14 Aug DRUNK MUMS @ Red Bennies Live – August 16th

For a night that kicked off with good time rockers Money For Rope and The Harlots six months ago, it’s only fitting Red Bennies Live celebrates it’s success with the epic Drunk Mums, Pretty Littles and newcomers Going Swimming to pay homage to 6 months of showcasing local live talent. Now boasting a saucy midnight burlesque show and a 50+ video youtube channel, Red Bennies Live is beginning to set itself as a solid part of the Melbourne music scene. Drunk Mums tore Godzilla Bar apart last Friday for Converse’s Acts of Disruption and that’s okay, Godzilla Bar can take it. Reports from Mark who runs the bar were that it was terrifyingly epic and that “people were hanging from everywhere”. Tim Stubbs from Red Bennies Live says they’re yet to have any sort of crowd surfing action but this week he hopes for that all to change.

Also being the rad dudes that they are, Going Swimming are promising to bring a huge friggin shark.

I know where I’ll be this Thursday.


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[youtube id=”HUo0Zkm8i4c” width=”620″ height=”370″]

One of Melbourne’s most loved troupe of musicians, The Custom Kings, are bringing their sweet swinging tunes to Red Bennies Live next Thursday supported by some big up and coming bands including The Pretty Littles and Cold Hiker. The Custom Kings, started as a solo project for Nick Vorrath and has been winning hearts since 2002 with three critically acclaimed ep’s and two great albums “At Sea” and “Great escape”. With dance-able tunes and a energetic stage presence these lads are sure to put on a great show with some awesome supports.

Pictured below: Cold Hiker.

Opening the night will be newcomer Other Side Of The Fence. A three piece band with soothing soft tunes who have been playing their way around Melbourne the last few months and winning crowds with a feist-esque female vocal backed by competent acoustic melodies and easy drums.

We’ve been told you can use ILOVELIVEMUSIC promo code for discounted tickets and a free drink on arrival.


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04 Jun The Ripe’s Fresh Five Bands

Local band booker and photographer, Tim Stubbs, tells us about five of his favourite bands. Here’s the first basket of love!

1. Hound

[youtube id=”u84BIMnq7Os” width=”620″ height=”370″]

What would happen if you we had an Aussie version of Arcade Fire? Besides giving Delta Goodrem more material to rip off we’d get Hound, a band from Melbourne’s south-east, which has a unique and solid sound. They pull off a jazzy alternative sound, weaving male and female vocals with changing rhythms and melodies – you’ll definitely want to listen to again and again. Anybody who catches the 16 or 3 trams through St Kilda would have seen their lovely posters and know they just launched their EP. Those who made the show will certainly tell you they’re a band to check out.

2. Private Life

Private Life is fast becoming one of the most loved bands in Melbourne, and when you take home a handmade CD case from their launch, you can understand why. Lead by the very talented Renee Cassar and Jamie Barlow, this band is going to go places. Their single “Follow The Sun” is the sort of song that may just propel them onto very big things. Check out their amazing film clip below, it’ll “enlighten” you.


[youtube id=”_Lu1LDrv_t0″ width=”620″ height=”370″]

3. The Red Lights

These three Melbourne lads have songs that take you back to those early hits of The Killers and The Strokes, with a bit of The Kooks thrown in for good measure. After the massive buzz for “In A Daze”, the band released a second single from their upcoming album Dancing With Us. Both have catchy swinging guitar riffs, and lead singer Dean Valentino’s voice blends seamlessly with his two compatriots, Dave and Davin, to create the sort of simple catchy tunes that make for great mp3 play but also get you bopping live.


4. Winter Moon

Melbourne needs more jazz flute, you know it, I know it, Winter Moon knows it. You may know Jake Winter as the manager of thousand pound bend, but did you know he slays it on guitar for his band Winter Moon? Bursting onto the scene and playing with some great local bands, Winter Moon is fast making a name for itself. Their sound is rock/blues/jazz, and you can tell the band members all grew up listening to the right sort of 60s and 70s influences to produce a fresh retro sound, which is a welcome addition to a very crowded indie rock scene.


5. The Pretty Littles

Cannot, get, enough, of The Pretty Littles. Music that is great to see live and great to blast through your headphones seem to be two different things for a lot of bands. But with another album on its way it’s an exciting time for a huge Pretty Littles fan. Playing with The Rubens, Vasco Era and many other notable bands, it’s obvious these guys are on the cusp of the recognition they deserve. Jack and the lads just seem to want to play their brand of rock music – play it loud and with energy and love. If you’ve ever been to one of their gigs you know exactly what I’m talking about. If you haven’t, check them out and try and get your pretty little hands on their last EP. It not only kept me awake on a 3am drive back from Golden Plains, it had me banging my head and screaming along the entire way home.



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20 May VIDEO: Mimi Velevska – Tears Sweat Freak Woah @ The Workers Club – May 5th

[youtube id=”yqyJh5SIAiY” width=”620″ height=”370″]

Mimi Velevska rocked the roof off The Workers Club the other night and our very impressed cameraman was there to capture it. His description “she f**king rocks, what a voice!”

Check her out

Mimi Velevska’s Bio:

“If Anthony Kiedis, Slash and Tina Turner had a red-head musical love child, I want to be her…

In collaboration with her backing band, Velevska’s accomplished vocal leads a heaving-hitting, riff-laden sonic tirade reminiscent of Led Zeppelin and Guns N’ Roses in their pomp. The electric atmosphere and sexual energy simply seeps out of the stereo.

A VCA trained jazz vocalist, Mimi found herself “uninspired and directionless’’ until stumbling upon the Red Hot Chilli Peppers; an event that was to prove pivotal in unleashing the fiery, passionate and ebullient performer of today.

“Their music opened up a new world; a generation of musical history that was everything I ever wanted, but never knew it.’’
Invigorated, Velevska devoured all manner of disparate musical styles and found her true calling in the process, resulting in her rousing fusion of dirty soul and rock.

An experienced performer, Velevska has plied her trade all over the competitive Melbourne musical landscape, including appearances at iconic venues such as Hamer Hall, Chapel off Chapel and Toff in Town.

Professional training coupled with extensive live performance has culminated in ‘The Bona Fide Electric’, Mimi Velevska’s debut EP. Exhibiting an explosive combination of songstress and band at their zenith, Velevska powers a driving, incessant momentum and exudes an enviable maturity.

Recorded at Sing Sing South Studios in Melbourne, the process took just a week, reflecting the perpetual motion of Mimi’s music.
Featuring I’m Yours, Tears Sweet Freak Woah, Damn and title track Bona Fide Electric, Velevska’s maiden release unveils an artist furnished with a rare vocal aptitude and the flair to match.

With an Australian tour set to accompany the release of ‘The Bona Fide Electric’ late 2012, Mimi Velevska’s hypnotic allure and mesmerizing stage show are bound to attract a wider appreciation befitting the talent of this unique vocalist.”


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From Kitchen Knife Wife Album Launch @ The Grace Darling April 13th, posted by on 4/19/2012 (40 items)

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From Black Fox – Day In Lieu Vinyl launch @ The Workers Club 31st Marc, posted by on 4/02/2012 (34 items)

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26 Mar THE COMPLIMENTARY HEADSETS @ The Vineyard + Album Review

I was down at The Vineyard – my new local hit up for live music now I’m in St Kilda, trying to add some positive growth to the already growing live music scene down here with my night Red Bennies Live. It’s growing, and I believe there will definitely be a revival of the music scene that has been missing since the days when Paul Kelly, Nick Cave, Rowland S. Howard and Kylie Minogue rocked the southside at places like the sadly deceased Conti and everfast Espy.

So the night was running late and the sound was terrible (love The Vineyard but the acoustics just don’t work – sorry!) but the band that came up before Jack and the boys from The Pretty Littles were incredible. The lead singer handed me a free CD after the show and who doesn’t love free stuff? So not only did I enjoy their rocking set I enjoyed their giving-away-ness-of-things. This morning as I chowed down my toast and sipped a coffee I put their CD on and I’m in love. I’d describe them as rock summer pop beach loving awesome dudes with guitars. A bit like Set Sail would be if they weren’t folky beach music awesome but were rocky pop beach awesome instead; or The Pretty Littles but instead of awesome yelling and rocking out it’s more ballad narratives rocking out at the same level of awesomeness…yep I think that makes sense and still pays homage to each band.

The first track, ‘If You Run,’ is a great introduction to the band and a smart opening track to start with on the CB because it’s a great song to listen to, where as track number 2, ‘Paper Glove’ is a better song live – it’ll bring you to your feet on the dancefloor. My one criticism at this point is that the first two songs sounded quite similar in style. When track 3, ‘Drip’ gets into motion your fears are washed away. The boys slow down from here with good ballad on track 4, ‘Start A War’ (it’s the one with that clever we-can-sing-this-with-the-crowd chant) and finished up with a shorter song, ‘It’s Back Again’ so you end up feeling like you’ve been through a short sweet rock trip. A very well put together album and a very solid performance live, check out The Complimentary Headsets facebook for the next few gigs and be sure to get their album, ‘Now We Are Young.’

3.5/5 live (hard to tell with vineyard acoustics), 4/5 CD (definitely get)



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16 Mar Red Bennies Live launch 15th March with Money For Rope, The Harlots, Van Myer & The Pierce Brothers


With the lightning, thunder and rain cracking down a friend and I made our way to the stairs of Red Bennies Live. “What band are you here to see?” we were asked at the door, our answer “Money For Rope.” Recent Triple J unearthed winners earning themselves a set at the Pushover festival just a few days earlier, Money For Rope have been on a constant rise in the Melbourne music scene. The two drumkits at the back not just a gimmick but used perfectly in unison to create some banging tracks. Excited to see both them and the new night at Red Bennies in action we shook off the rain and lunged up the red carpet stairs.

Looking at the lineup of the night there was also THE PIERCE BROTHERS, VAN MYER, and THE HARLOTS. The Harlots and Van Myer being well known and respected bands on the northside we were intrigued to see The Pierce Brothers, two identical twins who play an assortment of their own (and each others) instruments.

Reaching the top of the stairs you’d almost feel you’ve stepped into the 70’s and not into your typical gritty live music venue. A big red curtained stage has a curious cage tucked next to it and there is a healthily sized dance floor with two bars either side. It is a comfortable venue with a large ceiling that makes you wonder why it’s taken so long for live music to be played here on a consistent level. With a practically indoor smoking area with glass that allows you to watch the bands directly from outside having a cigarette and a mezzanine to make you feel like a real boss.

But what about the music? There was a pretty good crowd of about fifty to watch The Pierce Brothers open the night. They come out as just a duo, Jack on drums and didgeridoo and Patrick on guitar, harmonica and lead vocals. Their music has that acoustic australian feel but with a folky swing. Their songs are catchy, unveiling narratives about staying up too late, ex bosses and girlfriends, missed opportunities and other tales most Australian males could relate to. A crowd favourite was ‘2:29’ and can be found on their facebook page here:


The music is pleasant and as said above catchy but it’s halfway through the set that the boys start separating themselves from a lot of other talented folky acoustic artists Melbourne is home to. Halfway through a song Jack launches himself off his seat to grab a harmonica and holds it in front of Patrick’s mouth who then proceeds to play. As if that’s not enough Jack then picks up the didgeridoo and they stay in perfect harmony through out the rest of the song. These boys have been playing together their whole lives and you can tell. Taking a look at the crowd you can tell they are enjoying it, these boys are both musicians and performers and after hearing them mention they busk almost every day down Bourke St Mall, you can understand why. The boys then proceed to keep up the good work by both playing the same guitar at times as well as using various parts of the stage as a drumkit and looking like they enjoy every minute of it. We and the crowd certainly did leaving us with the impression that The Pierce Brothers are definitely ones (two) to watch. They are the resident openers in March and you can catch them next week at Red Bennies Live if you get there early.

Next up was Van Myer, a well known outfit from the northside. They take the tempo up a bit with rock based blues with great guitar riffs and some vocal chords on the singer that have you leaning to your mate and saying “what a voice!”. The boys in Van Myer have been building a steady following for months now playing all over Melbourne and have two back to back residencies over the next few months and you can see why. Their songs, played with solid professionalism and an element of “we’ve been playing since high school and we’re tight” bring people to their feet. Lead singer Jack takes you through ballads of lost love with noteable track “Like We’ve Been” to dizzying peaks of blues rock with “Raining” to finish the set. Two from two so far, Van Myer is definitely a band worth checking out.


After a quick changeover The Harlots came on and within minutes the dancefloor was packed. Singer Tom throws himself through every song like a preacher, but the lyrics are quite the opposite of moral preachings. Themed with debauchery, sex, corruption and all the other lovely evil things we like to get up to in the dark The Harlots songs are tinged with a sense of amusement from Tom as he belts them out. Backed with very catchy melodies from dual keyboards backed up by multiple guitars and solid drumming The Harlots are a very powerful band that will bring most venues to their feet rushing to the dancefloor. Noteable songs are “Furnace for Desire” and “Pretty Girl”. Although the crowd willing to brave the weather to see them was now barely over sixty, all of them seemed blown away by the tour de force of performance and musical ability The Harlots have in spades. They’re playing this Sunday at the Old Bar with Howlin Steam Train and if you’re free you should get on down.


By the time Money For Rope came on there was about 80 people in the venue. This seemed a small crowd for such a well loved band but with the rain, lighting and thunder still heard outside the low numbers could be understood. From the way the band proceeded to rock their way through their set they didn’t seem to care though they seemed to just want to play, entertain and have fun. You can tell straight away why people love Money For Rope and you also understand why they are much better on larger stages. Guitars Michael and Carl rock left to right running into each other and lead singer Jules, who’s vocals and comfortable unchained performing takes a hold of you and gets you feeling the music through their whole set. With their patented rocking out during well loved track “Easy” Money For Rope delivered the sort of performance that makes you understand why they are booked out week to week, was just a shame that the weather meant a lot of people missed not only a great performance by then, but an awesome lineup of quality bands.


Red Bennies Live definitely has the potential to be a regularly consistent night of great live music. What was especially nice to hear in between sets was DJ Tim Oh Thee playing well known Melbourne bands through the speakers. The ones we caught were Northeast Party House, Tessa And The Typecast, The Red Lights, Tehachapi and The Pretty Littles. The biggest thing we took from the night was that the organisers are both knowledgeable of and are very dedicated to the live music scene in Melbourne. Taking into account numbers of over three hundred last week and judging by the fact 80 people still turned up to Chapel St on a poor weather night to see some great bands the future definitely looks bright. With professional staff, good drink prices, $8 entry and a sound system and venue layout which is very hospitable to live music, we will keep an eye on Red Bennies Live and wish them all the best in being a new home to live music.

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04 Mar PHOTOS: Single Mens Drinking Club, BlackFox & The Wells, 1st March – RB LIVE

“What an amazing night it was! And it’s on again THIS THURSDAY 8TH MARCH, LIVE BANDS FROM 8PM THEN DJ’S FROM 11:30PM TILL 3AM, COME DRESSED UP (as anything!) and received cheap $8 entry and $4 vodkas all night, details here -> https://www.facebook.com/events/219019618194962/

Photos: Jeremy Dixon”

From MARCH 1ST RB LIVE Single Mens Drinking Club, BlackFox & The Wells, posted by on 3/05/2012 (183 items)

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01 Mar PHOTOS: THE FAKES, Feb 29 @ The Toff

Photos taken by Timothy Stubbs Photography From The Fakes @ The Toff, posted by on 3/06/2012 (40 items)

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