17 Sep Darcy Baylis – ‘Variations On Memory’

The Melbourne electronic producer Darcy Baylis has dropped a new track called ‘Variations On Memory‘. He’s been on our radar for a while with solid remixes of Oscar Key Sung and Slum Sociable, but ‘Variations On Memory’ is the most unique piece of work he’s put out to date.

It’s not the sound that’s necessarily unique, but it’s the way in which he constantly pulls back from the listener, that actually draws the listener in. It’s a careful bluff game, where you don’t know if the song is going to drop, turn left or right, therefor making the experience rather engaging.

It’s a little more layered than say The Field and more in the vein of Any Stott. Where no layer is a throw-away texture, and each one is delicately manipulated into place. ‘Variations On Memory’ after five minutes does eventually turn into chugging, deep house track. I’m also going to suggest (based off ‘Variations On Memory’), that he may be better off without including vocals.

Marcus Rimondini

Managing Editor & Music Editor - Follow on Twitter