nutrition – ‘Advice Needed’

Uploaded: November 19th | Last Week: #15

17. NO ZU – ‘Hi Gloss’

Uploaded: November 5th | Last Week: #14

16. Marcus Whale – ‘If (Demo)’

Uploaded: November 10th | Last Week: #13

15. Luna Ghost – ‘Eyes Of Sleep’

Uploaded: November 24th

14. Charles Murdoch – ‘Privacy feat. Oscar Key Sung’

Uploaded: November 7th | Last Week: #12

13. Asdasfr Bawd – ‘Negative Energy’

Uploaded: November 4th | Last Week: #11

12. Flamingo Jones – ‘Fred Bear’

Uploaded: November 16th

11. The Dead Heir – ‘Hand’

Uploaded: November 4th | Last Week: #10

10. Lisa Salvo – ‘Give Me Your Love’

Uploaded: November 7th | Last Week: #9

9. Arthur Miles – ‘The Prince Feat. Babicka & HVCK’

Uploaded: November 11th | Last Week: #8

8. Lower Spectrum – ‘Proxima’

Uploaded: November 13th | Last Week: #7

7. Abelard – ‘I’m OK For Now’

Uploaded: November ’23rd

6. Sleep D – ‘Backstreets’

Uploaded: November 17th | Last Week: #6

5. Amateur Dance – ‘It’s Really Something’

Uploaded: November 6th | Last Week: #5

4. Movement – ‘Lace (Demo)’

Uploaded: November 11th | Last Week: #4

3. Phantastic Ferniture – ‘Gap Year’

Uploaded: November 12th | Last Week: #3

2. Knightlife – ‘Solstice’

Uploaded: November 27th

1. Good Morning – ‘Cab Deg’

Uploaded: November 6th | Last Week: #1

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29 Sep Trading Tunes with Flamingo Jones

Flamingo Jones is the calypso creation of Nicholas Bond, former front man of Seven Year Itch. In an attempt to cultivate a sound that combines the coastal lagoons of the Caribbean with the lush gardens of the CBD, Bond presented us with an EP as ethereal as it is carefree.

Here, Flamingo Jones presents us with five tracks that have either inspired or excited him over the journey, giving an idea of the diversity of his taste.

1. NO ZU – ‘Raw Vis Vision’

“First came across NO ZU on the Cut Copy, Oceans Apart compilation. ‘Raw Vis Vision‘ is as groovy now as when I first heard it and I doubt it will ever cease to make me boogie.”

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15 Sep Nevermind Presents: Couchfest

Nevermind bar has been one of our favourite venues in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne ever since we held one of our earliest events there in Neverevermind Festival, and this weekend the bar is hosting a second iteration of their day-night party Couchfest.

It’s a dual headline with Ciggie Witch and Cool Sounds, but we think the whole lineup is worth checking out. And you know what? It’s free entry. What better way to spend a (hopefully) sunny Saturday afternoon?

Where: 336 Burwood Rd, Hawthorn
When: Saturday, September 19th at 3:00pm

More info can be found here, the full lineup is below.

Cool Sounds
Ciggie Witch
Tom Moore
Little Shock
Sole Burners
Flamingo Jones (DJ)
Scott Candlish
Turn Left

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