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08 Oct Immersion & Break – An Interview with Buoy

Words by Marcus Rimondini // Photos by Sarah Chavdaroska

A couple of weeks ago I sat down with Buoy before her show at Boney for a brief and lovely chat. We spoke about her move from Tamworth to Sydney, her plans for the future including Paradise Music Festival next month and facing harsh criticism from six-year-olds.

Marcus Rimondini: Where are you from originally?

Buoy: I grew up in Tamworth. I moved when I was 18 after I finished school and moved to Lismore. I went to Southern Cross University and I studied piano there, I was there for three years. It was a contemporary music performance course.

When did you cross over to become Buoy?

After University when I moved to Sydney. I’ve always loved pop music.

How did you find it coming up through Sydney, did you associate yourself with certain artists? How did people find you originally?

I recorded it all. When I chose to start the Buoy project, I just made some recordings and then I sent them around, nothing really happened from that. Until I asked the booking agent of the band I used to be in.

What was that band’s name?

It was called Hello Vera.

What kind of music did Hello Vera make?

It was kind of alternative, piano, pop, synthy. It was a funny set up. It was a really good experience though. I learnt how bands work and I was very naive before then. Also playing piano growing up, it’s a very solo instrument, so I just wasn’t used to playing with other people.


What venues did you start playing at when you started Buoy?

The venue I first played at as Buoy was Goodgod. Which is called Plan B now. My manager happened to be at that gig and she moved very quickly, in working with me.

What are your regular places to play now in Sydney?

Well, I just did my launch at the Newtown Social Club. I’ve played there a couple of times, it’s always a good sound there.

What’s your day to day life like?

I teach piano, and I teach singing at a primary school to little tiny kids. Actually I had a six year old tell me, when he was about to play ‘Hot Cross Buns‘, before he played it he said “don’t take any offence, but I don’t want you to sing along when I play it, because you don’t actually have that good of a voice” [laughs]. I do that a couple days a week, and the rest of the time I get to write at home in Surry Hills.

When did you record the Break EP?

I recorded it over the past two years in my room, and Christopher Port had a friend who got me some studio time at his friends studio. It was just a couple of days in the studio, just doing things that we couldn’t do in our bedrooms pretty much, fine tuning and stuff. Using better quality gear.


Is that fine tuning the vocals or the instrumentation?

It’s mainly the vocals. If there’s also a piano in the studio, that’s really nice too.

What was the difference in approach between the Immersion EP and the Break EP?

Immersion was solely in the bedroom. Break was mostly in the bedroom, except for one song, ‘Clouds & Rain‘, [which] we did in the studio.

What were you listening to while you were recording Break?

The goal was to make it a bit more uptempo. At the time we were listening to In Colour and ‘All Under One Roof Raving‘ by Jamie Xx , that sort of vibe.

What’s your connection with Jack Grace?

I met Jack at University and he was also in Hello Vera.

What instruments do you use on stage?

I use a keyboard, MIDI, Laptop and a sampler. I have a little synth at home that I don’t get to use on stage that much, because it’s too hard to carry around. It’s used in the recordings. Sometimes when I play in Sydney I take it with me.

How do you supplement it live? with the laptop?

[laughs] Yeah.


What’s the plan for summer, touring wise?

In October I have a national tour supporting Lisa Mitchell, Paradise Music Festival and The Plot in November, and then Subsonic Music Festival is the last thing.

Do you know much about Paradise?

No! I have never been, but everyone tells me amazing things about it. Like “it’s the best festival. It’s so nice”.

What are your plans for next year? SXSW?

There is talk of it, but it’s really hard with visas and everything. Carrying all the gear… You know, funds [laughs].

Then do you plan on world domination? [laughs]

[laughs] I don’t know, I don’t really have one. I’m just enjoying being me. I’m just really enjoying writing songs, putting them out and playing.





October 13th & 14th @ Howler, Melbourne October 15th @ Woolly Mammoth, Brisbane
October 22nd @ 23rd – Newtown Social Club, Sydney October 27th @ Jack Rabbit Slims, Perth
October 28th @ Rocket Bar, Adelaide November 19th @ The Plot, Parramatta Park
November 25th-27th @ Paradise Music Festival, Victoria December 2nd-4th @ Subsonic Music Festival, Riverwood Downs Mountain Valley


Supporting Lisa Mitchell on her ‘Something About These Streets’ 2016 National Tour

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