25 Sep Hazel English – ‘Fix’

I was going to say that Hazel English sounds like a female version of Craft Spells, and then I saw that, fittingly, she opened for them less than two weeks ago. The Oakland-via-Australia songwriter is set to release her debut EP and, based on the three singles I’ve heard – ‘Never Going Home‘, ‘It’s Not Real‘, and now ‘Fix‘ – the EP is going to be highly addictive.

The first two singles drew from bands such as Beach Fossils and Seapony, both of which are guilty pleasures of mine. Hazel English brings (a little) more clarity than those two to the vocals, but it’s more that her lyrics are less vague and soaked in reverb. Each song has a clear message or motive behind it.

‘Fix’ in particular isn’t hiding behind uncertainty or clustered thoughts, and the layers disperse to reveal a certain honesty when she sings “I more than feel alright”. The mood is dreamy, but these aren’t the dreams you have when you’re trying to escape reality – these are the dreams you have when you’re happy. Hazel English makes happy dreams.

Marcus Rimondini

Managing Editor & Music Editor - Follow on Twitter