14 Feb Premiere: Curves – ‘Marcel’s Booth’

The Melbourne existential-neon five piece Curves have kindly given us the honour of premiering their latest song ‘Marcel’s Booth‘, the second single since their 2016 All Made Up EP.

If Total Giovanni is Melbourne’s modern version of Talking Heads, then Curves are Melbourne’s modern Depeche Mode. Curve’s ties to new-wave extend beyond the layers of deep synth sounds to the visual on early ’80’s MTV music videos. Singer Patrick Mooney comes from the film world, which plays an important role in Curves’ music. Every lyric reads like a script, from “Dancing alone in a New York Apartment” to “And everyone’s having fun.

Curves transcend you to an alternative universe where new-wave revivalists James Pants and Twin Shadow are the world’s biggest stars. Everything is a little warped, the sounds suck you in and out. Even the track title was originally ‘Marcel’s Diner’ not ‘Marcel’s Booth’, so you know exactly where they are, but if you’ve seen Twin Peaks you know that weird unusual things happen in diner booths.

Even the timing of releasing the song on Valentine’s Day adds to the romantic intimate experience, a feeling you can really only get from a movie.

Curves are expected to perform regularly around Melbourne this year and release their second EP, too.

Watch Curves live in the Ripe office back in December 2017.

Marcus Rimondini

Managing Editor & Music Editor - Follow on Twitter