13 May Ripe Guest Mix with DJ Heure

Vlad AKA DJ Heure recently moved across from Adelaide to Melbourne — an unfortunate reoccurring move for promising electronic artists from Adelaide, often due to the lack of late night venues to play compared to those in Melbourne. Now that DJ Heure is here in Melbourne, he’s quickly made a splash with his latest EP Let’s Play House.

Tracks such as ‘Last One‘ and ‘Eastbound [Let’s Play House]’, instantly display his swift production precision. That kind of slick layering created by someone who listens to everything, but knows exactly what he wants when it’s his turn to create music. His range of influences can be heard on this guest mix he kindly recorded for Ripe. It dances and dazzles seamlessly across multiple genres and decades of styles.

You can catch him playing at Higher State x Monster Robot BYO day party in Brisbane on Saturday the 12th of May.

style=”text-align: center;”>T R A C K L I S T
Max D – ‘The Figurine (Nod Mix)’
Momla – ‘First Joint’
Mori-Ra – ‘Kanwaza’
Golden Teacher – ‘Shatter (Version)’
Joan Biblioni – ‘Migas’
Urban Tribe – ‘D-2000’
Melchior Sultana – ‘Find Yourself’
D-Connection – ‘Re-Connected’
The Emperor Machine – ‘Africa (Wolf Muller Remix)’
The Loose Control Band – ‘That’s My Man Throwing Down’
DJ Heure – ‘Untitled’
Norm Talley – ‘If It’s Love That U Want’
Those Guys – ‘Sierra Leone (Jungle Mix)’
Circulation – ‘Burgundy’
Gherkin Jerks – ‘Don’t Dis The Beat’
Serotonin – ‘Fazamour (Instrumental)’
The Heavyweight Kru – ‘The Drea-MM’

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01 Nov Ripe Guest Mix with Nali

The Melbourne electronic artist Nali caught our attention earlier this year with ‘D.R.D (B2H002)‘, which took our track of the week honour.

The level of control within ‘D.R.D (B2H002)’ is very promising for Nali. The track constantly teases and oozes with the potential to go in any direction, while maintaining a sharp focus on exactly what it wants to do and sound like. Which is reassuring for the listener yet manages to keep them on the edge of their seat for the entire ride. I’d be very interested to see how Nali’s dark, interstellar sound translates to a 45 or 60 minute album, whether that tension would be maintained or perhaps even go a lot deeper and further beyond the walls of ‘D.R.D (B2H002)’.

In the meantime, Nali has sent us ruthless and relentless 60 minute guest mix that’ll transport you into a Melbourne club, house or park party between 4am-5am, where every punter is locked in their dance zone. It’s quite the state of mind, so prepare yourself. He’s also playing an event in Melbourne on the 26th of November, details can be found here at


Nali – ‘Wormhole Transmission Service’
Peter Van Hoesen – ‘Coast to Coast’
Niteworks ft. Damon Wild and Echoplex – ‘Grainstates’
Planetary Assault Systems – ‘Twelve (L.B. Dub Corp meets PAS Rework)’
Carl Finlow – ‘Sling It’
Claro Intelecto – ‘Senti’
Ectomorph – ‘Ritmo Siniestro’
Alpha 606 – ‘Dahomey’
Pearson Sound – ‘Freeze Cycle’
Annie Hall – ‘Meitner’
Efdemin – ‘Decay (E.R.P Version)’
NRSB-11 – ‘6231-748 3’
Mist – ‘P.M.’


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10 Oct Ripe Guest Mix with Loure

The Melbourne artist Loure caught our attention with his Westside Movements EP in April this year. His fluid, jazzy, and silk style is easy to digest whilst proving to be quite detailed under the microscope. The track ‘Step In‘ featured in our top 50 tracks so far this year post, and almost every other song on the EP made it on to one of our weekly playlists. A very impressive start, which made it a no-brainier decision to ask Loure for a guest mix — and he has delivered 47 minutes of world class, pure Ecstasy. Floating in and out of micro-tech, soft-tech, Detroit-house, disco-house, with everything in between, Loure delivers a broad palette, without making a questionable move or ever stretching too far. By the time he cools things off with the Lone track, you’ll wish the mix went for 2 hours more.

Early 2018 will see the physical release of Loure’s Westside Movements EP via Apparel Music, and you can catch him live at The Toff In Town on Monday November 6th and at Hopkins Creek Music Festival on December 1st.

Loure – ‘In The Evenings’
Flabaire – ‘Linguine Alle Vongole’
T.U.R.F – ‘Faded Days’
Acasual – ‘Spring Theory (Moomin Re-work)’
Moomin – ‘Au Bord De La Mer’
Paso – ‘Brandschatzer’
Marcin Krupa – ‘Orlowo’
Cody Currie – ‘Beer Machine’
Real J – ‘One Way Ticket’
Real Dubz – ‘Relaxin’ On The Flip’
Lone – ‘Stuck’

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27 Jan Ripe Guest Mix with Slim Vibrato

Adam Ricco a.k.a. Slim Vibrato has recently headlined Glamorama, played at the Good Manners Melbourne Music Week closing party inside the Victorian State Library and is about to play some big gigs coming up. Tonight he’s playing at Crave David Presents: Stick n Poke at The Gasometer Hotel and it’s free to head down. To get you keen as mustard, he’s recorded a guest mix for us to share around:

“50.50 carefully weaves back and forth between all-encompassing techno and house to stripped-back material that seldom leaves my bedroom. Showcasing some of my most recent finds from labels old and new, this mix offers rhythmic diversity while still following a path somewhat linear.”


LK – ‘You Set My Body On Fire’
Telephones – ‘Kanal (Prins Thomas Sure Oppstøt)’
Pantha Du Prince – ‘Bohemian Forest’
Leo James – ‘Salvation pt 2’
András – ‘Soy Boy’
Phil Stroud – ‘The Forest’
Quarion – ‘Turn Off The Light’
Shackleton – ‘Death Is Not Final’
Fantastic Man – ‘Galactic Ecstasy’
Lars Behrenroth – ‘Inflection’
Silk 86 – ‘Vince Charming’


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20 Jan Ripe Guest Mix with Leafy Suburbs

Perth based artist Lyndon Blue, aka Leafy Suburbs, popped up on our radar when writer Blake Creighton introduced us to him late last year.

Around the same time his latest album Honda Jazz was released via Canberra label Moontown Records, and we had the opportunity to chat with Lyndon. He was kind enough to gift us with a guest mix as well, featuring music that constantly inspires his silky jazz textures. Down below he has dissected each track for us.


Mall Grab – ‘Drive

“Aw yiss, Mall Grab is pretty sick. His latest stuff has that nice blown out, minimal, jacking sound, and the Sun Ra EP on Church was really beautiful. But I’ve gotta keep my birdsong quota up, so couldn’t go past this rainforestey, slow-sipper from last year. It’s called ‘Drive‘ and reminds me of crisp winding car journeys through misty greenery in high altitudes, it probably had some influence on the more bucolic moments on Honda Jazz.”


The Person – ‘Enclosure

“I went on a tour with a bunch of new friends a while ago, and one of them was Minna Wight. She was dressed as a punk sausage and I was (sometimes) dressed as a giant slice of white bread. I soon discovered that in her other lives she’s half of the Steaming Jeans, and all of The Person. There are similar gated drum and portamento synth layering’s to the Kate Bush track, but to totally different effect; ‘Enclosure‘ is a kind of dozy but heavy funk workout. Like when you’re heavy-lidded on the dance floor but your feet just wanna keep going.”


Virna Lindt – ‘Underwater Boy

“Super wild and smooth psychedelic pop out of Sweden in the ’80s. Weirdly enough, this tune reminds me of Pond: the soulful chords, the sex-funk inclinations, the experimental noodling and the kinda comical vocal phrasing on silly lyrics like ‘X-ray eyes / my underwater boy’.”


Soda Lite – ‘Sky Reef

Alex Last is one person with whom I’ve enjoyed hanging out in dewy forests. I sampled him playing a Tasmanian church organ on the album track ‘Thylancine Fang‘. He’s a Perth boy originally and now based in Melbourne, where he makes beautiful music as Soda Lite and runs the Hi Tide label, in collaboration with Chloe who’s also an amazing artist and human. ‘Sky Reef‘ is his latest and it’s perfectly titled, an airy expanse under laid with colourful formations and bubbles.”


Jlin feat. Holly Herndon – ‘Expand

“Can’t stop listening to footwork lately, it’s kind of all my brain wants to hear‚ is that a super cliche dorky white person thing to say in 2016? Anyway, Jlin is one producer who’s really pushing in interesting directions, much like Holly Herndon who just constantly blows my mind. To catch them both on one track is a kind of freaky bliss.”


Lana – ‘Where You Are

Lana Rothnie is one of Perth’s most unique and experimental talents at the mo, if you want my opinion. This track feels like a fitting companion to Jlin & Holly Herdon: chopped irregular samples, unsettling arpeggios, fragmented synth/vocal drones. Lana also does dancey and more song-y stuff (we made a pop song together and it’s on the album), but I think this track showcases her especially wild imagination.”


Pharoah Sanders – ‘Astral Traveling

“This album I’m putting out, Honda Jazz, is not a real jazz album, although it does feature saxophone contributions from a Perth jazz player I really admire (Alana Macpherson). As far as sax and inner peace explorations go it feels fitting to include the one and only Pharaoh Sanders, in 100% cosmic cruise mode. Heavenly rhodes from Lonnie Liston Smith. The shimmery percussion and unique ‘bird effects’ (how did they do that??) are so special, too.”


Ruth White – ‘Magician

“I wanted to include some totally insane early electronic music in this mix and I almost went with Morton Subotnick (even his name sounds like an eccentric robot) but Ruth White won out ’cause she’s spookier. The music on Seven Trumps From The Tarot Card And Pinions (1968) was commissioned for a performance a year earlier, but it definitely shines by itself as a dense and slightly terrifying listening experience. Her Flowers of Evil record from ’69 is another real trip, where she recites Baudelaire poems over demonic drones and soundscapes. For something less hectic, the Klassik O’Tilt album is a cool classical moog type collection (a la Wendy Carlos), featuring the version of ‘Flight of the Bumblebee‘ sampled on Jaylib’s Da Rawkus.”


Ryo Kawasaki – ‘Hawaiian Caravan

“Yeah, it kinda sounds like a scrubbed-up, joyous Sun Araw track with a crazy brief footworky intro… But in fact it’s a jam from Japanese jazz/fusion guitarist Ryo Kawasaki made over 30 years ago. Ridiculously fun to listen to, I reckon. It featured on a reissue comp via Nu Northern Soul earlier this year, Selected Works 1979 to 1983.”


Kate Bush – ‘Mother Stands for Comfort

“This is one of my favourite Kate Bush songs, and by extension probably one of my favourite songs in general. Eberhard Weber‘s upright bass slides around like an eel, the drums are all jagged and tense, the lead synth has this smokey slippery quality, and there are all these amazing sounds from the Fairlight sampler synth. Kate’s vocals are subdued and eerie as she sings about a mother’s love being unconditional, to the point where she’ll keep her child’s murderous secrets; Am I the cat that takes the bird to her? Mother will stay mum… Goosebumps.”


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19 Dec Ripe Guest Mix with Tomsk – Ciggie Saturday Special

It’s summer time in Australia, which means we have a series of guest mixes on the way for the holiday season. First off, we have this special little mix from Melbourne-based Tomsk, who has kindly made us a mix ahead of the Christmas Eve Ciggie Saturday event at The Gasometer Hotel in Collingwood. We will let the man himself give us a rundown of what’s inside the mix.

“This mix kicks off with an unreleased track from myself — setting the tone with a jungle-like ’90s warp records inspired jam I made after dropping out of Uni halfway through this year. The bass line and melodies were made in one take, but the percussion was meticulously edited over a couple of weeks. ‘Time Rippa‘ is a track I put up earlier this year, [and] it’s definitely a trip! My brother described it perfectly – it’s like Aphex Twin mixed with The Chemical Brothers – two of my main inspirations!

I have included three other tracks from Melbourne mates — one from the rising live techno and electro outfit Glome. This one is a scorcher! Pounding broken beat kick resembling that of a industrial robotic arm chugs through, while the track is climaxing in a fierce electro locked groove. Next is another unreleased track, this one from the mysterious Runsthevoodoodown, who has been a regular selector at Ciggie Sundays this year. ‘Skyline‘ is an incredible warping break-beat extravaganza! We are both getting inspiration from similar sources at the moment, I know for a fact he has a whole lot of unreleased fire in his arsenal so keep an eye on him for sure.

The last track of the mix is from Escape Artist, who is one half of Continent. They will be debuting their live set on Christmas Eve for us. I was immediately taken back by this one, ‘Drum and Space’. It’s a kind of deconstructed jungle track with sparse interwoven rhythms and a cascading wash of arpeggios to cap it off.”

Tomsk – ‘Drop Out Jam’ (Unreleased)
Dave Monolith – ‘Ages Sound’
AGTomsk – ‘Time Rippa’
Glome – ‘Stryker Hydraulic Fracturing Tension Arc’
Clark – ‘Unfurla’
Rolando Simmons – ‘Sol’
AFX – ‘Pitcard’
Runsthevoodoodown – ‘Skyline’ (Unreleased)
Cosiin – ‘Shinra’
Plant 43 – ‘Will I Dream’
The Art Of Trance – ‘Gloria’ (Transparent Mix)
µ-Ziq – ‘Brace Yourself Jason’
Autechre – ‘Flutter’
Escape Artist – ‘Drum and Space’


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04 Oct Ripe Guest Mix with Null

Ahead of Melbourne-based electronic artist Null‘s new EP Archived Works Volume 1, he has kindly sent us a guest mix. His EP will be out via Siberia Records and is five tracks long, of which the first single ‘In Unity‘ has already been released. It has set the tone for not only an exhilarating and complex affair, but a visually engaging one too, as the ‘In Unity’ video created by Tokyo-based designer Rus Brockman is fantastic.

Null brings early ’90s house, mid ’90s industrial and late ’90s big beat sounds into 2016 via his own sharp interpretation. The Archived Works Vol. 1 EP is a collection of B-sides and unreleased tracks, which serves as a teaser ahead of his debut LP next year.




27th Oct, 2016 @ Howler, VIC 4th Nov, 2016 @ Oxford Art Factory, NSW
25th – 27th Nov, 2016 @ Paradise Music Festival, VIC


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06 Sep Ripe Guest Mix with Flamingo Jones

Melbourne-based Caribbean/psychedelic beat maker Nick Bond (aka Flamingo Jones) has kindly sent us this guest mix, titled ‘Crazy Afro-Cuban adventure’. A showcase for Nick’s incredible mixing chops and sharp ear for Islander jams, it’s perfect to pair with the increasingly tropical temperatures across the country right now.

There are currently no Flamingo Jones shows or releases lined up until early next year. Until then, hopefully Nick will be welcoming summer with a DJ set somewhere near you.

Orlando Julius – ‘Disco Hi-Life (Percussion 2009 Edit)’
VO – ‘Mashisa (Dub Mix)’
Carl & Carol Jacobs – ‘Robot Jam (Nick The Record & Dan Idjut Rerub)’ Talking Heads – ‘I Zimbra’
Ray Lynch – ‘Cooking It ‘Til It’s Hot’
Jimmy Hyacinthe – ‘Yatchiminou’
Jephté Guillaume – ‘Ibo Lele (Ginèn Tèt Red Mix)’
Fela Kuti – ‘No Possible (Joystick Jay’s Vulgar Distractions Edit)’
Ajukaja – ‘Benga Benga’
Seigneur Tabu Ley Rochereau – ‘Hafi Deo’
John Ozila – ‘Ole Mangaley’
Stephen Encinas – ‘Lypso Illusion’
Akwasa Singing Party – ‘Aijigwu Owhuo Nogwu’
Joyce – ‘Aldeia De Ogum’
Wganda Kenya – ‘Pim Pom’
Julius Kang’ethe – ‘Mumbi (Rework)’
Hazel Rambaransingh – ‘I Wanna Give You Everything’


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Christopher port

15 Jul Ripe Guest Mix with Christopher Port

Christopher Port from Melbourne caught our attention a few months ago with his polished live sets around town and single release ‘Bump‘. Today he’s releasing his debut five track EP Vetement and to celebrate he has also sent us a guest mix.

Christopher: It’s a 36 minute long mix, full of tunes that are different to the other mixes I’ve done in the past. It’s more subdued, focused around beautiful harmonies and melodies instead of drums. All the tracks have a melancholic quality to them which I love.

Christopher’s been a drummer for Airling and #1 Dads, and has taken that strong rhythmic and methodical approach to his EP – creating layers of sharp and interesting arrangements. If you enjoy the rhythmic led electronic music of Factory Floor or even Lunice and Hyetal, then Christopher Port will intrigue you.

You can catch Christopher Port playing at the Volumes Festival in Sydney on Friday the 26th of August.
LINK: Volumes 2016

Nils Frahm ‎– ‘Ode’
Mark Pritchard – ‘Under The Sun’
Burial – ‘In McDonald’s’
Sunless 97 – ‘Aia’
Boards of Canada – ‘Dayvan Cowboy’
Nearly Oratorio – ‘Occlude’
Oneohtrix Point Never – ‘Child Soldier’
Nik Bartsch’s Ronin – ‘Modul 46’
Boards of Canada – ‘Beware The Friendly Stranger’
I’lls – ‘Aves’
Big Scary – ‘Rolling By’



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Ben Houghton 2400x1600

14 Jul Ripe Guest Mix with Ben Houghton

Our latest Ripe Guest Mix comes from Melbourne based electronic producer Ben Houghton, whose crisp production caught our attention.

Ben: This mix is a bit of a cross section of my brain at the moment. I wanted to cover a lot of ground, play lots of styles and tempos – that’s how it came together! A bunch of my favourite records from the collection, a few classics, some awesome Australian music, and plenty of heavyweight house and techno for good measure.

Ben’s sound is seemingly influenced by the dark and atmospheric beats of Berlin, as he focuses on defining each layer in order to create chaotic adrenaline. His approach explores and fleshes out ideas with patience and controlled pacing.

His recent release of ‘Beta Blocker‘ on 12″ vinyl includes two remixes by Harvey Sutherland and Inkswel, and his other track ‘Softly Spoken‘.

Catch Ben performing at the Momentary Records 001 12″ Launch Party at The Gasometer Hotel on Saturday the 6th of August.
LINK: Momentary Records 001 12″ launch party

We would like to thank Ben for taking the time out to create this exclusive mix for Ripe – here is the track list for the mix, and below the link to his latest track ‘Beta Blocker’.

Fit Siegel + Tim Love Lee ‎– ‘Living Is Serious Business (Life Acappella)’
Inkswel – ‘Mind Yours (Iron Curtis Chant Remix)’
DJ Sotofett’s Extended -AM-Mix
Marcel Dettmann ft. Emika – ‘Seduction’
Alden Tyrell – ‘Rush’
Deep Throat – ‘Fetishist’
Moodymann – ‘The Third Track’
Levon Vincent – ‘Man Or Mistress’
Ben Houghton – ‘Softly Spoken’
Max Richter – ‘Berlin By Overnight’
Traumprinz – ‘Hey Baby’
Third Side – ‘Andy’
Craig McWhinney – ‘A Shape With Body’
DJ HMC – ‘Marauder’
Chez N Trent – ‘Morning Factory’



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