27 Jan Premiere: Daniel Verhagen – ‘Arcadia’

Melbourne’s dark and atmospheric electronic producer Daniel Verhagen has just released Delusion, a two track EP. Side one contains title track ‘Delusion‘, but it’s the b-side ‘Arcadia‘ that caught our attention.

Despite the thick continuous back thump, ‘Arcadia’ isn’t a house track or a dance track. It’s a heavily textural mood setter, best experienced while driving at night during a rainy storm, while imaging what life would be like working alone inside a lighthouse on a remote island. Which sounds bleak, but that’s ‘Arcadia’. The walloping chords push you sideways like coastal winds, the tracks core mechanics spontaneously flicker like failing street lights in a narrow alley. Even the piano notes trickle like the piano player’s fingers are cold from being out in the rain too long.

In other words; you’ll dig ‘Arcadia’ if you enjoy artists such as Zomby, Burial or Perturbator.


Marcus Rimondini

Managing Editor & Music Editor - Follow on Twitter