26 Apr Ripe’s Weekend Gig Guide (26/4/17)

Photo by Jasper van Daatselaar

Music venues around Melbourne house some of the best local and international acts. We’ve compiled our top five picks for gigs this week so you don’t miss out. Be a part of one of the best live music cities in the world, and check out some of our favourite artists and venues.

This Week…

7pm – 1am Thursday, 27th April

Nightcap VI

~Free Entry~


Ferdydurke is always a safe bet on Thursday nights — never too busy, rarely a bad crowd, easy to stay late with accessible public transport (or ubers for the true night owls).

This week is no exception, with Emelyne, Escape Artist, Miles Macaulay and Sebastian Sibelle adding some very good music selection to the mix.

8pm – 10pm Thursday, 27th April

Lower Plenty ~ Bar Oussou

~Free Entry~


If you’re working on Friday and want to gather your pals for some great, free live music and cheeky cheap drinks, then Bar Oussou on Sydney Road has you covered.

It doesn’t really matter what music your friends are into, it’s hard to imagine someone not enjoying a set by Lower Plenty. If they don’t, you probably need new friends.

5pm – 8pm Friday, 28th April

Jade Imagine EP Release party

~Free Entry~


One of the best ways to celebrate the arrival of 5pm on a Friday is to have a huge group hug with your mates and head to a Polyester Records in-store.

If you’re asking “where’s the beer?”, the answer is “hidden out the back“, and the fact that people don’t drink in-store means an undistracted crowd ready to pay real attention to the artist. Especially satisfying when the artist is as talented as Jade Imagine.

10pm – 7am Friday, 28th April

Super Important: Back 2 The Jungle

$10 all night


Yet another option for Friday night, and this one is simple — the sequel to the excellent Back 1 The Jungle at Hugs&Kisses, sagaciously titled Back 2 The Jungle.

It will be well worth your time and $10 to head down for sets from three super reliable DJs in Nite Fleit, Pelvis and Liluzu.

10pm – 5am Saturday, 29th April

RES X Steeplejack: Moopie

$10 before midnight, $15 after


If you missed Steeplejack aka Harold at Golden Plains, you missed learning why he’s one of the better local DJs when it comes to continuous genre-jumping.

He also knows how to pick a good crew to party with — so if you head to The Sub Club on Saturday night you can also see Moopie, Jess Sneddon, Nerve & Sow Discord and Hot Rod & The Burnouts (live).



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