13 May Ripe Guest Mix with DJ Heure

Vlad AKA DJ Heure recently moved across from Adelaide to Melbourne — an unfortunate reoccurring move for promising electronic artists from Adelaide, often due to the lack of late night venues to play compared to those in Melbourne. Now that DJ Heure is here in Melbourne, he’s quickly made a splash with his latest EP Let’s Play House.

Tracks such as ‘Last One‘ and ‘Eastbound [Let’s Play House]’, instantly display his swift production precision. That kind of slick layering created by someone who listens to everything, but knows exactly what he wants when it’s his turn to create music. His range of influences can be heard on this guest mix he kindly recorded for Ripe. It dances and dazzles seamlessly across multiple genres and decades of styles.

You can catch him playing at Higher State x Monster Robot BYO day party in Brisbane on Saturday the 12th of May.

style=”text-align: center;”>T R A C K L I S T
Max D – ‘The Figurine (Nod Mix)’
Momla – ‘First Joint’
Mori-Ra – ‘Kanwaza’
Golden Teacher – ‘Shatter (Version)’
Joan Biblioni – ‘Migas’
Urban Tribe – ‘D-2000’
Melchior Sultana – ‘Find Yourself’
D-Connection – ‘Re-Connected’
The Emperor Machine – ‘Africa (Wolf Muller Remix)’
The Loose Control Band – ‘That’s My Man Throwing Down’
DJ Heure – ‘Untitled’
Norm Talley – ‘If It’s Love That U Want’
Those Guys – ‘Sierra Leone (Jungle Mix)’
Circulation – ‘Burgundy’
Gherkin Jerks – ‘Don’t Dis The Beat’
Serotonin – ‘Fazamour (Instrumental)’
The Heavyweight Kru – ‘The Drea-MM’

Marcus Rimondini

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