21 Oct Slum Sociable – ‘TQ’ EP

Slum Sociable have been making a stir with their unique brand of ‘lo-fo’ jazzy hip-hop, their debut EP TQ releasing today.

Opening track ‘All Night’ has been doing the rounds already – no surprise given its soulful vocal and oh-so-catchy faded synth riff that comes in towards the end. Tracks like ‘Apartment’ and ‘Luck So Far’ follow the same formula, letting the vocals croon out over a slower rhythm.

One of the more notable tracks ‘Paradigm’ exposes the trip-hop influences of Slum Sociable, an almost eerie worldliness that seems atypical for a couple of guys out of Mordialloc. The swirling piano and twisted drums shift the mood to a slightly more melancholy feel, showing slivers of Massive Attack‘s work.

The conglomeration of different sounds – from the obvious jazz, electronica and hip-hop, to the glimpses of trip-hop and acoustic – sounds like a potential recipe for disaster. However, Slum Sociable make it work without sounding scattered or indecisive.

Co-produced by Tom Iansek of Big Scary and #1 Dads fame, recently nominated for Best Male Artist at Best Victoria Music, all instruments and vocals are largely the work of the two artists Ed and Miller themselves. The EP itself is available to purchase on digital and vinyl format, right here.

Marcus Rimondini

Managing Editor & Music Editor - Follow on Twitter