13 Jun DYLAN HILL – She Fell (What Of Him)

It seems as though Dylan Hill wants his music to speak for him. Across all of his Facebook, Triple J Unearthed and Soundcloud profiles he has given me nothing (apart from the fact that he has studied applied music)! He has done no self promotion and his Facebook page has all of 88 fans. But it seems as though he isn’t concerned, Dylan Hill is just releasing some amazing music and making us poor music enthusiasts search for the info. I can’t blame him though, the intrigue adds to the dream wave synth vibe that he has created and it adds to the enigma.

Dylan Hill’s track “She Fell (What Of Him)” is one of those songs that you throw on at the end of a big night when things are getting weird. The bottles are empty and all that is left is a pile of carcasses ravaged from the night that has been, all contemplating and pondering the next few days and what the implications of the evenings events will be. It is eerie, it is beautiful and it is extremely well produced. Dylan Hill, Melbourne producer, is on his way to doing some remarkable things. I am truly excited. He now has 89 Facebook fans.


Huw Nolan