26 Sep Premiere: A. Swayze and the Ghosts – ‘Reciprocation’

I have been waiting for Hobart to have a new flagship band, and I may have just found them. They go by the name of A. Swayze and The Ghosts, and I’m not sure I’ve ever been this curious about a Hobart band’s potential. But they don’t just stand out in Hobart, ‘Reciprocation’ is one of the best first singles by any recent Australian band. The song displays a full range of emotional transitions via a raw, lo-fi energy that’s hard to pull away from.
Throughout the 10 minutes, the band moves back and forth between influences of Eddy Current Suppression Ring to a brief, darker moments of Total Control. There’s also traces of Silversun Pickups and Cymbals Eat Guitars in the dry guitar playing, and Parquet Court and Ought in the verse section talking-style deliveries – a comment on how well they’re able to deliver their own versions of each component, and a credit to their music talent.

They avoid sounding too formulated, and a lot of that is due to recording the sound live and mixing then mastering it themselves, avoiding the overproduction trap a lot of musicians can fall into. The band’s eager ambition isn’t restricted by another voice telling them to make it ‘radio friendly’ – this is what the band wants and they know you’ll enjoy it too. For example, this song is off a double EP with, apparently, the follow up LP already recorded, so you know the band is loaded with creative juices right now.
‘Reciprocation’ deals with the feeling of a relationship, where one side is giving more than the other. The singer initially appears to have patience, stating “take my time” and “reciprocation is all I ask”, but by the end he’s screaming “give it back!” and “why am I waiting for you?”.

I highly recommend checking these guys out on October 1st at The Grace Darling in Melbourne or on the 14th of October at Schmorgasbaag in Hobart.


Marcus Rimondini

Managing Editor & Music Editor - Follow on Twitter