01 Nov Ripe Guest Mix with Nali

The Melbourne electronic artist Nali caught our attention earlier this year with ‘D.R.D (B2H002)‘, which took our track of the week honour.

The level of control within ‘D.R.D (B2H002)’ is very promising for Nali. The track constantly teases and oozes with the potential to go in any direction, while maintaining a sharp focus on exactly what it wants to do and sound like. Which is reassuring for the listener yet manages to keep them on the edge of their seat for the entire ride. I’d be very interested to see how Nali’s dark, interstellar sound translates to a 45 or 60 minute album, whether that tension would be maintained or perhaps even go a lot deeper and further beyond the walls of ‘D.R.D (B2H002)’.

In the meantime, Nali has sent us ruthless and relentless 60 minute guest mix that’ll transport you into a Melbourne club, house or park party between 4am-5am, where every punter is locked in their dance zone. It’s quite the state of mind, so prepare yourself. He’s also playing an event in Melbourne on the 26th of November, details can be found here at http://chomley.co/foyer/


Nali – ‘Wormhole Transmission Service’
Peter Van Hoesen – ‘Coast to Coast’
Niteworks ft. Damon Wild and Echoplex – ‘Grainstates’
Planetary Assault Systems – ‘Twelve (L.B. Dub Corp meets PAS Rework)’
Carl Finlow – ‘Sling It’
Claro Intelecto – ‘Senti’
Ectomorph – ‘Ritmo Siniestro’
Alpha 606 – ‘Dahomey’
Pearson Sound – ‘Freeze Cycle’
Annie Hall – ‘Meitner’
Efdemin – ‘Decay (E.R.P Version)’
NRSB-11 – ‘6231-748 3’
Mist – ‘P.M.’


Marcus Rimondini

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