02 Sep Premiere: Suiix – ‘Pacific Dreamer’

It’s finally the start of spring, but I can’t help feeling that Sarah Jullienne, AKA Suiix from Sydney, recorded the angelic ‘Pacific Dreamer‘ during Autumn, the season where we are relaxed from summer but the inevitable cold of winter is just around the corner. Although it doesn’t get that cold in Sydney, Sarah says she was watching the ’70s Russian film Rusolochka while writing ‘Pacific Dreamer’, which explains the dreary atmosphere and sirens at the start.

Sarah also told us that it’s about that feeling you get when you are helplessly swept away when falling for someone, and the impending dread of emotions that follow that realisation. She encapsulates that state of concern perfectly with the euphoria throughout ‘Pacific Dreamer’. The song has the airy vocals of Julianna Barwick, the bleakness of Grouper, and the bold production of Zola Jesus. In the end, it’s a unique package, especially in Australia, where the dark and moody acts aren’t as common as I’d like.

‘Pacific Dreamer’ will feature on an upcoming debut EP. Until then, you can catch her at BigSound in Brisbane next week playing at the Heya Bar on Wednesday night at 8:20pm.


Marcus Rimondini

Managing Editor & Music Editor - Follow on Twitter