28 Sep Sleep D & Bradley Zero, Live @ Rhythm Section (17/9/16)

Bradley Zero‘s Rhythm Section is simple.

A red neon sign reading SE15 (much like Mania‘s) lights up the lounge every Saturday night, whilst two Technics, a rotary mixer and Funktion-Ones provide the sound. The intimate dance floor of Peckham‘s Canavan’s Pool Club would be joined by Sleep D and Bradley Zero, throwing down records till 4am, going back-to-back all night, with Bradley Zero slotting in a few records when he saw fit.

As I first stepped foot on the buzzing and crowded dance floor, varied exotic Central-African percussion based records warmed everyone up; flinging into the mix darker sounds that were going to feature later in the night.

Bouncing off each other with a selection of classics, along with lesser known finds, a subtle exploration of genres was pursued – in particular Moodyman‘s ‘It’s 2 Late 4 U & Me‘ was a very memorable moment. Throughout the evening, smooth transitions allowed the crowd to be immersed in every hook, drop, rhythmic bass line and clatter of percussion – tracks such as Instant House‘s ‘Awade’ (Joe’s Jungle Sounds Dub) and The Latin Lover‘s ‘Voices of Savannah‘ washed over us.

Then the SE15 neon sign flickered off, and the dance floor descended into darkness.

Obscure, verging on heaving techno and acid house rumbled through the building, dropping the likes of Ron Big and Irv Katz‘s ‘Groove Control to Major Ron‘ (Released on Melbourne’s own Steeplejack), brought about a welcomed darker atmosphere.

Without pause throughout the whole night Canavan’s dance floor was jammed and grooving, fuelled by a unique collection of records which for a time delved into welcomed, dirty, acidic sounds that were broken up by a soulful jazzy interlude and mesmerising 4/4 guitar.

Hitting the last hour of their set, euphoric and overwhelmingly fun sounds were taken control of. Stunning breakbeat. Powerful, obscure and dreamy house. Along with some Joy Division, the evening was capped off with a brilliant selection in this unique environment.

Being lucky enough to see favourite artists of mine in a completely immersive six-hour experience (as well as on the other side of the world) just reflects on how strong our homegrown talents are, and that they are more than capable of creating unique experiences for people across the world.


Blake Creighton

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