16 Sep DIIV – ‘Dopamine’

I’ve been waiting, and waiting and waiting all year for the first single off their second album Is The Is Are. While it’s not the massive statement track I was expecting from Zachary Cole Smith‘s project, you have to remember that the album is expected to be 18 songs over two discs, around 75 minutes long, making ‘Dopamine‘ just 5% of the album.

However what does excite me about ‘Dopamine’, is the bands clear focus on the darker, more driven side of the project, moving them closer to the direction Beach Fossils took on their last album. The public had a feeling this might happen, when they dropped ‘Dust‘ in 2013. A song that represented the intensity of their live shows. Remember that DIIV started in Zach’s bedroom as a dreamy, nostalgic project, well before he played any of the songs live. After two years of playing the songs live, it became clear to him and anyone who attended their shows, that the band’s very exhilarating when they’re instead on the front-foot.

It’s a little hard to make out exactly what Zach is saying in ‘Dopamine’, but I assume the title has something to do with the dope charge incident with Sky Ferreira. I guess the lyrics will appear online soon and I hope more pieces of the albums puzzle do too.

Marcus Rimondini

Managing Editor & Music Editor - Follow on Twitter