Hmmm Podcasts x Music That Matters Bushfire Benefit 2020

16 Jan Ripe Podcast at the Music That Matters Bushfire Benefit

Photo by Sarah Chavdaroska

On Tuesday the 14th of January 2020, Francesca Gonzales and Marcus Rimondini went down to The Gasometer during the daytime soundcheck to interview five of the artists on the amazing Music That Matters Bushfire Benefit lineup. Ripe wanted to capture the thoughts on this crisis, and ask how the artists feel about not only the horrific fires, but the unbelievable response by the music community in raising funds to support the ongoing recovery efforts. We start with Good Morning and Joe Alexander of Bedroom Suck Records. (17:42) Then Leah Senior and band member Jesse Williams. (28:18) Tim Harvey, Mimi Gilbert of Julia Jacklin‘s band come in. (40:39) Tanya Batt who performs as Batts. (52:45) We finish with artist El Tee and Sarah who was one of the sound engineer’s on the night.

Thank you Lorrae McKenna & Emily Ulman for putting on such a special event, and allowing us to record a podcast during soundcheck. Thank you Sunbeam Sound Machine for music featured in the podcast.

Link to the Fire Relief Fund for First Nations Communities:

We don’t know the total funds raised from this event yet, but you can still bid on the silent auction prizes.
Here’s the link: Music That Matters Silent Auction

1. 2x tickets to Weyes Blood at Theatre Royal in Castlemaine on 7th March, plus accommodation for one night at The New Northern Hotel, plus a $60 food + drink voucher for Theatre Royal. Very generously donated by Mistletone.

2. Bumper vinyl and Merch pack, with items donated by Barely Dressed, Bedroom Suck, Caroline Australia, Chapter Music, Dot Dash, Inertia Music, I OH YOU, Milk Records, Music In Exile, Our Golden Friend and Remote Control Records.

3. The Festival Frenzy pack, with double passes for Grampians Music Festival 2020, Meadow, Boogie Festival and Jerk Fest (ANTI FADE records).

4. A beautiful, original piece by Frances Cannon Artist “Regrow”, framed and ready to hang.

5. The penny drop golden ticket, which includes a double pass for all Penny Drop shows for one year.

6. The Our Golden Friend golden ticket, which includes a double pass to all Our Golden Friend artists headline shows for one year.

100% of funds from this auction will be donated directly to the NSW RFS, CFA (Country Fire Authority), Wildlife Victoria & The Fire Relief Fund For First Nations Communities to support those directly affected by the fires.

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ESC @ Paradise Music Festival 2014

26 Dec 100 Best Australian Tracks Of The Decade 2010-2019

Photo by Sarah Chavdaroska

I couldn’t music blog for the entire decade and not make this playlist post.
In true Marcus Rimondini music blogging fashion, less words, more music.
Enjoy! (tell the kids).

Spotify & Soundcloud playlist links below:


100. Jade Imagine – ‘Walkin’ Around’

99. Black Cab – ‘Uniforms’

98. Dannika – ‘Next To You’

97. DRMNGNOW ft. Philly, Adrian Eagle, Culture Evolves- ‘Australia Does Not Exist’

96. Geo Williams – ‘Everything’s a Galaxy’

95. Honey 2 Honey – ‘Tone Of Voice’

94. Cable Ties – ‘The Producer’

93. Kaiit – ‘Natural Woman’

92. Ciggie Witch – ‘Meet Me In The Middle’

91. Primo – ‘Ticking Off A List’

90. Roza Terenzi – ‘Open Me’

89. Lower Plenty – ‘Bondi’s Dead’

88. Shouse ft. Habits – ‘Whisper’

87. Seekae – ‘Turbine Blue’

86. Sampa The Great ft. Nadeem Din-Gabisi – ‘Energy’

85. Bored Nothing – ‘Let Down’

84. Gold Class – ‘Life As A Gun’

83. Furious Frank ft. Ivy Barkakati – ‘Ahora Sí’

82. Major Leagues – ‘Teen Mums’

81. Body Type – ‘Ludlow (Do You Believe In Karma?)’

80. Tram Cops – ‘LA’


79. Knightlife – ‘Don’t Stop’

78. Movement – ‘Like Lust’

77. Chook Race – ‘Hard To Clean’

76. FERLA – ‘In The Night’

75. Amaya Laucirica – ‘More Than This’

74. The Drones – ‘Why Write A Letter That You’ll Never Send’

73. Flowertruck – ‘Bad Dreams’

72. Alex Cameron – ‘Take Care of Business’

71. A. Swayze & the Ghosts – ‘Reciprocation’

70. Gabriella Cohen – ‘I Don’t Feel So Alive’

69. Gregor – ‘A Song About Holding Hands’

68. The Stevens – ‘Thirsty Eye’

67. Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange – ‘Jamaika’

66. Tornado Wallace – ‘Voices’

65. Thigh Master – ‘Head of the Witch’

64. Darcy Baylis – ‘At Sloterdijk Station / the Force Won’t Kill Me’

63. Slow Dancer – ‘I Would’

62. Tetrahedra – ‘Either’

61. Caroline No – ‘Alex’

60. Terrible Truths – ‘Don Juan’

59. Hazel English – ‘Fix’

58. Oscar Key Sung – ‘D.Y.T.’

57. Leah Senior – ‘Pretty Faces’

56. Friendships – ‘When I Feel Like Killing, I Murder’

55. Jaala – ‘Salt Shaker’

54. Geoffrey O’Connor – ‘Whatever Leads Me To You’

53. Planète – ‘Altair’

52. Totally Mild – ‘Christa’

51. Couture – ‘O.H.M.’

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01 Sep Ripe On Pause


Just an update on – it’s not shut down for good. It’s just taking a much needed holiday rest. Not sure how long the holiday is, but when the time is right it’ll come back fresh! The main reason for the pause (aside from fatigue), is to finally get my Podcast company Hmmm in motion.

Hmmm Podcasts will be a local community based podcast company in Melbourne that will focus on those people who need a platform to speak their stories, and to discuss the local important topics that need highlighting. Think RRR, but a Podcast company version. Hmmm Podcasts will be recorded at Kewl Studios. Throughout September we will be in the training and refining shows stage.

We’re also keen to buff the team up to 15 people (currently at 10) – so if you’re keen on the idea, email me at Hopefully we’ll have the first episodes launched in January 2020 🙂

Thanks for reading!

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31 Aug Ripe Podcast with Lee Hannah

We chatted to Lee Hannah who runs Healthy Tapes two months ago.
[1:00] Talk about the 2008 Chillwave era and bloggers of the time. [14:00] Touring Europe. [20:00] The process of trying to market Healthy Tapes. [29:25] The story of the Stella Donnelly release and why Lee couldn’t find a premiere. [49:22] Lee suggest some playlists for artists to target for releases. [1:01:45] We discuss the whether artists are potentially more creative during their University period. [1:09:20] The future of Healthy Tapes.

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16 Jul Trading Tunes with Grand Prismatic

Brendan Clarkson AKA Grand Prismatic has been off the radar for a couple years, so it was a surprise when I randomly saw he had uploaded an EP on SoundCloud in late May titled I Put The Salt In The Sea. It only took two minutes into the first track ‘Safe As Houses‘ for me to know I was going to really enjoy this EP. There was this immediate deep sense of fragility in the guitars, played at a pace that assumed nobody would be listening. The kind of introduction that draws you into a mysterious new movie with an intriguing actor you’ve never seen before.

Other tracks such as ‘Meet Yer Maker‘, ‘Wit’s End‘ and ‘Landslide‘ have layered vocal harmonies that don’t feel as lonesome, rather a cowboy who picked up some comrades on his journey to find himself. Brendan trots along, he’s not zooming off into the sunset, he’s taking in everything around him, he’s very observant. Vocally Brendan reminds me of Lambchop with the careful pacing of Timber Timbre. It’s one of those EP’s could easily just be filed “most underrated Australian EP of 2019” but that would be mistake, as it’s actually “the best Australian EP of 2019” — well at least so far. ‘I Can’t Sleep‘ I’ve played as many times as any Australian track this year. The most stunning part is that I Put The Salt In The Sea is just a clearance release while Brendan has been working over the past six months on his first proper solo album, which is almost complete and he’s apparently very excited about it, which actually means something here, because Brendan’s attention to detail comes across as somebody whose biggest critic is himself.

While I eagerly await this debut album, Brendan has kindly sent over a Trading Tunes with the theme of Meditative Music:
“I’ve always been an anxious person. Since becoming a Dad I’ve become hyper sensitive about the state of the Environment. The Political Climate. The general Horror Show Vibe on Planet Earth. In the New Age of Abbott/ Dutton/ Morrison/ TRUMP/ Climate Crisis Endgame, etc, my angst is relentless. Consequently I’ve found myself gravitating towards gentler, more meditative music. I just can’t stomach too much aggression in music now. There’s enough of it out there in the world. These are five key songs that help me quiet my mind. To attain those crucial little moments of Tranquillity. Introspection. Elation. Aspiration.”

Steve Gunn – ‘Way Out Weather’

Steve Gunn is a Dreamboat. I only became aware of him in 2018, and subsequently became truly obsessed. He convinced me to pick up the Acoustic Guitar again after a decade of mindlessly bashing Electric Guitars and Keyboards. This song is a sublime, sun-kissed, gentle current.”

Weyes Blood – ‘Movies’

“This song slays me. The first time I heard it I was washing dishes, and I became absolutely transfixed. Motionless, hands in the sink, mouth wide open, heart thrashing. That voice. Those submarine synths. When the song really started to crescendo I was so moved it was almost unbearable. This is not a song I can listen to regularly.”

Kurt Vile – ‘That’s Life, tho (Almost hate to say)’

Kurt Vile is other-worldly. I haven’t gone a day in 5 years or so without listening to his music. I could talk about him for a month. This song is absolutely flawless. Every time I hear it I’m transported. Musically. Lyrically. Outer Space. Inner Space. It’s hard to convey just how important this man is to me. And this particular song.”

Frank Ocean – ‘Self Control’

“There’s not a lot I can say about Frank that hasn’t already been said. He’s just Perfect. This song is just Perfect. It’s relatively minimal, but still manages to get remarkably cosmic at the climax. I Love Frank.”

Brian Eno – ‘Golden Hours’

“There’s certainly nothing I can say about Eno that hasn’t been said many, many times before. Eno is everything. Everything is Eno. This song is a Masterpiece.
Peace In. Peace Out.”

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10 Jul Trading Tunes with Emma Russack

Melbourne based songwriter wizard Emma Russack just released her fifth album Winter Blues on July 5th via Osborne Again Records with the background help of publishers Native Tongue. Winter Blues is still introspective, all-questioning Emma Russack, but there’s some newfound sunlight and optimism, which creates an interesting progressive arc off the back of recent previous solo albums In A New State and Permanent Vacation.

Those two previous solo albums were full of doubt and concerns, with Emma taking on self therapy through her songwriting. They made the listener feel like they were having a Deep & Meaningful with Emma, not because she needed to vent but because she just had really interesting life questions. She asked what many people would regularly feel, and she would publicly try to answer those questions through her songs, answers most wouldn’t share so earnestly. On Winter Blues a few life changes have turned that thinking into being content with concern, understanding it’ll always be there and how to embrace it. Tracks such as ‘I Could Say‘, ‘Follow My Heart‘ and ‘Floating Seeds‘ are soft and beautiful, the questioning is replaced with joy. There’s still doubt on tracks such as ‘What Is Love‘ and ‘Be Real‘, but even on those tracks she’s on the front foot tackling that doubt, not letting it consume her. Then the album finishes with ‘Never Before‘ a kind, tension free, positive therapy ending track, which makes you wonder what tone the next Emma album will have and continue this ever expanding and fascinating discography.

Emma is going on a mini Australian tour over August and September with super band members Nathalie Pavlovic (Dianas), Liam Halliwell (The Ocean Party) and Dylan Young (Way Dynamic), until then she’s sent us a Trading Tunes to “Quell The Winter Blues”.

Tour Dates:
August 7th: Melbourne at The Jazzlab
August 9th: Canberra at Sideway
August 10th: Sydney at Golden Age Cinema & Bar
September 13th: Kyneton at Major Tom’s
September 14th: Macedon at Macedon Railway Hotel
September 15th: Castlemaine at The Taproom – Shedshaker Brewing

Erlend Oye – ‘La Prima Estate’

“He’s a Norwegian singing in Italian about summer! I love dancing to this song.”

Joni Mitchell – ‘Carey’

“I used to cover this song when I was a teenager. The lyrics remind me of hot, summer
nights, wearing singlet tops and drinking wine.”

Michael Franks – ‘Eggplant’

“I love the lyrics in this song. They make me laugh. It’s all about how his girlfriend cooks
eggplant ‘19 Different Ways.”

Betty Davis – ‘They Say I’m different’

“The Real Queen B.”

Toki Asako – ‘September’

“This is a fun cover of a really fun song. I particularly like this version because it reminds me
of when my boyfriend and I started dating. He was playing this all the time.”

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By The Meadow 2019

03 Jul Ripe Guide: Australia’s Best New Music (3/7/19)

Photo by Sarah Chavdaroska

This is our updated weekly playlist of the 40 best new Australian songs released within the past three months. This week’s guide includes new entries from Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange, Nearly Oratorio, Grand Prismatic, Cool Sounds, U-Bahn, Emma Russack, Sampa The Great, Poppongene, Gordon Koang, Hatchie, RVG, Body Type, Jade Imagine, Sunscreen, Kirin J Callinan, Taylah Carroll, Love Deluxe, Wagons, Mio, Merpire, Swim Team, Darcy Baylis, Summer Flake, Gena Bruce, Alex Cameron, Peak Twins, City Calm Down, River Yarra, Alta, Jordan Merrick, Web Rumors, and this week’s best new track by Sui Zhen.

As always, we have an updated Spotify playlist, updated SoundCloud playlist, and our full guide below.


40. Web Rumors – ‘We Don’t Need A Hero’ | Uploaded: June 12th

39. Jordan Merrick – ‘Low Country’ | Uploaded: June 5th

38. Alta – ‘Back On It’ | Uploaded: June 24th

37. River Yarra – ‘Toad Charmer’ | Uploaded: June 5th

36. City Calm Down – ‘Stuck (On The Eastern)’ | Uploaded: June 10th

35. Peak Twins – ‘Beloved’ | Uploaded: June 10th

34. Alex Cameron – ‘Divorce’ | Uploaded: June 18th

33. Gena Bruce – ‘I Don’t Think I’ll Ever Get Over You’ | Uploaded: June 11th

32. Summer Flake – ‘In The Dark’ | Uploaded: June 4th

31. Darcy Baylis – ‘Balenciaga Interlude 🖤’ | Uploaded: June 4th

30. Swim Team – ‘New Year’ | Uploaded: June 12th

29. Merpire – ‘Habit’ | Uploaded: June 28th

28. Mio – ‘Turning’ | Uploaded: May 24th

27. Wagons – ‘Keep On Coming Back’ | Uploaded: June 12th

26. Love Deluxe – ‘Campari & Coke’ | Uploaded: June 18th

25. Taylah Carroll – ‘Vermont’ | Uploaded: June 3rd

24. Kirin J Callinan – ‘Vienna’ | Uploaded: June 21st

23. Sunscreen – ‘High Over Love’ | Uploaded: June 28th

22. Jade Imagine – ‘Remote Control’ | Uploaded: June 17th

21. Body Type – ‘Insomnia’ | Uploaded: June 27th

20. RVG – ‘Dying On The Vine’ | Uploaded: June 8th

19. Hatchie – ‘Keep’ | Uploaded: June 21st

18. Shining Bird – ‘Who Are We’ | Uploaded: May 24th | Open with YouTube

17. Nearly Oratorio – ‘Down To The Minute’ | Uploaded: May 20th | Open with YouTube

16. Gordon Koang – ‘Stand Up (Clap Your Hands)’ | Uploaded: June 12th

15. Poppongene – ‘Not Wrong’ | Uploaded: June 26th

14. Sampa The Great – ‘Final Form’ | Uploaded: June 5th

13. Emma Russack – ‘Be Real’ | Uploaded: June 16th

12. Lachlan Denton & Studio Magic – ‘This Christmas’ | Uploaded: May 16th | Open with YouTube

11. Emma Russack – ‘Winter Blues’ | Uploaded: May 13th | Open with YouTube

10. U-Bahn – ‘Time Warps Makes the Sweetest Sound’ | Uploaded: April 2nd

9. RVG – ‘Alexandra’ | Uploaded: May 1st | Open with YouTube

8. Kythira – ‘Seen Out’ | Uploaded: June 1st | Open with SoundCloud

7. Cool Sounds – ‘Around And Down’ | Uploaded: June 18th

6. Grand Prismatic – ‘I Can’t Sleep’ | Uploaded: May 31st

5. Grand Prismatic – ‘Safe As Houses’ | Uploaded: June 1st | Open with SoundCloud

4. Nearly Oratorio – ‘Nihility’ | Uploaded: June 6th

3. Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange – ‘Jamaika’ | Uploaded: May 25th

2. Sunbeam Sound Machine – ‘Silent Era’ | Uploaded: May 3rd | Open with YouTube

1. Sui Zhen – ‘Perfect Place’ | Uploaded: June 25th

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01 Jul Trading Tunes with Gordon Koang

Gordon Koang may be a reasonably new name to many people in Melbourne, but back in his home country of South Sudan, he’s a legend. All you have to do is look at the YouTube comments in the music videos posted below to see how much he means to the people of South Sudan. But Melbourne label Bedroom Suck understand he also means a lot to the South Sudan community in Melbourne and Australia at large. He’s a great role model, of which not only young South Sudanese people can look to, but people of any culture and background. His warm spirit, master class rhythms and overall nature is something Australia could use a lot more of.

Four months ago he released ‘Stand Up (Clap Your Hands)‘ via the Music In Exile label, a not-for-profit initiative aimed at increasing access to resources and building professional networks for asylum seekers and refugees in Australia. Unfortunately he’s still seeking asylum in Australia, but you could help his case by attending some of his upcoming shows with his new Australian band that features his cousin Paul Biel.

On tour this July:
03.07 @ Labor in Vain Hotel, CHANGES Festival
11.07 @ Smith’s Alternative, Canberra
12.07 @ Freda’s, Sydney
13.07 @ 274, Wollongong
26.7 @ Major Tom’s, Kyneton
28.7 @ Sunny’s, Adelaide

Kang JJ – ‘Freedom’

Sister Angel – ‘Pow Kene Leech’

Michael Pal – ‘Nuer Residence’

Kaiit – ‘Miss Shiney’

Surfbort – ‘Trashworld’

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01 Jul 2019 Half Time: Top 50 Australian Tracks

Photo by Marcus Rimondini

An end of year list can be very handy for getting direct to the juicy good stuff, creating discussions and can offer a very interesting retrospect, but sometimes those lists can be posted too late and those artists might have already stopped touring. So at RipeMusic we like to also post a midyear Top 50 playlist (see 2017 or 2018). If you’re unfortunately stuck in Australia during winter, one of the best ways to pass the time (while your friends post warm photos of Europe) is to walk into a nice warm music venue and support some local music, see some local faces. Hopefully this list gives you a bunch of new names to tuck into or it reminds you of that band you keep forgetting to check out.

We’ve listed the tracks in alphabetical order, so we can save some of the list ordering fun for the end of year Top 100 post. We’ve also created the playlist on both Spotify and SoundCloud.

As always, we want to take this opportunity to send out a huge thank you to everyone who has sent us music this year, contacted us, shared, liked, commented or re-tweeted Ripe.

1. Ani Lou – ‘Godspeed’

2. Ara Koufax – ‘Drums Unlimited’

3. Bananagun – ‘Do Yeah’

4. Baro ft. Nasty Mars – ‘We’re So Doomed’

5. Body Type – ‘Stingray’

6. Chip Riddell – ‘Spider Song’

7. Ciggie Witch – ‘Shadow’

8. Clea – ‘Right Way’

9. Egoism – ‘Enemies’

10. Emma Russack – ‘Winter Blues’

11. Frances Fox – ‘November For’

12. Ferla – ‘You Were There, Jim’

13. Genesis Owusu – ‘WUTD’

14. Grand Prismatic – ‘Safe As Houses’

15. Harvey Sutherland ft. Jace XL – ‘Something In The Water’

16. Hatchie — ‘Obsessed’

17. DJ Heure – ‘Get Down’

18. Hextdebt – ‘Ekhos’

19. Honey 2 Honey – ‘Tone Of Voice’

20. Huntly – ‘Low Grade Buzz’

21. Jess Ribeiro – ‘Chair Stare’

22. Julia Jacklin – ‘Pressure To Party’

23. June Jones – ‘Meryl’

24. King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – ‘Cyboogie’

25. Kythira – ‘Seen Out’

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