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26 Apr Hoodlem x Nico Ghost live at Howler


Saturday nights at Howler are usually a packed out affair, but April 16th was a particularly special evening as Hoodlem teamed up with Nico GhostAlice Ivy, and GXNXVS for a wonderful night of talented Australian music.

I arrived in time to see Nico Ghost slowly make his way to the stage, limping and sporting crutches. The crowd surged forward and in an instant, there was high-energy fun, dance, and great tunes. It was a fantastic set from the Aussie hip-hop rapper, and he never let his injury bring him down as he joined the crowd, dancing and jumping, keeping the energy up for his entire set. He was joined by GXNXVS for a song towards the end, and when they exited, they left behind a hyped-up crowd waiting front and centre for Hoodlem.


I’ve seen Hoodlem live once before at Boney, and it was one of those sets that just stays with you. As they played through both their new and old material – some of it to be released not long after the gig – I was left with a thirst for more of their impressive visuals and tracks. There was so much soul to the set, and I don’t mean the genre – just that general feel-good vibe.  Their songs got some serious Spotify replays after that night as I made my way through ‘Firing Line’ and ‘Through’, and then upon the release of their self-titled EP Hoodlem’ their newer tracks were constantly on repeat, in particular ‘Collapse’ and ‘Kinstugi’.

So to say I was a little excited to see them again, well… that was a given, and this time it was an absolute extravaganza of sound, lights, and energy. Hoodlem’s singer blew the crowd away with her dance moves and strong vocals, whilst Yeo transitioned the duo through each track smoothly and without fault, showing Melbourne yet again that he is a rising star in the producer/singer-songwriter field.


After their dazzling light and music show, I was again left feeling like Hoodlem are going to be one of those new rising stars in Australian music. Even though we bid farewell to their singer as she heads to Canada, there will hopefully be more writing and producing coming from the powerhouse duo – I hope to see them live again one day to hear new and more exciting material.


Sarah Chavdaroska

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