15 Sep INTRODUCING: Leafy Suburbs

In more recent times, a plethora of electronic producers and artists have come from Perth, with names such as Ta-Ku, Lower Spectrum and Sable becoming far more well-known and recognised for their outstanding releases nation-wide.

Joining this stronghold of electronic music to come from the west, Lyndon Blue (aka Leafy Suburbs) who has been releasing music for the past four years, popped up on our radar as his exploration of eclectic sounds and structures, psychedelic twists to electronic prodution and influence by artsits such as Laurel Halo, Oneohtrix Point Never, Tim Hecker, Aphex Twin, Black Dice and Holly Hendorn, draws you in from beginning to end throughout every track.

The sound of Leafy Suburbs has evolved and varied immensely throughout his career. Using multiple whacked out synths matched with traditional keys, percussion, guitar and obscure field recordings gives a rich tapestry of sound that cannot be predicted.

Since his first release CS-40 in early 2012, he has independently released all of his music via Bandcamp and Soundcloud. CS-40 – a split EP with Sacred Flower Union – gathers darker, glitchier atmospheres and combines them with tribal percussion, creating an eccentric broader theme which sweeps from one track to the next. His unique production skills are strong throughout this EP, and you can see their evolution in his later releases.

The two year gap between CS-40 and his debut album, Slow Light, reflects both the evolution of his sound and more personal experimentation. Slow Light creates an almost zen state in the listener, with calming and thoughtful sounds offset by quirky rhythms and soundscapes. Each individual track is unique, however maintaining the quality of a free flowing collective album.

Leafy Suburbs continued playing with various BPM timeframes on his next release, the Psychic Lease EP. Experimenting with both beat and beat-less production, Psychic Lease takes you on mysterious, tropical and ancient psychedelic journeys – perfect for relaxing or dancing, depending on your mood.

Lyndon Blue’s exploration of niche electronic production has for years only been recognised by a few. His varying styles, sounds and structures seamlessly fall together, creating a calm state of consciousness with familiar worldly atmospheres and intelligent attention to detail. Leafy Suburbs’ production is intriguing and skilful, on par with the aforementioned artists who have influenced him.

Catch Leafy Suburbs supporting Lower Spectrum on his Atlas Tour, September 22nd at The Bird in Perth – tickets available on the door.


Blake Creighton

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