05 Nov Good Morning – ‘Cab Deg’

Finally. I’ve been waiting to write up on ‘Cab Deg‘ since I heard Melbourne’s Good Morning closing out all their sets with it at CMJ in New York this past month. It’s the first single off their upcoming EP Glory (the follow-up to their 2014 debut EP Shawcross), due out in February.

When you’re watching about 10 bands play everyday at CMJ, it’s almost impossible to go home every night with the same song stuck in your head – but I did. There it was, the chorus of ‘Cab Deg’ looping over and over in my head, every  night. Not even ‘Hotline Bling‘ could compete.

While I was previously intrigued by Good Morning, Glory may just make me a legit fan. They have a smart team behind them in label Solitaire, and have enlisted the mastering abilities of the respected Simon Lam of I’lls. My only criticism is that the recording quality sounds more like early, lo-fi Real Estate, rather than the crisp, modern Real Estate. That transition is the next step for Good Morning; everything else is firmly in place.

Glory is out in February via Solitaire, as a digital download or black 12″.

Track list:
1. Overslept
2. Cab Deg
3. To Be Won
4. Give Me Something To Do
5. The Great Start
6. In The Way

Marcus Rimondini

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