21 Sep I’lls final show at the Northcote Social Club

I’lls performed their final shows last week, before riding off into the sunset on a horse named “indefinite hiatus”.

While their last performance would be a live broadcast from RRR‘s studio the following day, their final public show at the Northcote Social Club was tinged with sadness, vocalist Simon Lam attempting to lighten the mood with effusive banter.

Keep‘ was a particular highlight, the fitting melancholy of the lyrics – “Keep me from these friends of mine…” – causing my glasses to fog a little at the thought of one of Melbourne’s best musical projects coming to an end. When closing out their set, they took the opportunity to give us a glimpse of a new direction they’d been working on, introduced with incredulity as “an I’lls song you can dance to!?” And dance we did, knowing it would probably be the first and last time.

The boys left the stage, the last of the EPs were hastily snatched up at the merch table, and we shuffled out into Melbourne streets that were just a little darker.


Words by Brandon John / Photos by Sarah Chav

Brandon John

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