29 Jun Premiere: Andrew Samuel – ‘Sitting Here With Nothing Owing’

So, I don’t know much about Andrew Samuel from Sydney, but I think I’ll just refer to him as Australia’s answer to Destroyer – a more optimistic, content, less sappy version of the Canadian singer (also without the brass instruments). Andrew may not have the impressive 20 years of consistent releases behind him, but what I do know is that Dan Bejar would happily feature ‘Sitting Here With Nothing Owing‘ on any of his albums.

Andrew’s upcoming EP Hissing Bitterness, to be released in August, was co-produced with Ryan Brennan (Phantastic Furniture) and features this new release. Apparently after he scrapped a different, highly overproduced single earlier in the year he decided to strip everything back and recorded ‘Sitting Here With Nothing Owing’ in the hallway of his house. The forced nature commonly associated with the pressures of a studio recording aren’t felt here, and it definitely shines through and gives the song a gentle pace.

Lyrically he avoids any cliché lines about nothing, and his inclusion of several subtle pauses along his approach never sound calculated or over-rehearsed. These delicate touches, also found within the instrumentation, make ‘Sitting Here With Nothing Owing’ a highly calming experience that comes with every listen – over and over again.

Marcus Rimondini

Managing Editor & Music Editor - Follow on Twitter