17 Sep Darcy Baylis – ‘Variations On Memory’

The Melbourne electronic producer Darcy Baylis has dropped a new track called ‘Variations On Memory‘. He’s been on our radar for a while with solid remixes of Oscar Key Sung and Slum Sociable, but ‘Variations On Memory’ is the most unique piece of work he’s put out to date.

It’s not the sound that’s necessarily unique, but it’s the way in which he constantly pulls back from the listener, that actually draws the listener in. It’s a careful bluff game, where you don’t know if the song is going to drop, turn left or right, therefor making the experience rather engaging.

It’s a little more layered than say The Field and more in the vein of Any Stott. Where no layer is a throw-away texture, and each one is delicately manipulated into place. ‘Variations On Memory’ after five minutes does eventually turn into chugging, deep house track. I’m also going to suggest (based off ‘Variations On Memory’), that he may be better off without including vocals.

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16 Sep DIIV – ‘Dopamine’

I’ve been waiting, and waiting and waiting all year for the first single off their second album Is The Is Are. While it’s not the massive statement track I was expecting from Zachary Cole Smith‘s project, you have to remember that the album is expected to be 18 songs over two discs, around 75 minutes long, making ‘Dopamine‘ just 5% of the album.

However what does excite me about ‘Dopamine’, is the bands clear focus on the darker, more driven side of the project, moving them closer to the direction Beach Fossils took on their last album. The public had a feeling this might happen, when they dropped ‘Dust‘ in 2013. A song that represented the intensity of their live shows. Remember that DIIV started in Zach’s bedroom as a dreamy, nostalgic project, well before he played any of the songs live. After two years of playing the songs live, it became clear to him and anyone who attended their shows, that the band’s very exhilarating when they’re instead on the front-foot.

It’s a little hard to make out exactly what Zach is saying in ‘Dopamine’, but I assume the title has something to do with the dope charge incident with Sky Ferreira. I guess the lyrics will appear online soon and I hope more pieces of the albums puzzle do too.

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15 Sep Corin – ‘CDA’

Some of Corin‘s favourite artists like Tim Hecker and Nils Frahm are piano players, and this influence and deeper appreciation of piano scales explains her ability to generate such fluid and synthetic synthesizer parts. If you played ‘CDA‘ on a tradition piano or organ it would sound ready to be used by an orchestra.

Corin instead channels the keyboard parts of ‘CDA’ into a hypothetical scenario where the glo-fi artist Memory Tapes is playing in a Japanese Buddhist temple. It’s an interesting crossover territory that only a few other artists I can name, such as Korallreven or Southern Shores, have really delved into.

I’m not sure where Corin is taking her project, but it’s definitely worth following.

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15 Sep Nevermind Presents: Couchfest

Nevermind bar has been one of our favourite venues in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne ever since we held one of our earliest events there in Neverevermind Festival, and this weekend the bar is hosting a second iteration of their day-night party Couchfest.

It’s a dual headline with Ciggie Witch and Cool Sounds, but we think the whole lineup is worth checking out. And you know what? It’s free entry. What better way to spend a (hopefully) sunny Saturday afternoon?

Where: 336 Burwood Rd, Hawthorn
When: Saturday, September 19th at 3:00pm

More info can be found here, the full lineup is below.

Cool Sounds
Ciggie Witch
Tom Moore
Little Shock
Sole Burners
Flamingo Jones (DJ)
Scott Candlish
Turn Left

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15 Sep Pearls are playing a farewell show with The SMB, Karli White and Geoffrey O’Connor

Already looking forward to next weekend? We have a suggestion to get you through the week: Melbourne rock outfit Pearls are playing a final show before they jet off to play CMJ in New York City.

Shadow Electric will be hosting the event this Friday, with Pearls being joined by the (other) Steve Miller BandKarli White, and a Geoffrey O’Connor DJ set.

Should be a fine way to usher in these warm spring evenings and show support for Pearls as they try to make it in the big smoke.

Where: Sacred Heart Courtyard, 1 St Heliers Street, Abbotsford, Melbourne
When: Friday, September 18th at 8:00pm

Tickets and more info can be found here.

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12 Sep Trading Tunes with GL

GL are a retro alt-pop duo from Melbourne with Ella Thompson on vocals and Graeme Pogson providing the backing production. Ella has been a vocal hook machine for a few years in other projects such as The Bamboos, Dorsal Fins and her solo work, while Graeme is equally as important in GL’s chemistry, his crisp, detailed array of sounds really making every song pop.

In the past year the duo have dropped three instantly catchy singles: ‘Won’t You See‘, ‘What Happened To Us?‘ and ‘Take Me Back‘. While we wait to hear new material from GL, the duo have sent over some song recommendations for Trading Tunes.

1. Sugarz – ‘City of light’

“I loved the sound of this immediately, the drums are great and the sound is perfect. Very good EP by the Sugarz/Benny Badge combo.”

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12 Sep Australian artists worth checking out at CMJ 2015 in New York

Australia will be sending a bunch of artists to New York in October to showcase our next wave of new music.

In my opinion CMJ is more important for artists than SXSW. There’s less oversaturation and more time between shows to make industry contacts, and it’s also after the busy summer season in the States, meaning their labels have more time to sign up new artists to work with.

I will be there tweeting, recapping and posting Instagram photos of our artists, but also of the artists we predict or hope will make tours down under in the near future.

If you’re lucky enough to be in New York, here’s my list of Australian artists playing shows that will definitely be worth checking out. Click for more info about where and when you can see them:

Client Liaison
Fraser A Gorman
Good Morning
Hockey Dad

Slum Sociable
Step Panther
Sui Zhen
Sunbeam Sound Machine
The Babe Rainbow
The Harpoons

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10 Sep Good Manners Monthly #3

Next week on Thursday the 17th of September. The Melbourne label Good Manners will host their third monthly event at Boney in the city of Melbourne. Broadway Sounds and Wabz will perform live, while CC: Disco, Nile Delta, Misty Nights, Klo and Good Manners will play DJ sets.

Tickets $10 on the door, with music kicking off from 8pm.
Address: 68 Little Collins St, Melbourne, Australia 3000

Trading Tunes: Broadway Sounds
Interview: Klo
Set times are yet to be announced – full line-up:
Broadway Sounds (LIVE)
Wabz (LIVE)
Nile Delta
CC: Disco
Misty Nights
Kllo DJ Set
Good Manners DJ Set

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10 Sep Catch Sampa The Great’s free instore performance this Friday

Australia’s next great rap talent Sampa The Great makes her Melbourne debut at Northside Records this Friday, September 11th. Her new release The Great Mixtape scored our Album of the Week recently, the intrigue only strengthening following our recent interview.

I’d strongly recommend getting down and catching her as she stammers through the Kendrick-esque ‘Dutch Spring‘, especially considering it’s free entry.

It kicks off at 7pm on Friday, at 236 Gertrude St, Fitzroy


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09 Sep Trading Tunes with Abelard

Abelard is an electronic artist from Melbourne who gained a little viral attention late last year with his Seinfeld meets the ’80s mash up titled ‘☆SEINWAVE☆2000☆ What’s the deal with airline food?‘, but he really caught our attention in March with his original single ‘Meta Valley‘. This week he dropped ‘Who Are You In Reality?‘, which you can bet will feature in this week’s top ten Australian tracks post. He calls his music Glitter-wave and there’s no denying the ’80s influences, yet there’s also no denying that his production chops are top notch. While we wait for more tunes from Abelard, find out what tunes inspire his Glitter-wave.

1. QT – ‘Hey QT’

“This single and video has been a long time coming and I’ve had it on repeat for months and months. I really love how this euro/bubblegum pop style is having a bit of a resurgence and turning into something more modern – it’s very tongue in cheek and self-referential, and a little bit punk in its hyper-consumerist commercialism aesthetic.”

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