07 Feb Jess Ribeiro Trading Tunes with Elizabeth Mitchell

Throughout January and February the Melbourne (via Brisbane originally) music label Bedroom Suck have been hosting some wonderful events at MPavilion, across the road from NVG in Melbourne. These events are called Bedroom Duets, where two acts who don’t usually work together team up for some lovely after-work live music around 5pm. Some of the acts who have played include Angle Eyes, Fia Fiell, Dag and Primo.

For the final event this Sunday, Elizabeth Mitchell of Totally Mild and Jess Ribeiro will perform solo sets. We love both of these artists, so we thought we would do something a little different for them. In this piece Jess Ribeiro has traded tunes (c/o us) for Elizabeth Mitchell (and the world wide web) to enjoy. She also wrote a poem using song titles, because she’s a clever one. Hopefully later this week we can get Elizabeth’s songs for Jess.

Jess Ribeiro: I wrote a letter to Liz;

Dear Liz,
I really like your style.
I like the clothes you wear.
You wear them with confidence.
I want to be confident too.
You are sassy.
I also want to be sassy.
Train me Liz.
– Jess.

And a poem using song titles,
It goes like this:

I Dress. Only for you.
No more home, No more love.
No fun.
Freak out.


PJ Harvey – ‘Dress’

The Heartless Bastards – ‘Only For You’

SOKO – ‘No More Home, No More Love’

The Stooges – ‘No Fun’

Chic – ‘Le Freak’


Marcus Rimondini

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