20 Dec RIPE LIVE: Polo Club – See You Again

Melbourne band Polo Club came along to The Ripe House Party #2 and brought plenty of loose action with them. Fair to say shit got real. The climax of the night was their single ‘See You Again‘ which saw an out of control crowd on bench-tops and crowd surfing in Chelsea’s living room. We’re sorry Chelsea.

Polo Club have been going strength to strenth in 2012 having released their ‘She Will Never Know’ EP, a sold out Melbourne show and national tour.  On Saturday the 5th Jan, the guys will bring in the first weekend of 2013 at The Workers Club with REMI and Windsor Thieves. You can catch more information on their website and Facebook.

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16 Dec SHY GIRLS – Under Attack

Shy Girls is the project of US musician Dan Vidma, an emerging multitalented musician set on producing “Smooth, sultry R&B that get’s straight to the point.”

Shy Girls Under AttackHis latest track “Under Attack” is a soft and sassy mix of retro R&B with a distinct 80’s soul flavour. The slow progressive jam immediately grabbed my attention with its inducing brass samples and 80’s synth. From here the track casually weaves through slow and reflective emotive swells. The silky vocal track is mixed up alongside a consistent electric-tom that maintains a consistent and progressive metronome throughout the versus.

Any song with a sax solo automatically wins my heart over – and this song has done just that. Someone could make a killer remix of this.

You can follow Shy Girls on Facebook for more.


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12 Dec TRAILS AND WAYS – Border Crosser (The Seshen Remix)

Californian group Trails and Ways have seemingly emerged from nowhere in 2012, creating great buzz for themselves around their releases ‘Nunca‘ and ‘Mtn Tune‘. Now the group are curating a remix EP on the back of the latest single ‘Border Crosser‘. The first instalment is this dream pop remix from The Sehsen. Opening with spaced out glitchy samples, the song escalates in to a space-age dream pop sound. It adds a whole new element of fuzz and eeriness to the original.

Speaking about the new remix EP (out Jan 8th), Ian from the band says “we get a lot of inspiration from all the innovation being done by producers right now, and we make our songs in conversation with those ideas. We wanted to give some producers the chance to talk back. Some remixes are from friends in the Bay Area electronic scene. Other remixers approached us unasked. We’re putting out the remixes as part of the buildup to our debut full-length, Trilingual, to be released next year.”



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On Saturday December 22nd, THE RIPE will present some of its favourite local music, stripped back for an intimate music festival on the outdoor decks of the Nevermind bar in Hawthorn. The intricate venue will play host to Melbourne music from Buckley Ward, I’lls, Vance Joy, Tully On Tully, Albert Salt, Ali Barter, Flash Forrest and Woody Pitney while we hit the arvo drinks on what is shaping up to be a stella day.

The whole event is completely free, so grab a few mates for a pre-christmas catch up alongside some of Melbourne’s best upcoming music. Everything will kick off from 1pm and we’ll be hanging until late.

You can catch more info on the event + follow updates on the event via the NEVEREVERMIND FESTIVAL EVENT on Facebook.

Without further a due; we present the artists for the first ever Neverevermind on December 22nd for your listening pleasures.


Buckley Ward:


It’s no secret we love Melbourne 5-piece band Buckley Ward. Like their name, it’s deceptively difficult to trace the inscrutable sound of Buckley Ward back to its source. Deviance and derivation, vivacity and everyday tragedy; its all there. For a year and a half, Jimmy Allen and his bande à part have been plotting their vision – an aural semblance of life and listlessness in the city.

You can check out our Ripe TV interview with the gang here and follow them on Facebook.


I’lls (pronounced isles) gained a spot on a Parklife bill after one measly gig in 2011. Since the release of their Thread EP in August of 2011 I’lls have been on the constant gigging trail, gaining well deserved respect from their peers and the industry alike. Artists such as Chet Faker, Elizabeth Rose, and Clubfeet have all enlisted the help of the eletronica pop trio, securing them as supports on their respective tours this year. The boys have been recording a new EP which was completed sometime late September and if their Thread EP was anything to go by they will be gaining an new batch of fans very soon.

Follow I’lls on Facebook for more info.

Vance Joy


Vance Joy first caught our attention this year with his debut release ‘Riptide‘ which instantly converted us to fans. He has an original voice which at first he kept to himself. Feeding on a diet of The Pogues, Paul Kelly, and whatever else was playing, he cut his teeth performing at open mike nights in Melbourne. It is folk music with pop influences. Songs that grab you by the scruff of the neck and hold on for a moment. You can follow Vance Joy on Facebook for more info and updates.

Tully On Tully


Tully on Tully is the project of Natalie Foster. Her music is a journey drawing from epic post-rock and Australian songstresses in equal parts. Soaring vocals paired with full-band arrangements, Tully’s songs are peppered with thoughtful imagery and poetic descriptions. Hear the angular drumming or the quirky, eccentric melody writing, the rhythmic focus and the dark, moody undertones – Tully On Tully has a mysterious underbelly and a dark side that quietly draws you in.

You can follow Tully on Tully on Facebook for more.

Albert Salt


Since being announced as a triple j Unearthed High finalist in 2011, Albert Salt has continued to climb his way up through the crowded Melbourne music scene. His willingness to learn and develop his ‘strange yet unique and addictive blend of alternate rock, classical and electronic genres’ (Amy Bastow, 2012) and live show has seen him gradually alter his sound for the better, whilst retaining the vital elements that truly define him as an artist.

You can follow Albert Salt on his Facebook page for more info.

Ali Barter


Hailing from the live Melbourne music scene Ali Barter brings forward a voice haunting and emotive. A unique & subtle modern twist on folk with touches of soul & blues, she has created a following entirely based on live performances to date. Follow Ali via her Facebook music page.

Flash Forest


Flash Forest is Melbourne beat maker, Sam Maguire. Leaning towards melancholy vibes he makes hip hop influenced electronic music when he’s not asleep or working. His collaboration with sydney based Mammals has received some serious interest from triple j and his very own ‘In A Backyard In North Melbourne‘ has been getting some heat on triple j unearthed. Be sure to check out his music via Facebook or the Soundcloud profile above.

Woody Pitney


Woody is a 21 year old Melbourne based independent singer-songwriter with clear pop-rock and alt-country flare. Pitney’s self-titled debut EP encapsulates a collection of different emotions through powerful choruses and catchy pop riffs. The single from the EP ‘Colours’, reached number 1 overall on the Triple J Unearthed charts which has seen him play the Queenscliff Music Festival (2011/2012) and play alongside numerous popular musical acts such as Matt Walters, Big Scary, Animaux and City Calm Down. You can follow Woody via his Facebook page.


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09 Dec ST. LUCIA – All Eyes On You (Pacific Air Remix)

I’m a St. Lucia fan. After the release of his debut EP and album this year, I chased down the New York producer for an interview and we caught up for a followup chat at Parklife when he was here in Melbourne. I’ll be honest, in my eyes, we’re basically best mates now. However, I appreciate the feeling probably isn’t mutual. But, how can you not be a fan?

His music has this guilty-pleasure pop sound that commands such wide appeal. You just can’t argue with his palatable soaring melodies and catchy hooks, they’re designed for easy listening.

Despite releasing these tracks months ago, it seems the music off his debut album, September, just doesn’t stop giving. Sydney artist Plastic Plates just delivered the latest remix of ‘All Eyes On You’.

The remix opens with organ chords that build until they breakout into an all-tropical dance affair. Instead of pumping out a classic club-banger, Plastic Plates stayed true to the flavour of St. Lucia. They’ve maintained the vocal hooks and synced them nicely with a dance-pop sound. It’s the sort of track you could play over a backyard BBQ or scale up to a dance-floor session.

Plastic Plates (AKA Felix Bloxsom) has been up to some really cool things this year with recent remixes of ‘Promises’  by The Presets and Sam Sparrow’s song Shades Of Grey’. Having signed with Kitsune, he’s now based in LA and it’s worth following his inevitable progression via his Facebook page.

If you’re looking to up the danceability – check out this remix from fellow Aussie and RIPE Guest Mix-er 96 Bulls:


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07 Dec YOLANDA BE COOL – Ladies & Mentalmen

I distinctly remember hearing the song ‘We No Speak Americano‘ by Aussie dance duo Yolanda Be Cool and DCUP for the first time in February 2010 (yes, it really was that long ago). I won’t pretend I’m an expert on the club music scene, but in that month the top five gongs on the club charts read: 1. Ke$ha, 2. Lady Gaga, 3. Rihanna, 4. Britney Spears 5. David Guetta. You couldn’t hit a dancefloor without feeling like you were listening to a heartbroken-middle-aged-accountant’s gym playlist.

Yolanda Be Cool’s new track tore apart the template-pop orgy with its cool retro sampling and bouncy electro beats. I remember thinking ‘wow, this is song is unique and cool… get around it’. But, to quote Nick Levine of Digital Spy Blog:

Enjoy it now before that mate of a mate with a fondness for novelty ringtones gets hold of it.

Within three months, you couldn’t escape it. The song took on a life of it’s own and soon enough it was annoyingly everywhere, reaching number one in sixteen countries. It literally got to the point where the group took to the internet with this playful campaign, asking for the song to be ‘recalled’ and destroyed in order to restore their musical integrity.

Today, Yolanda Be Cool released their new album Ladies & Mentalmen – a 16 track package featuring new and familiar sounds that will get your mittens pumping. From club boppers like ‘Le Bump (feat. Crystal Waters)‘ to more old-school sampling work throughout ‘A Baru In New York,’ fans of the duo will get an audiogasm like none before. For a dance record, there’s a stack of diversity which shines through across different blends of house a touch of hip-hop and some worldly tones.

What I like most about Ladies & Mentalmen is its late 90’s/early 00’s traditional ‘sing-along’ house’ feel. It carries with it a sense of dance-floor nostalgia that reminds me of ‘Murder on The Dance Floor‘ or ‘Show Me Love‘ (cue flash-back sequence of me at 18 dancing at Room 680). The songs herald a comeback of sassy, soulful dance sung by divas. It’s a large catalogue of soothing melodies and fruity club anthems. For me, this whole album feels like a refreshing change to the large volume of songs churning out at the moment with the ‘huge build-up and and one-word phrase’ template. You know the type: song builds, builds, builds some more… whoooosh noise, “dance motherfucker”… doof-doof, ping, door-doof…

The album is out today through their label Sweat it Out and our friends have given us two signed copies of the new disk to give away.  To enter, ‘Like’ our Facebook post about this article to score one. For more listening, you can buy and sample the album via iTunes and follow the guys on Facebook for more info and future tour dates.



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07 Dec DZ DEATHRAYS – Naughty Girl (Mr G Cover)

Garage-thrash duo DZ Deathrays have today revealed a new cover from an unlikely source. Yup, Mr G from ‘Summer Heights High‘.

Originally sung by Chris Lilly acting as ‘Mr Gwhile playing schoolgirl ‘Jessica’ in his 2007 comedy series (that’s a mouthful), the Queensland band have introduced their own fuzzy take on the cult novelty song. You can check out the original track in the clip below, featuring Mr G’s ‘arena-spectacular’ based on one of his student who died from an ‘E’ overdose.

According to the bands Facebook page, the song was recorded while they were in Berlin for a new collectors addition compilation album for the series. Brace yourself in the event they drop this during their live set.

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07 Dec CHROMATICS – Ceremony (New Order Cover ft. Ida No)

This morning Golden Scissors introduced me to this soft, sweeping cover of New World Order’s track ‘Ceremony’ covered by  Chromatics. Instantly the love affair begun, sucking me up with its deep organic layering and melancholic vocals.

It sounds as if it’s been effortless jammed and recorded, but there’s so much hidden detail that you seem to pick up with each listen. The song slowly unfold with a two chord progression as a clean electric guitar leads us down a winding path towards the soft sexy voice of Glass Candy vocalist Ida No.

The group are known for covering the likes of Kate Bush (see below), and this song demonstrates the bands ability to expand and warp others with their distinct style.



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28 Nov THE LAURELS – Manic Saturday (Video)

Sydney band The Laurels have revealed a new video clip for their track ‘Manic Saturday‘ which features on their debut album Plains (stream below). Directed, shot and edited by “SPOD”, the clip compliments the whirling slacker-garage sound with trippy lag videography that sees images streaking around the band members in a paddock. It’s like a weird trip that makes you feel disorientated but happy at the same time.

When the song ends we’re left with a solid 40 seconds of smudge colours and effects that leave you questioning what the fuck just happened. Yet some how the whole thing that kind of works.

I’ve kept a close eye on The Laurels since the release of Plains, particularly the development of a really kick ass live show (seriously, see these dudes live if you get the chance). They’ve played alongside the likes of The Black Angels, Wooden Shjips, Swervedriver, Low and Tame Impala – so you can see where they might have picked up a few tricks.

Sydneysiders can catch their next gig on 20 Dec at The Annandale with Melodie Nelson & Day Ravies.


Stream Plains – By THE LAURELS 


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28 Nov Darwin Deez – Free (The Editorial Me)

After the success of his debut self-titled album, Darwin Deez (AKA Darwin Smith) and band went quiet. For me, this has been a massive shame, because like other fans I’m desperate for something new to break the mould of the tracks that are all starting to sound annoyingly the same. As much as I love their iconic and energetic wonky guitars, there’s only so many times you can listen to ‘Radar Detector’, ‘DNA’ and ‘Bad Day‘ before they start blending in to this one sound – one that I’ve honestly started to skip when it comes up on shuffle.

So I guess over his ‘hiatus’ period ‘Mr. Deez’ faced this problem: How do you take the brilliance of that trademark sound and build from it, satisfying the hunger of starved fans but giving them something different?

Yesterday, the New York musician gave it a crack by returning with his new song ‘Free (The Editorial Me)’, the first single to be taken from the upcoming album ‘Songs For Imaginative People‘… and he delivered. The new track takes everything we love about ‘the deez’ and fires it up with this energetic fuzz-pop sound that is anthemic and aggressive in it’s goal of breaking free from the template.  Speaking on the new album this morning on triple j, Darwin Deez said,

There’s definitely more variation on this record than what I’ve done before. It’s more ambitious, bigger, and there’s more production to it.

There’s also a fresh film clip directed by Ninian Doff featuring Darwin playing a store clerk who breaks free from the monotony of the ‘groundhog day syndrome’ – check it out above.

You can pre-order the new album from iTunes:http://smarturl.it/darwindeez



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