05 Apr Premiere: Otis Thomas – ‘Gina’

Photo by Kane Lehanneur

Good chance you’ve been there. Lusting for someone on the other side of the planet. Staying up all night messaging across the internet, living in “pixel dreams,” as Otis Thomas describes it.

Gina‘ is about that exact situation. In this case it’s Oliver from Otis Thomas, who is singing concerningly about his long distance relationship with Gina. Oliver “just can’t get enough” and he’s “coming apart at the seams.” There’s a good chance that between waiting online for replies from Gina, sitting at his computer with his guitar, he pieced together the outline of this song. Judging by how polished-yet-not-too-polished the track is, he worked on it over multiple online chats until “quarter to four.” That tired haziness audibly wobbles out of his throat.

If you enjoy Dick Diver‘s ability to recap a real life situation like it’s a Sunday morning chat in the backyard, under natural lighting between watering plants and drinking organic tea (feeling wholesome in other words), then welcome Otis Thomas to your share-house playlist.

Otis Thomas are playing with SOOK and SCK CHX for the SCK CHX EP launch at the Botany View on the 13th of April.

Listen to Otis Thomas’s last album Dog Dreams:

Marcus Rimondini

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