27 Mar LISA MITCHELL – Spiritus

She’s adorable. Our (second) favourite Australian Idol alumnus has today released her new single, ‘Spiritus.’ Yes, it’s the sweetly voiced Lisa Mitchell.

It’s still the Mitchell we know and love, with her breathy vocals and piano rhythms, however it doesn’t strike me like the songs from her début album, ‘Wonder.’ Spiritus has a more mainstream radio feel to it than her previous songs, yet Mitchell still manages to inject her kooky personality into the music.

Did I mention this song has marimbas? This gives it a weird but wonderful mix of tropical-beach-meets-church sound. Bubbly beats are coupled with an ethereal echo. It’s kind of like a mix between Lionel Richie’s ‘All Night Long’ and a angelic gospel singer.

Spiritus is definitely lighter and more lively than her previous songs, if that was ever possible. With the combination of the piano and drums creating an extremely catchy sound, it will have you dancing around your living room. And I love her cute little giggle at the end, happy happy happy!

Mitchell has announced that she will be participating in the inaugural ‘Heavenly Sounds‘ tour of churches which last year featured Seeker Lover Keeper. Take a church, add a choir, then add Lisa Mitchell, and you’ve got a magical show.


Anna Gilfillan