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10 May Ripe’s Weekend Gig Guide (10/5/17)

Photo by Sarah Chavdaroska

Music venues around Melbourne house some of the best local and international acts. We’ve compiled our top five picks for gigs this week so you don’t miss out. Be a part of one of the best live music cities in the world, and check out some of our favourite artists and venues.

This Week…

8pm – 12am Thursday, 11th May

Rolling Blackouts C.F. ‘The French Press’ EP Tour

~ Sold Out ~


Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever are back in town after touring the U.S. and visiting their new label Sub Pop (you might have heard of them).

So it’s no surprise that they’re not a local secret anymore — both this show and their show on Friday night have sold out. I’d strongly suggest hustling on the Facebook event page for a ticket, because this is likely the last time you’ll get to see them at a venue like The Tote.

8pm – 11:30pm Friday, 12th May

Jess Locke ‘Better/Bitter’ Tour at Woody’s Bar



Jess Locke came out of nowhere last month and jumped straight into high rotation for us with the single ‘Better/Bitter’. Since then we’ve kept an eye on her, and she’s just signed with Pool House Records (new The Smith Street Band label) and Remote Control Records.

The band room at Woody’s Bar isn’t very big, so I suggest getting there early.

9pm – 1am Friday, 12th May

Billy Davis and The Good Lords ‘Ball & Chain’ Release



I think Billy Davis might be the physically biggest local band at the moment. It’s nearly impossible to find a negative comment about their live show, which is full of energy and optimism.

They stole the show at The Curtin during Good Island earlier this year, and received plenty of boots at Golden Plains (boots at GP = very good thing). If your friends are picky and hard to get out to gigs, this is a safe bet to drag them along to.

8pm – 12am Saturday, 13th May

Royal Headache at The Curtin Hotel



We’re living in strange times here in 2017. Royal Headache should be one of the biggest bands in Australia by now, selling out huge venues on even bigger tours. The fact that tickets for this gig were only 22 bucks is almost criminal.

Keep clicking refresh on that Facebook page for tickets being sold. Sometimes people go too hard on a Friday, check their bank account on a Saturday and sell off their tickets for that night. Well, at least I hope so.

2pm – 6pm Sunday, 14th May

Girlatones w Caroline No and 19th Century Strongmen



Sunday gigs can be tough, but luckily this one doesn’t kick off until 2pm. Whether you’re looking for kick-ons or you just love live music, if you see Girlatones they’ll be your cool new find for the weekend.

Watching Caroline No playing live is also a recommendation. If you have a nagging feeling you already have plans, consider this your friendly reminder that this Sunday is also Mother’s Day.




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