19 Apr Trading Tunes with Rambl

This Friday the 19th of April, the Melbourne club Yours&Mine is teaming up with Red Bull Music to present 1800-DOOF and it’s going to be one hell of a party. The line-up featuring Toni Yotzi, Moopie, DJ JNETT, Rambl, Hybrid Man, Makeda, DESTINY71z, Emelyne and Bevin Campbell alone makes the $20 buck tickets seem such a steal it should be a crime. That’s a mini festival of a line-up right there, but because it’s Red Bull Music, who know how to throw an affordable party in any country around the world, the freaking wonder maestro Lone is headlining. Lone releases music on R&S Records, one the most respectable house labels on the planet, and in my opinion he’s their franchise player. Lone is one of the few artists where I would buy a track, EP or album before even hearing it. He just comes back stronger and stronger with every release. Lone tracks will possess you and make you stop whatever you are doing.

To tide you over while you count down the hours until the event starts, local DJ Rambl has kindly sent us his choices for Trading Tunes. Rambl is also a producer, label runner and the electronic stage manager for Meredtih and Golden Plains music festivals. He has 20 years of experience throwing parties at Honkytonks, running the art and music webzine r-n-d.net, producing the RRR FM show City Rises, co-founding the label This Thing and endless other projects that have influenced the local community. It’s people like Rambl who keep the Melbourne dance scene thriving and evolving.

Rambl has picked the theme of the deeper side of dub-techno (Or just Deep dub-techno) and sent us this quote:
“Ever since I first heard the legendary Moritz Mix remix of Model 500’s classic “Starlight” (1995), I have nurtured an abiding love for the deeper side of dub-techno. To me it represents the purest expression of the dichotomy of dance music – simultaneously arresting and hypnotic, rhythmically static yet constantly evolving, minimal in form while texturally complex, and equally capable of drawing you deep into a dimly-lit dance floor, lulling you to sleep on an enveloping couch or eating up the miles on a late-night drive. Before delving into some of my more traditional deep dub-techno favourites, we begin this selection with the abstract, jazz-influenced sound of “Vertical Ascent”, the first album from the Moritz Von Oswald Trio. Enjoy.”

Moritz Von Oswald Trio – ‘Vertical Ascent’

Vainqueur – ‘Ranges’

Convextion – ‘Crawling And Hungry’

Mono Junk – ‘Channel B’

Fluxion – ‘Prospect II’

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Julia Jacklin // The Forum

03 Apr Ripe Guide: Australia’s Best New Music (4/4/19)

Photo by Sarah Chavdaroska

This is our updated weekly playlist of the 40 best new Australian songs released within the past three months. This week’s guide includes new entries from Stella Donnelly, Roza Terenzi, The Shards, Bananagun, Yura, Chip Riddell, Collarbones, Good Pash, Kirin J Callinan, Tiana Khasi, Jonathan Something, Good Morning, Demon Days, Gamirez ft. Figuero Jones, Sweater Curse, Gena Rose Bruce, The Wonder, First Beige, Lucy Roleff, Soft Touch, Love Deluxe, Karyme, Skydeck, Concrete Surfers, Lauren., and this week’s best new track by Sunbeam Sound Machine.

As always, we have an updated Spotify playlist, updated SoundCloud playlist, and our full guide below.


40. Lauren. – ‘Move That’ | Uploaded: March 8th

39. Concrete Surfers – ‘Tired And Tipsy’ | Uploaded: March 22nd

38. Skydeck – ‘Human Emotion’ | Uploaded: March 16th

37. Karyme – ‘خونمون [khoonamoon]’ | Uploaded: April 2nd

36. Love Deluxe – ‘Dance Of The Lizard People’ | Uploaded: April 2nd

35. Soft Touch – ‘Empty’ | Uploaded: March 27th

34. Lucy Roleff – ‘A Woman’s Worth’ | Uploaded: March 28th

33. First Beige – ‘Details’ | Uploaded: March 27th

32. Shit Bitch – ‘Still Don’t Know’ | Uploaded: February 27th | Open with Bandcamp

31. Egoism – ‘Enemies’ | Uploaded: March 8th | Open with YouTube

30. The Wonder – ‘She Don’t Mind’ | Uploaded: March 21st

29. Gena Rose Bruce – ‘Angel Face’ | Uploaded: March 26th

28. Sweater Curse – ‘Take Some Time’ | Uploaded: April 2nd

27. Gamirez ft. Figuero Jones – ‘Guarantee’ | Uploaded: March 28th

26. Demon Days – ‘Hands-Free’ | Uploaded: April 2nd

25. Good Morning – ‘Blue Tick’ | Uploaded: March 15th

24. Jonathan Something – ‘Naked & Lonely’ | Uploaded: March 27th

23. Tiana Khasi – ‘Meghalaya’ | Uploaded: April 2nd

22. Kirin J Callinan – The Whole Of The Moon’ | Uploaded: March 11th

21. Good Pash – ‘A Yacht In Sydney Harbour’ | Uploaded: March 19th

20. Collarbones – ‘The Gate’ | Uploaded: March 28th

19. Chip Riddell – ‘Spider Song’ | Uploaded: January 3rd

18. Yura – ‘Gone 4ever’ | Uploaded: March 4th

17. Sarah Mary Chadwick – ‘The Queen Who Stole The Sky’ | Uploaded: March 5th | Open with YouTube

16. Harvey Sutherland ft. Jace XL – ‘Something In The Water’ | Uploaded: March 1st | Open with SoundCloud

15. Bananagun – ‘Do Yeah’ | Uploaded: January 13th

14. The Shards – ‘Becotide’ | Uploaded: April 2nd

13. Thomas Gray & Liam Ebbs – ‘Ladies Well’ | Uploaded: March 1st | Open with SoundCloud

12. Roza Terenzi – ‘Let’s Ride’ | Uploaded: March 8th | Open with SoundCloud

11. Rolling Blackouts C.F. – ‘In the Capital’ | Uploaded: March 1st | Open with SoundCloud

10. Body Type – ‘Stingray’ | Uploaded: March 4th | Open with YouTube

9. Web Rumors – ‘Sinner (For Your Love)’ | Uploaded: February 5th | Open with SoundCloud

8. Julia Jacklin – ‘Comfort’ | Uploaded: February 14th | Open with YouTube

7. Martin Frawley – ‘Something About Me’ | Uploaded: February 6th | Open with SoundCloud

6. The Ocean Party – ‘Nothing Grows’ | Uploaded: February 6th | Open with SoundCloud

5. Skyscraper Stan – ‘On Your Corner’ | Uploaded: February 8th | Open with SoundCloud

4. Roza Terenzi – ‘Open Me’ | Uploaded: March 29th

3. Sunbeam Sound Machine – ‘Talking Distance’ | Uploaded: February 5th | Open with YouTube

2. Stella Donnelly – ‘Season’s Greetings’ | Uploaded: March 8th

1. Sunbeam Sound Machine – ‘Seems Like You’ve Made Up Your Mind’ | Uploaded: March 19th

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21 Mar Trading Tunes with Adriana

The third night of Play On‘s acclaimed Series events will take place this Friday the 22nd of March. It rounds out a magical ‘Series Six’, which has so far included Babicka and Sleep D. Now, it’s Adriana‘s turn to be the night’s DJ while Mindy Meng Wang performs the Guzheng beforehand, combining with Carolyn Schofield and Peter Knight.

Play On’s unique Series format has delighted Melbourne audiences since November 2016. Having produced five memorable iterations in three years, it’s proven to be a remarkably fresh and innovative event series that features talented classical musicians and electronic artists playing back to back. All of this happens underneath a carpark in Collingwood. This synergy of genres, artists and settings consistently produces authentic and spellbinding performances.

Adriana is the host of  Opalakia  on 106.7FM AKA PBS.FM AKA this amazing show that features sounds from all across the juicy Mediterranean to the vivid sounds of the Middle East and beyond. You’re bound to get a mix or the new and old with Adriana, taking you on a journey not through time, but to a sonic plane new to your ears. Your brain will have expanded by the end of an Adriana experience. And your feet will be very sweaty too.

You can listen to Opalakia on Tuesdays between 7pm and 8pm.
You can also still buy tickets to this Fridays Play On event right here!

Adriana has chosen the Trading Tunes theme of String Of Life:

Joey Newman – ‘The One You Love’

“I have legit played this song in every set of mine for the past six months. Why? Well it works wonders every time. For one, this is a great example of how you can get people dancing without having to reach that magical “128 bpm” that Zac Effron insists upon. Two, people always seem to want to grind and pout their lips to this. Finally, there is the most fire instrumental breakdown that would actually make you burn guitar hero into flames.”

Paco De Lucia – ‘Entre Dos Aguas’

“I opened up my Red Light Radio set with this one last year and therefore this track will always be sentimental to me. Starting off as sweet and tranquil you feel as though you are being serenaded by Paco himself. As the song progresses though, its energy builds, climaxing with intense heat and gusto. This is the song that really made me fall in love with flamenco music.”

Aris San – ‘Dam Dam’

“Known for a lot more than just his music, Aris San was the Kim K of his time. Not only did he popularise Greek music in Israel, but he was also in the tabloids for his forbidden love affair with Aliza Azikri and was sentenced to gaol for selling narcotics in his nightclub. With all that messiness aside, it’s important to pay tribute to the man that created the signature sound for Mizrahi music.

During the 1970’s, Greek music had a huge presence in Israel, especially thanks to pioneers such as Aris San. By switching the quintessential Greek bouzouki for an electric guitar, Aris continued to play Eastern/Greek scales in high pitched staccato mode, modernising the music of his motherland.”

Adriano Celentano – ‘L’Unica Chance’

“The dude who introduced rock ’n’ roll to Italy. Mr Adriano Celentano makes you truly want to bang your head to this one. If you take a squiz at the videoclip you can see how Celentano was known for his charismatic moves, all of which are emphasised beautifully by his backup dancers who rock the most awesome white flared pants here.”

Soft Rocks – ‘Garden Of Eden’

“The first time I heard this track was during a set by Suzanne Kraft at Melbourne party, Daydreams. Back then Daydreams was at I Know a Place, a little space on the border of Fitzroy that fits about 30 people. We were all crammed in and absolutely frothing every tune he laid out for us on this sunny Sunday arvo.
This balearic banger is full of punch, and is another one that just screams Summer to me.”

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17 Mar Ripe Podcast with By The Meadow Festival & Merpire

We talked to Cameron Wade who runs the music festival By The Meadow and are joined by musician Merpire who is also playing this years festival. We discuss the process of booking an international artist, why moving from Sydney to Melbourne was so important for Merpire, the difficulties of juggling festival set times, why this year’s festival will be particularly fun and we choose 10 By The Meadow artists for Cameron to describe on the spot.

You can buy tickets here. Also check out our review of the 2018 By The Meadow.

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14 Mar Ripe Guide: Australia’s Best New Music (14/3/19)

Photo by Emma Gillett

This is our updated weekly playlist of the 40 best new Australian songs released within the past three months. This week’s guide includes new entries from Rolling Blackouts C.F., Roza Terenzi, Thomas Gray & Liam Ebbs, Harvey Sutherland ft. Jace XL, Sarah Mary Chadwick, Egoism, Ciggie Witch, Shit Bitch, The Wonder, Batts, Cool Explosions, Gazey, Morgan Wright, The Smallgoods, Andy Garvey, Rudolf C, Good Morning, Eastward, Hatchie, Allume, Black Cab, Aria Wood, ZK King, Lucy Cliche, Angie McMahon, Sloan Peterson, Charles Murdoch, Hemm, Minor Premiers, Pillow Pro, Gonzo, and this week’s best new track by Body Type.

As always, we have an updated Spotify playlist, updated SoundCloud playlist, and our full guide below.


40. Gonzo – ‘Put The Money’ | Uploaded: February 26th

39. Pillow Pro – ‘Huricane’ | Uploaded: March 5th

38. Minor Premiers – ‘Airplane Enthusiast’ | Uploaded: March 1st

37. Hemm – ‘Why Do I Unwind?’ | Uploaded: March 7th

36. Charles Murdoch – ‘Wedlogic’ | Uploaded: March 1st

35. Sloan Peterson – ‘Here’ | Uploaded: February 27th

34. Angie McMahon – ‘Pasta’ | Uploaded: March 6th

33. Lucy Cliche – ‘Ladies Pool’ | Uploaded: March 8th

32. ZK king – ‘Typhoon’ | Uploaded: March 8th

31. Aria Wood – ‘Two Minute Noodles’ | Uploaded: March 2nd

30. Black Cab – ‘Take It’ | Uploaded: March 1st

29. Allume – ‘All The Rocks’ | Uploaded: February 28th

28. Hatchie – ‘Without A Blush’ | Uploaded: February 26th

27. Eastward – ‘Surprise 79’ | Uploaded: March 1st

26. Good Morning – ‘Sub’ | Uploaded: March 1st

25. Rudolf C – ‘Second Hand Love’ | Uploaded: February 24th

24. Andy Garvey – ‘Welcome To Infinity’ | Uploaded: March 6th

23. The Smallgoods – ‘Satellite’ | Uploaded: March 2nd

22. Morgan Wright – ‘The Tell’ | Uploaded: March 13th

21. Gazey – ‘Sleep’ | Uploaded: March 7th

20. Cool Explosions – ‘Glass Jars’ | Uploaded: March 1st

19. These Guy – ‘Leaf Blower’ | Uploaded: February 12th | Open with YouTube

18. Batts – ‘Folding Chairs’ | Uploaded: March 1st

17. The Wonder – ‘When We Are Young (We Run and We Run)’ | Uploaded: February 21st

16. Shit Bitch – ‘Still Don’t Know’ | Uploaded: February 27th

15. Ciggie Witch – ‘Shadow’ | Uploaded: December 12th

14. Egoism – ‘Enemies’ | Uploaded: March 8th

13. Sarah Mary Chadwick – ‘The Queen Who Stole The Sky’ | Uploaded: March 5th

12. Harvey Sutherland ft. Jace XL – ‘Something In The Water’ | Uploaded: March 1st

11. Thomas Gray & Liam Ebbs – ‘Ladies Well’ | Uploaded: March 1st

10. Roza Terenzi – ‘Let’s Ride’ | Uploaded: March 8th

9. Rolling Blackouts C.F. – ‘In the Capital’ | Uploaded: March 1st

8. Body Type – ‘Stingray’ | Uploaded: March 4th

7. Web Rumors – ‘Sinner (For Your Love)’ | Uploaded: February 5th | Open with SoundCloud

6. King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – ‘Cyboogie’ | Uploaded: January 31st | Open with YouTube

5. Julia Jacklin – ‘Comfort’ | Uploaded: February 14th | Open with YouTube

4. Martin Frawley – ‘Something About Me’ | Uploaded: February 6th | Open with SoundCloud

3. The Ocean Party – ‘Nothing Grows’ | Uploaded: February 6th | Open with SoundCloud

2. Skyscraper Stan – ‘On Your Corner’ | Uploaded: February 8th | Open with SoundCloud

1. Sunbeam Sound Machine – ‘Talking Distance’ | Uploaded: February 5th | Open with YouTube

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05 Mar Trading Tunes with SO.Crates x Nelson Dialect x Alnitak Kid

If you’re confused by the title of this project, than you’re not alone. I honestly thought the very talented trio of SO.Crates, Nelson Dialect and Alnitak Kid had come together to create a project called Sunset Cities where the debut album was self-titled. Instead, the project is simply under the name of the three separate projects. Now that the confusion is cleared up, we can talk why this is one of the best Australian hip-hop album releases, period, and why I’m so keen for what the future has in store for this trio of collaborators.

There are three elements that standout with this project. Layered production, chemistry and no shortage of lyrical topics. The combination of those three is very hard to find. Often the best producers aren’t huge on lyrical conversations. There’s groups that have chemistry and enthusiasm, but rely too heavily on momentum to make up for other shortcomings. And there’s those lyrical poets, whose best weapon is pen and paper, not keyboards and Ableton. Sunset Cities isn’t perfect, but it masks holes extremely well. Those few minor tweaks (mixing up the verse structures) are easily achievable on further release. Given how busy these three projects are separately, it’s a miracle that they were able to produce a product as polished as Sunset Cities.

The whole album flows seamlessly without blurring indistinguishably (think Toro Y Moi), never drags and keeps you interested until the final decibel without relying on bombarding gimmicks. They don’t put too many cooks in the kitchen either, with just two guest appearances; this sharpens the album’s narrative. Sunset Cities isn’t a sound we haven’t heard before, it definitely traces back to early ’90s New York hip-hop instrumental glides. But I state that as a big compliment, as you could slide any of these tracks into a mix-tape of that era, and nobody would blink an eye. There’s a three track sequence, that made me lift both eyebrows, ponder and look around the room (I would’ve tweeted about it if my phone wasn’t broken). It starts with the interlacing of vocals and instrumentation on ‘Bright On‘. Then the shady, body twitching, ‘Jay Elec‘, that’s its own animal. Reminds me of the production found on Cancer 4 Cure by EL-P, which is high-end fidelity. Then rounded off by ‘Black Tapes‘, which had me not transported back in time, but rather to a studio headspace I didn’t know existed in Australia.

Sunset Cities was released February 22nd via the always trustworthy Bedroom Suck Records label.


Sunset Cities
1. Stay A While
2. Oh Baby ft. Jace XL
3. Bounce If You Open ft. Mike Thesis
4. Know Doubt
5. Burning Slow (Sunsets)
6. Bright On
7. Jay Elec
8. Black Tapes
9. Hemisphere
10. Somebody Believes In You
11. 6-2-6

The trio chose the Trading Tunes theme of favourite VHS songs: “This tied in with our last single ‘Black Tapes’, an ode to growing up in the 80’s surrounded by stacks of VHS tapes, with your eyes glued to the screen late into the night.”


Killpoint (1984) – ‘Opening Theme’

“It has synths, it has terminator drum machines, it has sizzling guitar licks and my Dad stars as random thug #3.”

E-Rule – ‘Listen Up’

“Rap is like pot making. This joint achieves ideal forms.”

Souls of Mischief – ‘Cabfare’

“This track is like a time machine into an old dream on VHS. Hazy cushions of melodies floating above a crunchy drum break with charismatic story telling letting you peer through the orange sun-faded tint back into the 70’s so you can ride in a taxi with Bob James and Andy Kaufman. It’s also just a straight jam.”

Public Enemy – ‘Burn Hollywood Burn’

“”Yeah ill check out a movie, but it’ll take a black one to move me” – Chuck D, Ice Cube & Big Daddy Kane over groundbreaking Hank Shocklee production tearing shreds through the racist Hollywood movie industry. Back when rappers weren’t afraid to tell the entertainment power structures what time it was. Now everyone wants to be Hollywood.”

Wu Tang Clan – ‘Wu Tang Clain Ain’t Nothing to Fuck Wit’

“This one is only linked to VHS in my mind. At some point in high school i taped a hip hop heavy episode of Rage and even though i’d had this album for years, to this day when i hear “tiger style, tiger style” it takes me back to sitting on the floor of my parents lounge room watching and re-watching that tape, breaking it, re-spooling it and watching it again.”

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21 Feb Ripe Guide: Australia’s Best New Music (21/2/19)

Photo by Gina Cawley

This is our updated weekly playlist of the 40 best new Australian songs released within the past three months. This week’s guide includes new entries from Skyscraper Stan, The Ocean Party, Martin Frawley, Julia Jacklin, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, Em Burrows, These Guy, Darvid Thor, Clea, Loure, Comrad Xero, DJ Heure, Good Morning, Adult Films, Rudolf C, Clever Austin, Ferla, Peach Body, Quivers, Sunset Cities, Skydeck, Notaeb, Amy Axegale, Huntly, On Diamond, Hobson Bay Coast Guard and this week’s best new track by Sunbeam Sound Machine.

As always, we have an updated Spotify playlist, updated SoundCloud playlist, and our full guide below.


40. Hobson Bay Coast Guard – ‘Junkie’ | Uploaded: February 2nd

39. On Diamond – ‘Poison Blood’ | Uploaded: February 15th

38. Huntly – ‘Giving Circle’ | Uploaded: February 21st

37. Amy Axegale – ‘In Your Section’ | Uploaded: February 10th

36. Notaeb – ‘Quick –J1’ | Uploaded: February 21st

35. Skydeck – ‘Tourniquet Too’ | Uploaded: February 1st

34. Sunset Cities – ‘Oh Baby’ | Uploaded: February 15th

33. Quivers – ‘You’re Not Always On My Mind’ | Uploaded: February 19th

32. Peach Body ft. Zion Garcia – ‘Cross My Mind’ | Uploaded: February 1st

31. Shedbug – ‘Sibelle’ | Uploaded: February 16th

30. Roza Terenzi – ‘Electronique’ | Uploaded: November 13th | Open with SoundCloud

29. Baro ft. Nasty Mars – ‘We’re So Doomed’ | Uploaded: January 11th | Open with SoundCloud

28. Ara Koufax – ‘Drums Unlimited’ | Uploaded: November 30th | Open with SoundCloud

27. Ferla – ‘I’m Fine’ | Uploaded: February 12th

26. DJ Heure – ‘Burnt’ | Uploaded: January 20th | Open with SoundCloud

25. Planète – ‘Hidden Shade’ | Uploaded: January 23rd | Open with SoundCloud

24. Clever Austin ft. Jon Bap – ‘Blue Tongue’ | Uploaded: February 1st

23. Rudolf C – ‘Deep Sea Survivor’ | Uploaded: January 21st

22. Adult Films – ‘Bed.Time’ | Uploaded: February 15th

21. Katie Dey – ‘Memory’ | Uploaded: December 30th | Open with SoundCloud

20. Good Morning – ‘You Up?’ | Uploaded: February 8th

19. DJ Heure – ‘Box Talk’ | Uploaded: February 21st

18. Julia Jacklin – ‘Pressure To Party’ | Uploaded: January 24th | Open with SoundCloud

17. Ani Lou – ‘Godspeed’ | Uploaded: November 30th | Open with SoundCloud

16. Nite Fleit – ‘Overcast’ | Uploaded: January 23rd | Open with SoundCloud

15. Comrad Xero – ‘Thump Whack’ | Uploaded: January 7th

14. Loure – ‘Hope Circuitry I & II’ | Uploaded: February 8th

13. Jess Ribeiro – ‘Love Is The Score Of Nothing’ | Uploaded: November 26th | Open with SoundCloud

12. Clea – ‘Right Way’ | Uploaded: February 5th

11. Honey 2 Honey – ‘Tone Of Voice’ | Uploaded: January 30th | Open with SoundCloud

10. Liluzu – ‘Scale Libra’ | Uploaded: January 24th | Open with SoundCloud

9. Darvid Thor – ‘Anything’ | Uploaded: February 8th

8. These Guy – ‘Leaf Blower’ | Uploaded: February 12th

7. Web Rumors – ‘Sinner (For Your Love)’ | Uploaded: February 5th

6. King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – ‘Cyboogie’ | Uploaded: January 31st

5. Julia Jacklin – ‘Comfort’ | Uploaded: February 14th

4. Martin Frawley – ‘Something About Me’ | Uploaded: February 6th

3. The Ocean Party – ‘Nothing Grows’ | Uploaded: February 6th

2. Skyscraper Stan – ‘On Your Corner’ | Uploaded: February 8th

1. Sunbeam Sound Machine – ‘Talking Distance’ | Uploaded: February 5th

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21 Feb Ripe Podcast preview Golden Plains 2019

This week we breakdown Golden Plains 2019 with guest writers Alana Scully and James McNiece. We discuss everything from Totem poles, Kofta balls, early Flume, where not to camp, Alana meeting Josh Thomas, how to improve this almost perfect festival and much, much more!

If you want to be involved in our future podcasts or represent an artist, festival, venue, music platform that might be interested. Email MarcusRimondini@gmail.com

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16 Feb Trading Tunes Martin Frawley

On February the 22nd this month, Melbourne band Twerpslead vocalist Martin Frawley will release his debut solo album Undone at 31 via Merge Records. If you’ve never heard Martin Frawley, let alone Twerps, you can at least trust Merge Records that Undone at 31 will be worth the wait. Merge Records don’t mess around, they’ve probably been the most reliable US indie label for the past 30 years. With album releases from Destroyer, Lambchop, Ex Hex, Caribou, Spoon, Arcade Fire, Dinosaur Jr., …And You Will Know Us By the Trail Of Dead, Neutral Milk Hotel, The Magnetic Fields and not a lot of fillers in between.

Merge Records aside, Martin has a very consistent track record himself. Twerps’ self-titled debut in 2011 is arguably the most important Melbourne album of the decade. The album validated the bridge of interest that had been quietly building from Melbourne to New York during the late 2000’s. People who had rightfully stereotyped Melbourne for decades as chord-heavy punk city, were all of sudden open to trying new bands from the city. Such picks included many of the infamous dole-wave bands such Dick Diver, Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Scott & Charlene’s Wedding and ultimately the Courtney Barnett explosion. Post the Twerps debut album, Martin’s vocals grew a little more in confidence and clarity. Where the instrumentation had shielded him on the debut, the EP Work It Out displayed some grunt and attitude. Martin’s silliness began to come out on the next album Underlay, a more playful period, a side to Martin that’s evident on the upcoming Undone at 31. His most recent release with Twerps in 2015 titled Range Anxiety braced vulnerability and honesty. It was Martin trying to be realistic with himself.

Which leads us to Undone at 31. A good four years since Range Anxiety. He spent a lot of that time overseas trying to find out more about himself inside and outside of music. This is based on his social media, only he really knows what he was doing and how he was doing. One way to find out how he’s doing in 2019 is to catch him live at one of his 14 straight days of sets coming up. The Facebook description isn’t a typo, from March 3rd, every night until March 17th, he’s playing at 7:30pm at an unknown Sydney Road shop for Brunswick Music Festival. This marathon of a launch reminds me of when The National performed ‘Sorrow‘ live on repeat for 6 hours at MoMA PS1 in 2013. However, I much prefer Martin’s idea, as he’ll have far less fatigue and deterioration, and far more creative physical freedom by the end of day 14. Most US national tours are like 25 sets in a month, at least Martin will be sleeping in the same bed every night with no need for soundchecks.

If you somehow can’t make any of those 14 sets, that include special surprise guests, you probably suck at life. Or you may actually be out of town, but back in time for the By The Meadow Festival on March 29th until March 31st. Until then, Martin’s Trading Tunes theme are the tracks that inspired the production for Undone at 31.


Undone at 31
1. You Want Me?
2. End Of The Bar
3. Waht’s On Your Mind
4. Just Like The Rest
5. Smoke In Your House
6. Chain Reaction
7. You Can’t Win
8. Something About Me
9. Lo And Behold
10. Come Home
11. Where The Heart Is


Maurice Frawley – ‘Long Gone Whistle’

“This is a song by my father and his band The Working Class Ringos. Recorded by the genius Tony Cohan. I witnessed some of this being made but was too young to understand. There is so much space and soul in this song, it haunts me. Big Velvet Underground vibes. I hadn’t been able to listen to my dad’s music after he passed away. But once I had the courage, this was the first one I had to hear again. That’s also me playing the tambourine, age 12.”

Brian Eno / John Cale – ‘Spinning Away’

“Don’t recall how I heard this one but I remember it was when I was sober for a period and writing this record, I would sit in my room and just listen to music for hours. This song, over and over. The guitar tone is really cool and the production is spot on. Made me get very excited about production and the idea of exploring new techniques.”

Hermine – ‘I Won’t Make It Without You’

“Simple, sad and beautiful. This one was so inspiring to use a lot of piano on the new record. It also is a sad love message to someone which I related to. And her voice just sounds perfect. If I shut my eyes I feel like I’m in the room with her.”

John Cooper Clarke – ‘I Don’t Want To Be Nice’

“Excellent amount of attitude which I could relate to. The mixing in this track is excellent, it’s a bit of madness but somehow it all works. I loved the guitar fuzz and tried to replicate it. Also the stomping piano driving it all along.”

Mariah – ‘Shinzo No Tobira’

“This song is fun at any time of day. I wrote a song the morning of going into the studio whilst listening to this one, hopefully its not to obvious. The drums make me want to run and also dance at the same time. Such a nice skin sound.”

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12 Feb Ripe Podcast with Sunbeam Sound Machine

We caught up with Nick Sowersby AKA Sunbeam Sound Machine, ahead of the release of his second album Goodness Gracious via Remote Control Records. We discussed where he’s been hiding, his recording routine, the interesting DM’s he receives, working with Stu Mackenzie of King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard and our theories on why Sunbeam Sound Machine is successful with music streaming algorithms.

Goodness Gracious is out Friday May 3rd.

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