01 Mar Ripe’s Australian Chart (1/3/16)


We start at #28 with the Melbourne duo Leisure Suite and their latest track ‘Shame‘, off their second EP Lay Low. If you’re a fan of Rhye or Banoffee, check them out. Great Earthquake comes in at #26 with ‘Thought Broadcasting‘, off an EP with the same name. It’s the work of the Melbourne-based Noah Symons, and the project sounds like a cross between a dreamy version of Ponytail and the sporadic patterns of Terrible Truths.

Melbourne hip-hop duo Milwaukee Banks slide into #23 with ‘Reincarnated‘, which will feature on their long-awaited debut album Deep Into The Night, out March 18th. I’m digging its Cities Aviv-styled production and the assertiveness of Dyl Thomas. LUCIANBLOMKAMP, also from Melbourne, comes in at #22 with ‘The Overman‘ off his upcoming sophomore album Bad Faith. You can catch Lucian playing along with Lower Spectrum during late-April in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.

Speaking of Perth, we’ve got new music from Arvo Tanty, with ‘Forget This Mourning‘ at #20. The track’s dreamy loops draw comparisons to early Atlas Sound or Brothertiger, and you can hear the full Tender Yonder LP later this year. At #15 we have Wax Witches from the Gold Coast (currently residing in Brooklyn) – you may remember Alex Wall from Bleeding Knees Club. ‘Morning Flowers‘ has a strong The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart vibe, and it’ll feature on the new album Memory Painting, out on the 18th of March.

Totally Mild return at #14 with ‘Today Tonight‘ off their new three-track live EP Alive In Denmark, which also features another new live track called ‘More‘. ‘Today Tonight‘ doesn’t feature any drums, showing a more stripped-back side of Totally Mild. Low Lux from Sydney come in at #13 with their cover of ‘Girls‘ by Royal Headache. Whereas the original used adrenaline to carry its momentum, Low Lux have cut the pace in half and wrought a more nostalgic atmosphere. It’s a clever and well-executed cover, one that most artists wouldn’t have thought about attempting.

Brisbane’s Mexico City come in at #8 with ‘Rosewood Line‘ from their third album When The Day Goes Dark. If you’re wondering who Mexico City are, they’ve supported The Black Keys, Cat Power, The Drones and many more, sounding somewhere between Cass McCombs and Phosphorescent. Next, we have Summer Flake with ‘Wine Won’t Wash Away‘ at #7. After releasing the underrated Time Rolls By EP last year, the Melbourne-via-Adelaide trio are set to release a new album titled Hello Friends. ‘Wine Won’t Wash Away’ is ridiculously contagious and full of summer joy. Interestingly, it was recorded and mixed by Geoffrey O’Connor, who generally records slick, catchy, ’80s-sounding alt-pop songs.

We stay in Melbourne with SHOUSE featuring Habits on ‘Support Structure‘ at #6. The duo includes Ed Service of IO and Jack Madin of The Harpoons. We actually heard this track, reminiscent of Orbital or The KLF, in their Ripe Mix for us last month. The catchy vocal hook provided by Mohini of Habits could easily have been lifted from a classic early ’90s club hit.

However, the best new track of the week drops in at #2: ‘Got Something‘ by Jamal Amir. Jamal is part of the emerging Melbourne label Temporal Cast, featuring Cale Sexton and Kangaroo Skull. ‘Got Something‘ is straight up nasty smooth house, which makes me want to dance (even while I’m currently hobbling around on crutches). You can catch all three Temporal Cast artists playing along with Sleep D and Chiara Kickdrum this Friday the 4th of March at Goodtime Studios in Melbourne.


30. Mossy – ‘Electric Chair’

Uploaded: February 17th | Last Week: #27

29. James Blake – ‘Modern Soul (Asdasfr Bawd remix)’

Uploaded: February 13th | Last Week: #28

28. Leisure Suite – ‘Shame’

Uploaded: February 16th

27. Diet- ‘The Rip’

Uploaded: February 11th | Last Week: #25

26. Great Earthquake — ‘Thought Broadcasting’

Uploaded: February 21st

25. Stina Tester & Cinta Masters – ‘Deep Sleep’

Uploaded: February 12th | Last Week: #22

24. Charles Murdoch – ‘Open (feat. Chloe Kaul)’

Uploaded: February 15th | Last Week: #21

23. Milwaukee Banks – ‘Reincarnated’

Uploaded: February 24th

22. Lucianblomkamp – ‘The Overman’

Uploaded: February 24th

21. Marcus Whale – ‘My Captain’

Uploaded: February 8th | Last Week: #20

20. Arvo Tanty – ‘Forget This Mourning’

Uploaded: February 26th

19. The Sanctuary – ‘Miss You’

Uploaded: February 3rd | Last Week: #19

18. Hayden Calnin – ‘Cut Love’

Uploaded: February 9th | Last Week: #17

17. Jen Cloher – ‘Famously Monogamous’

Uploaded: February 14th | Last Week: #15

16. Mio – ‘Morning Sun (Dave Bixby cover)’

Uploaded: February 16th | Last Week: #14

15. Wax Witches – ‘Morning Flowers’

Uploaded: February 17th

14. Totally Mild – ‘Today Tonight’

Uploaded: February 3rd

13. Low Lux – ‘Girls (Royal Headache cover)’

Uploaded: February 21st

12. Lower Spectrum – ‘Masquerade’

Uploaded: Febraury 19th | Last Week: #11

11. Mall Grab – ‘Sun Ra’

Uploaded: Febraury 17th | Last Week: #10

10. Back Back Forward Punch – ‘Machine Believing’

Uploaded: February 4th | Last Week: #8

9. Fountaineer – ‘Still Life’

Uploaded: February 3rd | Last Week: #6

8. Mexico City – ‘Rosewood Line’

Uploaded: February 9th

7. Summer Flake – ‘Wine Won’t Wash Away’

Uploaded: February 27th

6. SHOUSE – ‘Support Structure’

Uploaded: February 24th

5. Ara Koufax – ‘Makers’

Uploaded: February 8th | Last Week: #5

4. Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever – ‘Write Back’

Uploaded: February 13th | Last Week: #4

3. Major Leagues – ‘Better Off’

Uploaded: February 10th | Last Week: #3

2. Jamal Amir – ‘Got Something’

Uploaded: February 29th

1. Nearly Oratorio – ‘Tin’

Uploaded: February 17th | Last Week: #2

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