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23 May OCDANTAR ‘Time in Flux’ EP Launch, Live at The Gasometer Hotel (7/5/16)

One of Melbourne’s most multi-talented musicians Joshua Delaney and his new solo music endeavour OCDANTAR created a rich and intoxicating sound-scape at the Gasometer Hotel earlier this month as he celebrated the launch of his new EP Time in Flux. Supported by Melbourne greats CoutureAlta, and Queen Magic, with visuals by Brendan Harwood, the spectacular evening of Melbourne music was a great introduction to OCDANTAR and his electronic-ethereal EP that was so well received by the packed out band room.

Couture, the new venture from Melbourne’s Simon Lam and Hamish Mitchell, started off the evening well as they played through their set of sensationally curated electronic beats that got the crowd moving. By the end, we were all craving more and hoping for an online release in future (nudge, nudge). It’s truly a testament to these two and their progression in the music scene that they can make such excellent music non-stop.


Alta duo Hannah Lesser and Julius Dowson were up next, playing through their immaculate set of beats and vocals that had a dance-rippled affect through the crowd… no-one could stand still, it was just that good to dance too. Playing tracks from their Awake for Days EP the pair showcased their production and performance skills which have always been so polished and exciting to experience. The crowds roaring cheers at the end were indication enough of the great admiration Melbourne has for Alta.


Queen Magic‘s soulful set followed Alta, a mix of smooth R’n’B sound and vocals by Melbourne producer and vocalist Nicholas Mulhalls that washed over the crowd. His tracks ‘I Don’t Want’ and ‘Said That You Wanted’ were crowd favourites as everyone grooved and swayed along.


OCDANTAR took to the stage to bring the night of Melbourne-music-magic to a close, and he absolutely amazed. Time in Flux is an exciting electronic sound experience that Delaney has created, bringing the crowd up and down as he moved through tracks like ‘Techno 15’ and ‘Sky Sea Client View. The visuals he paired his set with as well were a very entertaining touch, setting the mood and vibe of each song well.


This new project from Joshua Delaney has so much beautiful potential. Teaming up with so many great acts in one evening was also a testament to his recognised talent and mark on the music scene. I hope to hear and see more of his performances, and look forward to more material he’ll hopefully release in future as his musical abilities and OCDANTAR keeps growing.

Photos by Sarah Chavdaroska // @sarahchav


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