14 Sep Northeast Party House, Live at 170 Russell (9/9/16) x FRANK FOREVER

Northeast Party House ‘Dare’ Australian Album Tour // Words & Photos by Frank Forever

Northeast Party House took over a sold out 170 Russell Street last Friday night in celebration of their new sophomore album Dare. They did it in true Northeast style, as you would expect them too… By blowing the roof off the joint.

Kicking it backstage with the boys from Northeast – Zach, Sean, Jack, Mitch, Malcolm & Oliver – you could feel the relaxed, ‘straight up’ vibe that is such a strong foundation to their performance. Every band member was welcoming, encouraging and excited. They emanated a calm confidence about the show and national tour ahead, a true testament to the strength of the fraternity they have created over the years.

They spent their time bouncing jokes and ideas off one another, as their eager fans stomped around to a dynamic performance by Polish Club whose raucous track ‘Beeping‘ was a definite highlight of their support set.

Whilst some would have found this crowd nerve-wracking, the six-piece relaxed and enjoyed a few quiet moments to reflect before launching on stage and then right on cue, the crowd became absolutely rowdy.


Lead-singer Zach Hamilton-Reeves immediately caught the crowd’s attention, dressed in a pink Frank Forever jacket to match the pink tambourine he was emphatically smashing.

The boys launched into a rendition of ‘Any Given Weekend‘, followed by new bangers ‘For You‘ and ‘Your House’‘, then bookended by old classics ‘Youth Allowance‘ and ‘The Haunted‘. Having given everything to the crowd, it came time for Zach to chill out and take a back seat as the crowd exploded for Jack Shoe’s cover of Blink 182’s ‘Dammit‘.

The most electrifying element of the show was that no matter what the boys served to the hundreds of patrons, it felt as if thousands roared back, pushing the temperature and atmosphere to awesome heights. Mitch Ansell and Jack Shoe stood at each end of the stage, drawing the eye of those brave enough to enter the mosh pit at their feet, as both guys put in a significant amount of their energy into entertaining the bravest of fans.


Zach held the middle of the stage, filling it with his voice and stage presence. Behind these three, Malcolm Besley was anchoring the show on the drums, Sean Kenihan provided the keys and plenty of cowbell, while Oliver Packard kept the crowd enthused with the bass lines for which Northeast have become so well known.

This holistic use of the space and stage meant at least one of the boys was always drawing the eye of the crowd, whether it be through some particularly flamboyant dance moves, some ostentatious shredding on the guitar, or even just a wry smile.


Stylist Alexandra Peters kept the boys looking sharp on stage with consistent and well-cultivated looks. Decked out in Thrasher and Frank Forever tees, Dickies, tailored pants and Doc Martens, Peters perfectly captured the vibrant fashion culture that is radiating through the street scene in Melbourne at the moment. As I meandered through the crowd, this look could be seen far and wide – further reinforcing how perfectly Northeast encapsulates the brooding sub-culture from Melbourne’s inner North Eastern suburbs.

As their set ended, their loyal following gleefully begged for an encore. Choruses of “one more song” began, and the crowd were promptly rewarded with a ‘two-for-one’ as, with a signature sense of humour, Jack Shoe kicked off a cover of ‘Sweet Home Alabama‘ which he then cut short to hand the reigns back to Zach. Their final tune, the always adored ‘Pascal Cavalier‘ left the crowd cheering until they had nothing left to give.



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