10 Mar PREMIERE: The Attics – ‘Alright’

The Attics are from Colac, a town two hours outside of Melbourne. You would think by the bliss nature of ‘Alright‘, that Colac was a sunny beach town, but it’s actually inland. My only guess is that maybe the band spend a lot of time at the lake. However, unlike some other breezy bands — who perhaps spend too much time at the beach — The Attics still sound like they’ve spent a lot of time indoors, working at their craft.

For example the low-energy background instrumentation in ‘Alright’ could initially sound lazy, but under the microscope it’s carefully put together. The subtle glisten is just enough to keep you warm, without bogging your mind down in the details. They’ve used layers of sound without over-complicating the track, leaving the listener with an immediate impression. The key here is delivery of the chorus — “I believe everything is alright / I believe in the best of you”. Their use of a content approach — rather than generic, overly joyous and bombastic yelling often used to emphasise a chorus — makes ‘Alright’ rather hard to dislike.

If you dig the early work of Kisses, Smith Westerns or Craft Spells, then keep an eye on The Attics. ‘Alright’ is the first single from their debut LP due out later this year.

Marcus Rimondini

Managing Editor & Music Editor - Follow on Twitter